29 Awesome SEO Blogs to Follow (Graded and Ranked)

Joshua Hardwick
Head of Content @ Ahrefs (or, in plain English, I'm the guy responsible for ensuring that every blog post we publish is EPIC).
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    Looking for a list of the best SEO blogs to read in 2018? Then look no further.

    Most lists of top SEO blogs are entirely subjective.

    It’s one person’s biased opinion of what’s best.

    That’s why I decided to take a data-driven approach.

    Here’s what I did:

    1. Compiled a list of well-known SEO blogs;
    2. Pulled in a bunch of metrics for each (average blog post length, Domain Rating, estimated organic traffic, and so forth);
    3. Made a simple scoring algorithm to grade each blog.

    FYI, I called this Ahrefs’ BlogScore™ 😉

    Learn more about this algorithm + our methodology here. I’m under no illusion that this grading system is perfect, but I do think it beats a subjective list. 

    I’ll share the results in a moment. But first, a quick poll.

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    I’ll be incorporating these votes into the BlogScore™ algorithm whenever I next update this post.

    Don’t see your favorite SEO blog above? Suggest it here.

    Now let’s get to the results, shall we?

    All results below are ordered by BlogScore™. Make a copy of this spreadsheet if you would like to sort the results by Ahrefs Rank (AR), Domain Rating (DR), average number of words per post, average number of RDs (for the top 10 posts), estimated organic search traffic, or average number of new blog posts per month.

    1. Backlinko


    Founder: Brian Dean
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 5,194
    Domain Rating (DR): 84
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 110,078
    Average posts per month: 5
    Average post length: 3,401 words

    Heard of the Skyscraper Technique? Then you’re already familiar with Brian’s work.

    Backlinko is perhaps the most famous single-author SEO blog. Brian rarely publishes new content, but when he does, you’ll certainly know about it. He doesn’t do things by halves. His approach is quality over quantity.

    I think most SEO’s will happily admit that they’ve learned a lot from Brian over the years, myself included. He’s definitely one to follow closely.

    Our favorite post: SEO Copywriting: 17 Powerful Secrets (Updated for 2018)

    2. Ahrefs

    ahrefs blog

    Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 3,648
    Domain Rating (DR): 86
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 61,399
    Average posts per month: 9
    Average post length: 3,186 words

    Good news. You’re already familiar with this one, as you’re reading it right now. 😉

    (I don’t want to blow our own trumpet here, so I’ll spare you the cringe-worthy comments.)

    For those that haven’t read much of our stuff before, we typically publish 1-2 posts per week, and we try to focus on quality over quantity. We also publish many studies, such as our analysis of 2 million featured snippets and our dissection of 1.4 billion “long tail” keywords.

    Our favorite post: I Just Deleted Your Outreach Email Without Reading. And NO, I Don’t Feel Sorry. (Evergreen)

    3. Moz

    moz blog

    Founder: Rand Fishkin
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 562
    Domain Rating (DR): 91
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 217,714
    Average posts per month: 16
    Average post length: 2,036 words

    Moz is almost certainly the most well-known SEO blog, and for a good reason.

    Rand and his team have published a ton of great stuff over the years, and they continue to do so on a regular basis. Some notable examples include their now infamous “beginners guide to SEO” and their ever-growing collection of Whiteboard Friday videos.

    I’ll happily admit that I’ve learned a lot from Moz. I know Tim has too. I don’t think I’d have a career in SEO if it weren’t for the Moz blog.

    That being said, many of their posts are growing increasing stale—some have gone years without an update.

    Our favorite post: 10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings (Updated)

    4. Search Engine Watch

    search engine watch

    Founder: Danny Sullivan
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 1,709
    Domain Rating (DR): 89
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 311,662
    Average posts per month: 29
    Average post length: 1,699 words

    Launched in 1996 by Danny Sullivan, SEW is perhaps the oldest SEO blog on our list.

    I’d say SEW is halfway between a blog and a news website as they publish a mixture of guides and news articles. They publish a lot, too—around 29 posts per month.

    They also have some well-known contributors and columnists, such as Ann Smarty.

    I should stress that Danny no longer owns the blog. In fact, he now works for Google.

    Our favorite post: How To Hire A Great Link Builder

    5. Hobo-web

    hobo web

    Founder: Shaun Anderson
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 46,978
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 57,815
    Average posts per month: 2
    Average post length: 3,733 words

    For whatever reason, Hobo-web doesn’t usually get mentioned on such lists, which is a shame.

