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Ahrefs SEO metrics

Ahrefs’ SEO Metrics

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To calculate the SEO metrics within our tools, we often use multiple data sources along with our own calculations.

Our three main data sources are:

  • Crawler data - For backlink metrics
  • Keyword data (from Google Keyword Planner) - For calculating search volume estimations
  • Search results data - For tracking ranking positions for both paid and organic data

Ahrefs SEO Metrics-1

Understanding where each metric comes from and how it’s calculated will give insights into both the advantages and flaws of that metric.

The core SEO metrics that we’ll cover in this module fall into 3 categories:

  • Our backlinks metrics: Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, and URL Rating
  • Our search traffic metrics: search traffic estimations and traffic value
  • Our keyword metrics: search volume, total number of keywords, organic traffic, traffic value, keyword difficulty, traffic potential, and parent topic.

Ahrefs SEO Metrics-2

For the rest of this module, we’re going to start building relationships between these databases and bring some context to seemingly arbitrary numbers.

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