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How to use the Backlinks alert

This alert notifies you via email when the specified domain, subdomain (e.g.,, subfolder (e.g., or URL gains or loses backlinks.

Below are some actionable ways to use this alert.

Monitor new backlinks to competing pages

If you're trying to rank for a competitive keyword, there's a good chance that the top-ranking pages are getting new backlinks regularly because of their ranking position.

For a constant stream of new link prospects, set up a backlinks alert for these competing pages, then reach out and try and get your page mentioned instead.

To set things up, paste one of the top-ranking pages into the "Domain or URL" field. Then set the mode to "Prefix" and the "Scope to "New backlinks."

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Choose your alert interval and hit “Add.”

You'll now receive emails when your target URL gets new backlinks.

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Repeat this process for other relevant top-ranking pages to find more link prospects.


You can also do this for your competitors’ homepages. For example, if you’re a plumber, you can monitor other local plumbers’ homepages to see how they’re building backlinks and where they’re getting them from.

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Make sure to select the URL mode, not the Prefix or Domain modes.

This can help you uncover link building strategies that work in your niche.

Monitor your website for lost links

Often, a page loses links because of accidental mistakes. That means some of them are potentially reclaimable.

The first step towards doing this is to monitor for lost links. To do that, enter your domain or URL in the “Domain or URL” field, then choose "Lost backlinks" for the "Scope."

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Choose an interval and hit “Add.”

You'll now receive email alerts showing lost backlinks to the specified domain or URL.

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When you get an email alert, analyze the pages, reasons for the loss, and reach out where relevant.

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