New & Lost backlinks alert

Setup this alert for any website or URL and you will get notified whenever they gain or lose any backlinks. This alert is especially great for keeping an eye on your competitor’s link building activities.

New & Lost backlinks alert

Web Mentions alert

Start tracking any web mentions of your own brand or your competitors’ brands online. Learn what people say about you or your competition and use that knowledge to your advantage.

You can also setup "web mentions" alerts for any keywords that are relevant to your business. This way you will discover a lot of people who are talking about the things you do, but have never heard about you yet.

Web mention alert

New Keywords alert

All known “rank tracking” tools are only tracking your positions on the keywords that you’ve previously added into them.

But Ahrefs can track your rankings across millions of keywords that we have in our database and notify you in case we see any notable changes in positions.

New Keywords alert

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