Can I Still Build Links Manually?

Tad Chef
Tad Chef writes for SEO blogs from all over the world including his own one called SEO 2.0. He helps people with blogs, social media and search, both in German and English. You can follow Tad on Twitter @onreact_com to get his latest insights daily.

    Manual link building is still quite common it seems. Does it make sense after Penguin? Does it work at all? When we think of manual link building we picture tedious hands-on inserting of backlinks to our sites on third party properties.

    This kind of link building is often misunderstood as low quality and frowned upon by webmasters and Google.

    It doesn’t have to be though.

    Let’s consider a more objective definition of what manual link building can be: It’s any action that leads to getting a link directly instead of via proxies. A proxy is usually creating content for example or devising link bait (which in fact is just a specific kind of content usually).

    What kinds of manual link building are left now that Google cracks down on so called “unnatural links”?



    Outreach is still viable as long as you don’t ask for links but ask for publicity instead. You may ask for feedback as well but some people don’t have the time to “waste” on giving free feedback.  Reaching out to people is a bit embarrassing at first, it feels like giving out “free hugs” on the street. Some people will be grumpy or even aggressive. Other people will embrace you too.

    Even not-linked brand mentions or crippled “nofollow” links given by webmasters who are scared of Google are still OK. After all you can get more real links, visitors and overall good press because of them.

    Understand the difference between promotion and outreach.

    When you promote (yourself) you ask for something and push your message. When it comes to outreach you give away something and listen. Google already frowns upon “freebies for links” exchanges so make sure not to ask for a favor. Some people are thankful and will provide publicity of their own accord. Don’t barter. Reach out but act without expectation. Be creative with the means and value propositions you approach people.

    Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is despite all the recent Google scare-mongering still a perfectly legitimate practice. Successful startup Buffer uses guest posting as their sole marketing practice. Simply do not overdo it. Do not create dozens of guest posts per month.

    Don’t add keyword rich anchor text links to your post.

    Provide a bio that is specifically geared towards the audience of the blog you write for, don’t just copy and paste the same one everywhere. Make sure that you really get the editorial link in the introduction by the host blogger or the bio section instead of sneaking it in by adding it to the text.

    Make the guest post useful by itself, don’t treat it solely as a means to get the link or a transit page to send over traffic. Make sure there is some value you offer in it. Google can’t forbid you to get exposure that way.


    UGC aka User Generated Content can be a fruitful addition to your overall link profile. Are you too proud to get the low hanging fruit? Think again. Your link profile is indeed incomplete without at least some user bio, forums signature and microsite links. A healthy link profile includes of course links from:

    • social media
    • forums
    • microsites

    and all kinds of other sites I can’t even think of right now.

    • A site that doesn’t have links from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn looks fishy. Why would no one share it? It must be low quality, ugly or irrelevant.
    • A site nobody talks about you on forums and topical communities? How strange! It must be irrelevant.
    • A site without links from small private homepages from the likes of Weebly, Jimdo or even Google Sites does not look natural either to me.


    No, commenting on blogs or online magazines doesn’t equal comment spam. Remember that the most wanted result of a comment is to get a link in the original article or follow up. So act accordingly by:

    • being polite
    • acknowledging the writer
    • giving positive feedback

    (but not the bot-like “thank you great post” thing) and then add your own resource or opinion piece with a deep link. I have done that even before I knew what SEO was (10+ years ago). That’s simply the art of socializing among bloggers. In case you don’t have a blog , get one and link back to your related posts.

    Of course pinging your favorite blog articles from a meaningful reply on your won blog is even better! Just don’t automate commenting or pinging and don’t use keywords and deep links for your name and URL input. That’s really spam.


    Meeting People

    Manual means “done by hand”, so when Google says “manual action” they mean “punch you”. On the other hand you can

    use your hands not only reach out via the phone but to actually meet and greet real people.

    You can just:

    • meet up informally at a bar
    • convene at your 10 — year SEO anniversary party
    • make people appear at your offices by providing free guidance and courses.

