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How to use the Link opportunities report

In this report, we show you relevant internal link opportunities.

How to use SA Link opportunities-1

The report is generated by taking the ten best keywords by traffic for each ranking page on your website, then looking for mentions of those terms on your other pages.

Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

See opportunities by keyword

This method helps you focus on opportunities that are most important to you right now.

Click on “Advanced filter” and add a new rule. Set the rule to “Keyword” and the condition to “Contains”. Then, enter any relevant keyword related to the page you’d want to add internal links to.

For example, if we want to boost our post about page speed, we’ll filter for pages that mention “speed”.

How to use SA Link opportunities-2

Then, check the “Keyword context” column.

How to use SA Link opportunities-3

Where it makes sense, add contextual links from the relevant source pages using relevant anchor texts.

See opportunities by source page

Click on the “Source page” column. This will show you what internal link opportunities are available for each page.

How to use SA Link opportunities-4

This method is useful if you want to add all relevant internal links to a page at once.

See opportunities by “authority”

Page Rating (PR) shows the strength of the source page's overall internal backlink profile on a 100-point scale.

Click on the “PR” column. This will reveal the most authoritative pages.

How to use SA Link opportunities-5

Internal links from these pages are more likely to positively impact the SEO performance of other pages the most.

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