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How to grow your blog past 100k monthly visitors and get thousands of paying customers

In just two years, we managed to take the Ahrefs Blog from a resource that hardly anyone knew existed into one of the most popular and reputable blogs in the SEO industry. Today it’s one of our major customer acquisition channels, which helped us grow our 8-figure ARR by +65% two years straight.

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Who is this course for?

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out with your blogging journey or whether you’re in charge of a medium-sized blog and managing a team of people — this course has a ton of great tactics and strategies that you’re going to find extremely useful.

There’s a lot of actionable advice on kickstarting your blog from the ground up when resources are limited, as well as many strategies on how to effectively scale what you already have and make sure you only focus on the things that matter the most.

But, above all, this course will teach you how to run your blog as a customer acquisition channel for your business that contributes to your revenue and generates exposure for your brand.

If you’re looking for a data-driven and results-oriented approach to blogging (rather than publishing X articles per week just for the sake of it), — you’re going to love this free course!

Course lessons

  1. 01

    The compound effect of content marketing

  2. 02

    Two major strategies of growing a blog

  3. 03

    How to analyse the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword

    • How to test your article ideas for search demand?
    • How to determine the full traffic potential of a keyword
    • How to find the best keyword to target
    • How to determine your chances to rank in Google
    • How to use Keyword Difficulty metric in Ahrefs
  4. 04

    How to find great content ideas with high business value

  5. 05

    How to optimise your article for a target keyword and generate maximum search traffic with it

  6. 06

    How to create great content that promotes itself

  7. 07

    How to create link-worthy content (and stop worrying about link building)

    • Do you always need backlinks to rank
    • How to create content that attracts backlinks
    • The rarely mentioned “secret” to acquiring backlinks
  8. 08

    How to promote your content & make it rank high in Google

  9. 09

    How to build links to your content

    • The best link building strategies for blogs
    • How to get backlink ideas from your competitors
    • How to build links via guest blogging
    • Simple guest blogging “hacks” for better results in less time
  10. 10

    How to do outreach for exposure and links

    • How to use “Outreach” for content promotion
    • How to find thousands of quality outreach prospects
    • How to write ridiculously effective outreach emails
  11. Guest interviews

    • Ali Mese

      Ali Mese

      on viral content

    • Noah Kagan

      Noah Kagan

      on growing an audience

    • Bryan Harris

      Bryan Harris

      on list building

    • Ramsay Taplin

      Ramsay Taplin

      on starting a blog

Testimonials from “early access” students

  1. Tim's course is amazing. In fact, it's better than some paid courses charging thousands of dollars to teach you concepts that are outdated and flat out does not work. I think Tim's crazy for giving away so much value for free. No matter whether you're new or experienced, there will be something actionable for you to take away and apply to your blog right away.

    Si Quan Ong

    Si Quan Ong, Content Marketing Manager, ReferralCandy

  2. After you take this course, you should personally write an email to Tim. First: to thank him for seriously leveling up your content marketing game. Second: you should ask him why he’s giving away all of this for free! You will be blown away by how no-BS this course is, and how practical and actionable it is. No joke. Sign up for this ASAP.

    David Fallarme

    David Fallarme, Head of Marketing SEA, HubSpot