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Meet Our Team

Dmitry Gerasimenko contact emailcontact linkedintwitter

CEO, Founder

Author of idea and founder of Ahrefs. Dmitry performs deep intuitive control on all aspects of Ahrefs innovations and developments. He is the one driving the team, and keeping constant motivation running alive through each and every team member.

Business, travelling, globalization, sociology and society development, tennis, nature trekking, skiing.

Igor Pikovets
CTO, Bug Breeder


A real heavy lifter of the developer team. Being a dream of every IT company, Igor is devoted to our team and is one of the first team members to join Dmitry to build Ahrefs history. He engineers the core of storage and crawler systems, ensuring that you get the data you are looking for in a timely fashion. Also, he keeps the entire infrastructure up and running. If Igor weren't a bug breeder, you could find him play blues in downtown bars.

Guitar, Go (weiqi), trekking, rainy weekend.


Helen Datsenko contact email
Customer Support & Content Curator

Helen is a dedicated Customer Support team member and Ahrefs SEO Digest writer. She gladly provides assistance to users and at the same time enjoys helping Ahrefs Blog readers stay abreast of the latest SEO news by curating contents for Ahrefs weekly SEO Digest. If Helen weren't engaged in the world of digital marketing, she'd love to be a traveller and nature enthusiast. Last summer Helen climbed Hoverla mountain in Ukraine and tried out rafting on a mountain river for the very first time and she fully loved the experience.

Reading, music, movies, travel, engage in active rest (hiking & cycling). Helen also likes spending times with animals and with her cat most of all.


Jerry Maala
The Resident QA Ninja
 aka Bug Hunter

Jerry ensures that Ahrefs products are fit for use and have a high standard of quality.

Adventurous when it comes to food, a basketball fanatic and loves the beach. He someday wants to learn diving and skiing.


Sergey Fedorov
A Bug Watcher

Sergey is an experienced back-end software developer. Being inspired by the technology behind Ahrefs and its people he joined the team to help in making the excellent product even better. He works closely with Igor looking after the low level core services.

Pu-erh tea, classic music and a good book.


Anna Ignatenko contact email
Tech Translator & Customer Support

Anna keeps all our projects in pure literary English and is also known as our indispensable stress resistant Ahrefs Support.

Enjoys reading, travelling, various social activities, engaging in Pilates. Interested in psychology, fashion and photography.


Raman Varabets
Bug Researcher

Yet another chief programmer in our small group of high-class devs responsible for system's core. Raman invariably takes and solves problems that require in-depth and attentive approach. Our API development is completely his terrain.

Raman loves cyberpunk movies, car models, travelling, swimming and he's the only in the team owns pets - a dog and a cat.

Handyman of the Web


Handy's mission is to develop, maintain and enhance Ahrefs website. He is a beach lover. If he weren't a developer, Handy would like to become a time traveller. He completed his first half-marathon for the very first time in December 2013.

Travelling, beach.


Denis Alaev
Product Manager

Denis keeps an eye on Ahrefs usability and consistency, making the life of Ahrefs users easier from day to day.



Andrii Antiukhov Bug Killer

Andrii breathes life into all visual shapes created by Saky & Max and in charge of user-friendliness for Ahrefs interface. Our tireless worker on harmony of Ahrefs services.

Finds delight in psychedelic music and art. Advocates healthy lifestyle, bodybuilding. Plays badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, enjoys swimming, cycling and flying a kite.


Interface Builder

Saky is our UI & UX designer. She is passionate about user experience and color psychology. If Saky weren't an interactive designer, she'd like to become a fashion designer.

Coffee, milk tea and book


Max Li Bin
Front-end Developer

Max loves the web. He is excited about new technologies on the web that make our life easier, our environment better and he builds web both for the eyes and fingers. Max couldn't imagine what he would do if he weren't a front-end developer. A travel buff. He will pack and go whenever he can. One of Max's most memorable trips was when he travelled to China 5 months ago and stayed in a village for 2 weeks.

Travel, travel, and travel.


Serge Zloto
Eclectic backend developer

Serge confesses to have built his first computer clone at age 13, armed with a soldering iron and 6502 opcode sheet. 10 years later he was seen at night building gcc compilers from tape drives. During the day he was posing as an architect in the defence and telecom industries, and also as an instructor in France, Australia and USA. He now implements the new functionalities that keep popping up at a breakneck rate at Ahrefs. If he wasn't into programming he would become an archeologist. He took up violin recently.

Linear algebra, cycling, martial arts, windsurfing


Grygorii Kvasha

Grisha is a backend developer with deep passion for functional programming and better technology in general, focusing on most effective solutions to any problem. If he wasn't in IT he would be meddling with nature in physics lab or teaching wingsuit in New Zealand.

Flying wingsuit, boardgames.


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