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  • site:

    Get results from certain sites or domains. You can use either entire domain or just TLD: .de, .com, .cz


    ​ OR
  • author:

    Get results for a particular author. You can use name in quotes: "Helen Datsenko"

    author:"Helen Datsenko"
  • OR and AND

    The default parameter is AND. For example, in Los Angeles returned results will contain term Los AND term Angeles in no particular order. Using OR meanwhile, Los OR Angeles, returns results containing term Los OR term Angeles.

  • fuzziness

    When unsure of the spelling or can't recall the exact search, fuzziness can be used. Below fuzzy expression with a misspelled word can search for the correct term Mississippi.

  • proximity searches

    Below expression will be able to search for a document that has the snippet Ahrefs has created a new tool called Alerts since the distance between Ahrefs and Alerts is 6 words.

    "ahrefs alerts"~6
  • boolean operators

    Below expression states that ahrefs must be present, site must be present, and explorer must not be present.

    ahrefs +site -explorer
  • grouping

    More than one term can be grouped using parenthesis:

    (ahrefs OR site) AND explorer

    note: Combinations of the operators can also be used. The below expression will find pages from domains or which contain phrase Los Angeles in the title and term Lakers in the title or in the content of the page.

    site:( OR AND title:"Los Angeles" +Lakers


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