[New Feature Alert] Browse Keyword Positions In Germany And France

By Tim Soulo

Ever since we have released the Positions Explorer tool you guys kept asking us to add more countries/languages to it. The tool was released with two locations only – US a...


Not A +1,000,000 Organic Visit SEO Case Study

By Ed Leake

I’ve got a problem, less than Jay Z admittedly – but it’s a significant one. It is SEO case studies. Something that Tommy complained about in his recent article. SEO case studie...


Video: How To Create ‘Linkable Assets’ For Your Website [OSEO-17]

By Tim Soulo

If you want people to link to your website, you have to give them something worthy of a link. Those SEOs who understand this simple principle tend to get quite strategic about i...


[New Feature Alert] Create A Separate Disavow File For Each Of Your Sites

By Tim Soulo

Back when we first released the “Disavow Links” feature in Ahrefs, we only allowed you to create a single disavow file that would equally affect all websites you hav...


The Complete Guide to Tackling Ghost Referral Spam

By Alex Dealy

Is ghost referral spam screwing up your Google analytics data? Fed up seeing spammy sites like darodar, semalt, and in your lis...


Video: Why You Need To Keep Track Of Your New & Lost Backlinks [OSEO-16]

By Tim Soulo

Backlinks are the cornerstone of SEO… and marketing. They help your website rank better in Google if they’re coming from authority sites. They send referral traffic ...


How 4 Smart Marketers Built Thousands Of White Hat Backlinks With ZERO Outreach (Case Studies)

By Puranjay Singh

Psssst. Want in on a little SEO secret? A secret known only to a handful of SEOs… A secret that earns marketers like Neil Patel hundreds of thousands of dollars every year… Read...


[New Feature Alert] We Just Started Tracking Redirect Chains

By Tim Soulo

I’m not sure if you were aware of this or not, but up until last week Ahrefs’ crawlers were unable to save a “chain of redirects” from start to an end. S...

how to find popular content

Video: How To Find Influencers Who Are Talking About Your Business [OSEO-15]

By Tim Soulo

In my previous post I was talking about the importance of timing in marketing. I explained why it is so important to keep an eye on the sites that link to your competitors, as w...


[New Feature Alert] Get Notified When Someone Links To You (Or Your Competitors)

By Tim Soulo

Timing is crucial for us marketers. If you find an article from last year, that links to a few of your competitors, but not you, your chances to persuade it’s author to up...

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