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Sam Oh

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Sam Oh is VP of Marketing at Ahrefs. He incorporates his commitment to education and love for entrepreneurship into actionable and easy-to-digest tutorials. With over a decade of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, there's nothing that excites him more than perfectly optimized and scalable processes.

Sam Oh

Amazing work. Thanks for the effort. I really appreciate it. Ahrefs is my favorite SEO tools. You guys are doing a phenomenal job.

Farris Harbi auf YouTube

Sam wird dich buchstäblich in einen SEO-Spezialisten verwandeln :). Vielen Dank

Sourav Panda auf YouTube

This feels like so genuinely caring and honest it’s just mind-blowing. It is probably one of the best pieces of content I’ve ever saw on digital marketing

Yevheniy Kushnirenko auf YouTube

As always, Sam Oh hits it out of the park! Great video, and great tips. Keep it going!

Kandaman auf YouTube

These videos and the content generation course, helped me get a 307% increase in traffic. From 1.3k visitors to 25k/month in 3 months and 40 leads.

going2sleep auf YouTube

I have learned so many things from this video! Thank you so much Ahrefs and Sam for this amazing and value-loaded video!

Mohsin Ahmad auf YouTube

Sam, you have been a real open book for me and I’m sure for others as well. Tons of highly valuable content for web owners. Thanks a lot!

Daniel Garino auf YouTube
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