    There are lots of reasons to meet people from your niche, industry or even city. You have more things in common that you think! For example bloggers meet up just because they are bloggers. They don’t even have to cover the same topics. That’s even better though!

    I’ve noticed that the few SEO people I actually met in person (I don’t socialize as much in real life as I’d like to) are much more likely to remember me and follow my footsteps online too. They share and link to my articles much more often and I’m also more aware of them on the Web.

    Meeting people in real life also makes manual link building scalable.

    You can meet more than one person at a time and the same person can link and share your work more than once too! I know it because I’ve been there and done that.

    (CC BY-SA 2.0) Creative Commons image by Heather Katsoulis

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    Tad Chef
    Tad Chef writes for SEO blogs from all over the world including his own one called SEO 2.0. He helps people with blogs, social media and search, both in German and English. You can follow Tad on Twitter @onreact_com to get his latest insights daily.

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    • LinkiCZ

      Hey Tad, how does your “don’t place keyword rich links in your guest posts” advice fit with the “link building” backlink in the first sentence of your post? 😉

      • onreact

        Hey LinkiCZ, good question. There is a difference between a link built and a natural one like the one in my post. I wasn’t asked to place this link there, I just looked up my bookmarks for a comprehensive post about link building. I considerd to de-optimize the anchor text but why shoudl I in this case? Out of fear Google might consider this an artificial link? I’m not THAT paranoid.

    • LinkiCZ

      Also, not staying in touch with your guest post´s readers should be pointed out as a failure.

      • Charles Floate

        i’ll 2nd that, I try to get at least 2 guest posts on any one blog I’ll post for.

      • onreact

        Sorry, but I don’t work on the weekend 😉

    • Darren DeMatas

      Hey Tad, nice write up! Manual link building and outreach is clearly the way to go to build quality links. How do you feel about building automated tier two links?

      • building and automated.……yea let’s spam the internet k thnx.

        • Charles Floate

          Why not give your tier 1s a bit more juice with a bita spam aye?

          Spamming the internet doesn’t necessarily lower the quality of the internet and 99.9% of these “tier 2s” will never be read by a human..

        • Darren DeMatas

          outreach and natural link building is all I would ever do. Doing outreach and natural link building is not scalable if you want to build links to your links to get more juice. It is something that I have thought about, but never done.

      • onreact

        To be honest automation is a recipe for disaster in the long run when it comes to link building. I’d rather advise you to automate processes that lead to natural links at the end (like finding prospects to reach out to) but not the linking itself whether 1st tier or 2nd tier doesn’t matter.

        • Darren DeMatas

          Thanks Tad, I have never gone to the “dark side” but I see sites that rank for terms they have no business ranking for, just because they have more links. Good article and good advice through and through.

          • onreact

            When you look closely at those sites they often vanish after a few weeks or months and get replaced with other “throw away domains” but I know your pain.

    • Or in one word — Intention

    • One simple thing you can do to make sure you’re “building links” correctly is to simply chance your focus to “link earning” rather than “link building”.

      • onreact

        True, but you can’t always earn links. Also there is nothing wrong with getting the low hanging fruit.

        • Yeah, just make sure it’s not too low 🙂

    • Interesting post but I spotted a small typo ” on your won blog is even better!” should read “on your own blog is even better!” I suppose this is an example of acceptable “outreach”?

      • onreact

        Thank you for the heads up!

    • Sabih Ahmed

      Great Article, Tad. The simple way to build links is to build them smartly. The time has gone when organic marketers tend to build links and links and their SERPs get improved. Come-on now we really need to work on SMarketing which says to things that look natural because Google is more likely to focus on quality, not quantity. 

      I believe, building links on exact keyword doesn’t account for much. A marketer should use several variation just to make sure that the links are genuine, and definitely it won’t look spammy. Take part into communities and discussion, and not always run for links because you can’t get a link in every post you made. So think about it and go calm and steady.

    • I agree with you on this. Its all about doing natural things. Google like it though and the game is not just about Google even the consumers are smart too. They know what apparently is a hard-sell technique. So marketers, be smart anyway. @LinkWorxSeo:disqus