    It’s almost certainly one of the best single-author SEO blogs out there.

    Shaun’s posts are few and far between but when he does publish something, you can bet it’s worth reading. His posts regularly pass the 5K word mark, and although word count isn’t everything, they’re well-structured and a pleasure to read.

    He has 20 years experience in online marketing and it shows.

    Our favorite post: How To SEO Meta Tags For Google & Other Search Engines in 2018

    6. SEMRush


    Founders: Dmitri Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 2,343
    Domain Rating (DR): 87
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 53,377
    Average posts per month: 28
    Average post length: 2,056 words

    SEMRush kicks out a lot of SEO-related content—roughly one post per day.

    They have published ~3,000 blog posts in total.

    Many well-known names have contributed to their blog including Gael Breton (Authority Hacker), Ryan Stewart (WEBRIS / From The Future), and more.

    Our favorite post: Are Nofollow Links Actually Good For SEO? Here Is Proof…

    7. Matthew Woodward

    matthew woodward

    Founder: Matthew Woodward
    Blog type: Single-author (w/ occasional guest post)

    Ahrefs Rank: 50,019
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 48,536
    Average posts per month: 9
    Average post length: 3,414 words

    Started in 2012, Matthew Woodward’s blog began as an experiment. He wondered what would happen should he do SEO without link building.

    The result? He grew the blog to six figures in under a year.

    Nowadays, Matthew regularly publishes in-depth posts and tutorials on everything from internal linking to affiliate marketing. So, while his blog isn’t 100% focused on SEO, he does write about that a lot.

    Be warned, Matthew isn’t totally white-hat.

    Our favorite post: The Ultimate Guide to Internal Link Building for Incredible Results

    8. Search Engine Land

    search engine land

    Founder: Danny Sullivan
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 766
    Domain Rating (DR): 90
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,205,476
    Average posts per month: 135
    Average post length: 1,055 words

    No. You’re not seeing double—this is another site founded by Danny Sullivan.

    He founded the site in 2006 after leaving Search Engine Watch, and unlike SEW, this blog is entirely focussed on SEO news.

    As such, they publish a lot of content. Roughly 135 posts per month. (That’s 4-5 per day).

    If you want to stay up to speed with the state of the SEO industry, SEL is definitely worth following.

    Danny stepped down from his role at SEL in 2017, but he’s still an advisor to the company that owns the blog.

    Our favorite post: The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

    9. Search Engine Journal


    Founder: Loren Baker
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 2,209
    Domain Rating (DR): 88
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 307,227
    Average posts per month: 130
    Average post length: 906 words

    SEJ is another well-known SEO news blog, founded in 2003.

    Much like Search Engine Land, they’re almost exclusively focussed on SEO news. As such, their publishing schedule is similarly hectic (4-5 posts per day, on average).

    But they do publish the occasional “big” piece of content, such as their extensive history of Google algorithm updates. This is a must-read for anyone new to the SEO game.

    Our favorite post: What Is Latent Semantic Indexing & Why It Won’t Help Your SEO

    10. Yoast


    Founder: Joost de Valk
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 1,685
    Domain Rating (DR): 89
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 217,201
    Average posts per month: 33
    Average post length: 989 words

    Does your website run on WordPress? Then you may be familiar with the Yoast SEO plugin.

    But did you know that they have an SEO blog?

    Most of their content is focussed on content SEO, technical SEO, and WordPress SEO (that one’s to be expected, right?). I’ll admit that not all of their posts are in-depth masterpieces, but there are certainly some gems in there.

    Our favorite post: The definitive guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites

    11. Cognitive SEO

    cognitive seo

    Founder: Razvan Gavrilas
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 54,031
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 17,931
    Average posts per month: 5
    Average post length: 4,212 words

    These guys have been publishing some good stuff lately, and judging by their performance in organic search, I’d say it’s starting to pay off.

    cognitive seo traffic

    Organic traffic graph from Site Explorer, showing an increase of ~170% in the past 12 months.

    They’ve tripled their organic search traffic in less than a year!

    Check out some of their stuff, and you’ll see why.

    Our favorite post: Do Social Signals Influence SEO? A 2016 Study on 23 Million Shares

    12. GotchSEO

    gotch seo

    Founder: Nathan Gotch
    Blog type: Single-author (w/ occasional guest post)
    Ahrefs Rank: 218,916
    Domain Rating (DR): 62
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 22,654
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 3,572 words

    Founded by Nathan Gotch in 2013, GotchSEO has been making a big splash over the past year or two.

