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Content Explorer is an absolutely amazing tool for copywriters and content marketers. Put any keyword (or website) into this tool and you’ll get a list of most popular articles based on how many social shares and backlinks they've got.

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Sort by number of backlinks, social shares, organic traffic, etc.

What kind of content do you want to research today:

  • Content that attracts a lot of backlinks?

  • Content that generates boatloads of social shares?

  • Content that gets a lot of traffic from search engines?

Pick a metric that you’re interested in and sort the list of found articles by this very metric, be it number of pins on Pinterest or monthly search traffic.

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Dive deeper into each content piece

Once you find a piece of content that deserves your attention, you can easily dive deeper into it without leaving the tool. Just click on the "Details" button for a quick access to the following reports.

Organic Keywords
Top Pages
Organic Keywords
Organic Keywords
Organic Keywords
  • gives you an idea of how this piece of content performs over time in terms of backlinks, search traffic and social shares.

  • shows how many backlinks are pointing to this piece of content and where they are coming from.

  • shows how many different websites are linking to this piece of content.

  • shows a full list of backlink anchor texts pointing to this piece of content.

  • shows what keywords this piece of content is ranking for in search.

Set the timeframe

Want to browse articles that were published last month? Or maybe you want to see top posts from last year? This can easily be done by filtering your search results by date.

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