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How to use the Ads History report

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In this report, we show the history of paid search results for your target keyword in a given country.

How to use KE Ads History-1

Ads History report for the keyword “hotel San Francisco”

Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

See which websites have been competing for the target keyword

Check the "By domain" tab to see which websites have been competing for your target keyword over time.

How to use KE Ads History-2

For example, we can see that,,, and have been aggressively advertising on “hotel San Francisco” from 2016 until 2023.

Keywords that your competitors are advertising on consistently may be lucrative, so you might want to consider targeting them.

See where competitors are sending paid traffic

Find out which pages advertisers are sending paid traffic to under the “By landing page” tab.

How to use KE Ads History-3

Click through to the URL to analyze their landing pages. This is a great way to gain inspiration for your own landing pages.

See your competitors’ ads

In the "By landing page" tab, you can see the ad copy that appeared in the SERPs. To view the ads, click on the “Ads” dropdown beside the page you want to investigate.

How to use KE Ads History-4

You can also click the “All ads” tab for an ungrouped view.

How to use KE Ads History-5

If you’re ranking organically for any of these keywords, you can also gain insight from your competitors’ ad copy to improve your title tags and meta descriptions. This might help you win more clicks and generate more search traffic.

Learn more about crafting a good title tag and a good meta description.

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