Track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing


The Tools You Get With Ahrefs:

  • Site Explorer

    • Explore backlink data
    • Track new/lost backlinks
    • Find broken backlinks
  • Content Explorer

    • Find the most popular content
    • Filter by backlinks or shares
    • Search within any date range
  • Position Explorer

    • Find keywords they rank for
    • See which pages bring traffic
    • Uncover their PPC strategy
  • Position Tracker

    • Track your keyword rankings
    • Local rank & Mobile rank
    • See your ranking history
  • Crawl Report

    • Identify on-page SEO issues
    • Test page load speed
    • Fix broken pages
  • & Many More

    • Link Intersect
    • Content Alerts
    • Domain Comparison

How Good Is The Data
That You Get From Ahrefs?

  • Every 24 hours we:

    • Crawl ~ 5 Billion web pages
      (that’s 60,000 per second);
    • Update our data on ~ 400 Billion backlinks;
    • Re-calculate metrics for ~ 200 Million
      root domains;
    • Update metrics for ~ 2 Trillion known URLs.
  • For each page crawled we:

    • Calculate the quantity & quality
      of its backlinks;
    • Pull data on the amount of social shares;
    • Save it’s content to our full text
      search index;
    • Identify technologies, that were
      used to build it;
  • To keep the ball rolling we:

    • Run ~4000 CPU cores;
    • Occupy ~10 PetaBytes of storage;
    • Load ~50 TeraBytes of RAM;
    • Use the combined brain-power of a dozen amazingly smart guys.

We think we have a set of the best online marketing and SEO tools available.

The easiest way to find out is with a free test drive or to check out our pricing options and make marketing and SEO fun again today!