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Ahrefs ability to slice and dice anchor text and visualize link velocity is unparalleled. It gives you a great, "thousand-foot view" of a site's backlink profile on the fly. After a minute of poking around in Ahrefs, I have a good idea of what a site has been up to. It also indexes the web freakishly fast, I've had links go live and end up in their index in less than 24 hours! If you are serious about links - I recommend adding Ahrefs to your arsenal.

John-Henry Scherck, Content Marketing Manager provides exactly those backlink data I was desperately looking for. We were able to measure and improve the quality of our own backlink profile as well as those of our clients. Despite Penguin and Panda helped us to achieve a #1 rank for our main keyword as well as a Google Page Rank of 8!

Richard Albrecht, CEO, Siteway