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Ahrefs' Social Media & SEO Tools Suite Overview

Think online marketing is boring?
You're not using Ahrefs' Social Media and SEO Tools.

Face it - as cool as it is to tell your friends you work in online marketing, it can get boring. Whether you're hunting for backlinks for a search engine optimization project or looking to give your client an edge with the messaging of their PR campaign, pouring through spreadsheets, results pages, and inane blog posts can get tedious. If only you had some tools to make it more interesting. You do.

Ahrefs' Site Explorer or Content Explorer tools.

Our online marketing and SEO tools are built on the back of the world's largest backlink index, and it's updated every 15 minutes. We use our own crawler, so you're assured you're not seeing the same information as you would with other SEO tools or social media watching app built on the APIs provided by search engines. With that much fresh information from all over the internet, you'll get the kind of insights that are exciting - well, exciting to SEO and marketing professionals.

Ready to check out our tools?

Site Explorer

Site Explorer is more than another backlink checker – although it can help you with that too. Site Explorer helps you put together website analyses, find new linking partners, crawl websites - and even keep an eye on the competition. After you've run a report with this SEO tool, download the data and drop in a report or share it with your client.

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  • Backlinks & Referring Domains

    There are a ton of backlink tools, though few help you understand the quality and quantity of the links you're getting. Whether you need to quickly identify a quality domain or see where all of your links are coming from, we got you covered.

  • Anchors

    When you need to figure out why you're ranking for that keyword phrase, being able to see the anchor text of links coming to your domain is key. We can show you the anchor text from each domain and each page that is linking to your site.

  • Top Content & Top Referring Content

    How are you looking on social media? See how your latest article or blog post is being spread on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest with these handy resources.

Content Explorer

Content Explorer takes social media from something you get your LOLs from to an actual tool. For public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and marketing professionals of all types, Content Explorer helps you see what's trending in a niche, which content is being shared, how often, and where. See if your press release is being shared or if your latest blog post has gone viral. Just enter a topic and start exploring.

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  • Create Alert

    Instead of constantly checking in with the topic you've been following, set an alert and Content Explorer will send you an email. Set it for daily, weekly, or real-time. Content Explorer does the rest when content related to your search query pops up in social media.

  • Search By Author

    Is there someone in your niche that's generating a lot of buzz? Enter author:"writer's name" into the search bar and we'll show you all their writings and how big of a splash each article has made on social media.

  • Filter By Date

    Need to see what went viral in the last 24 hours? From January 10th, 2011 through March 13th 2012? Simply enter the date on the left side and narrow or widen the results as you wish.

  • Filter By Domain

    Focus on one website or see what's trending in a specific TLD. Don't want to see what's happening on .biz sites? Simply check exclude and it's filtered from the results.

  • Trends

    Track a topics popularity by selecting Trends above the data. You'll see how much content has been published for the topic your searching for, broken down into how popular it was.

That's Not All

Think all we do is make amazing social media and SEO tools or just crawl every single link we can find on the internet and share it with you?
  • Batch Analysis

    Take the hassle of comparing the backlink profiles of multiple websites with our Batch Analysis tool. You enter the domains, and Batch Analysis gives you the details in easy to understand metrics.

  • Ahrefs API

    Build your tools on the biggest, freshest index available with an Ahrefs API. Instead of only getting what the search engines will allow you to see, our API gives you access to the depth of data you crave.

  • Export

    Once you've done the research, download it and share it in the format of your choice. And yes, it's pretty much unlimited, assuming you need 200 million rows of data.

We think we have a set of the best online marketing and SEO tools available.

The easiest way to find out is with a free test drive or to check out our pricing options and make marketing and SEO fun again today!