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Discover and analyze top-performing content in your niche.

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Research over a billion web pages, complete with SEO and social metrics

Find the most popular articles on any topic. Sort the results by:

  • Organic Traffic

    Estimated monthly traffic from search engines.

  • Referring Domains

    The number of unique websites linking to the page.

  • Domain Rating

    The relative “backlink popularity” of a website.

  • Traffic Value

    The value of the organic traffic, if acquired via PPC.

  • Social Shares

    Number of shares on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Combine advanced operators to refine your search

Content Explorer supports advanced search operators. With the right combinations, you can easily find link building prospects, low competition topics, partnership opportunities and more!

Searching for SEO and link building infographics.

Filter the results to find what you need

Combine any of our twelve filters to find content that matches your criteria:

  • Published once / Republished

  • Referring domains

  • Published / First published date

  • Organic traffic

  • Live / Broken

  • Number of words

  • Language

  • Traffic value

  • Social shares

  • Site

  • Domain Rating

  • Author

Delve deeper into any piece of content

Easily see whether a page is gaining or losing backlinks and organic traffic over time with our in-line charts.

Hit "Details" to look under the hood of any page. You can easily investigate and find out why a page is performing as it is.

See how the page is performing over time.
See the number of websites linking to the page and what they are.
See the number of backlinks to the page and where they come from.
See the anchors most people use when linking to the page.
See the keywords for which the page ranks in organic search.

Find broken link building opportunities in seconds

Content Explorer reinvents broken link building. Combine the live/broken filter and referring domains filter to find dead pages on a given topic with backlinks.

Build links by recreating the dead page, then asking those linking to it to link to you instead.

Reverse engineer your competitor’s content marketing strategy

Enter your competitor’s domain into Content Explorer to see how frequently they're publishing and republishing content.

If competitors are outperforming you, it could be because they're keeping their content fresh.

See which sites have yet to link to you

Search for a relevant topic and use the "Highlight unlinked domains" feature to highlight non-linking websites.

Prioritize building links from these sites to improve SEO.

You can also use this method to find unlinked mentions. Just search for your brand name.

Build links easily by reaching out to these sites and asking them to make the mention clickable.

See content trends over time

Our “pages over time” chart lets you see the content creation trend for any topic over time.

Use this to see your brand mentions, the amount of content competitors are publishing, and more.

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