    He consistently puts out HUGE, in-depth guides. Some are even custom designed.

    I’ve seen at least one of his posts garner 750+ comments.

    The downside? Putting together such massive guides clearly isn’t the easiest job ever, as Nathan only publishes one post per month on average. Regardless, Nathan is undoubtedly one to watch.

    Our favorite post: How to Become an SEO Expert [Complete Guide]

    13. Builtvisible


    Founder: Richard Baxter
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 46,675
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 31,917
    Average posts per month: 3
    Average post length: 1,048 words

    Could Builtvisible be the best looking SEO blog? Quite possibly.

    But it doesn’t just look good; it’s packed with tons of top-notch content, much of which was written by Richard himself—an industry veteran with 15+ years experience.

    Richard is a technical guy and to be honest, this isn’t really a blog for SEO newbies. Sure, there are some posts aimed at beginners and intermediates—this post on link reclamation springs to mind—but most others are quite technical in nature.

    If you want to learn about scraping Google Analytics, VLOOKUPs and so forth, this is the blog for you.

    Our favorite post: Microdata, JSON-LD & Schema.org Rich Snippets

    14. Robbie Richards

    Founder: Robbie Richards
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 212,684
    Domain Rating (DR): 62
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 6,837
    Average posts per month: <1
    Average post length: 12,030 words

    Robbie Richards is responsible for publishing some of the most in-depth guides in the industry.

    His average post length (last three months) is a staggering 12K+ words. No wonder he only manages to publish <1 post per month, on average.

    Fun fact: he’s also the only Australian on our list (I think - correct me if I’m wrong, Robbie!)

    Our favorite post: 14 Killer Link Building Strategies for 2018 (with Examples and Scripts)

    15. Lion Zeal


    Founder: Daryl Rosser
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 1,417,166
    Domain Rating (DR): 41
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 3,039
    Average posts per month: 8
    Average post length: 5,313 words

    Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.

    He started out as a PBN guy (here’s the super-extensive PBN guide he published 3-4 years back), but he’s now more well-known for his interviews with successful SEOs. You can find these on his YouTube channel and also on his blog alongside a full video transcript.

    Some of his past interviewees include Ryan Stewart, Venchito Tampon, Matt Diggity, Nathan Gotch, and our very own Tim Soulo.

    Our favorite post: How Ryan Stewart is Everywhere - A behind the scenes look at his agency

    16. Distilled


    Founder: Will Critchlow & Duncan Morris
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 23,768
    Domain Rating (DR): 77
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 6,953
    Average posts per month: 5
    Average post length: 1,763 words

    Will Critchlow is a guy you may have heard of once or twice.

    He co-founded Distilled in 2005, co-created an online SEO university (DistilledU), and co-founded an SEO conference (SearchLove), amongst other things. He’s also built an incredibly talented team at Distilled, many of whom regularly contribute excellent posts to the Distilled blog.

    Some of Will’s posts present somewhat unique and novel ideas, such as this one about internal linking.

    Our favorite post: Google Data Studio: The Beginner’s Tutorial

    17. SEO by the Sea

    seo by the sea

    Founder: Bill Slawski
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 41,869
    Domain Rating (DR): 74
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 4,160
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 1,445 words

    Bill Slawski is the guy to follow if you want to know how Google works, how Google might work, and how Google could work in future.

    He’s most well-known for breaking down and analyzing many Google patents and whitepapers, which makes his blog a great place to learn about why search engines do what they do.

    SEO by the Sea was founded in 2005, but Bill has close to 30 years online marketing experience. I highly recommend that you follow his work.

    Our favorite post: Google’s Reasonable Surfer: How the Value of a Link May Differ Based upon Link and Document Features and User Data

    18. Search Engine Roundtable


    Founder: Barry Schwartz
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 6,240
    Domain Rating (DR): 83
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 83,856
    Average posts per month: 164
    Average post length: 317 words

    Founded in December 2003 by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable is an SEO news website publishing 5-6 posts per day (on average).

    Most of the posts are admittedly quite short, but they serve their purpose of keeping the SEO community up to date with the goings-on in the world of search.

    SERoundtable also accepts submissions from the search community. So, if you spot some worthwhile search-related news on a search marketing forum thread, you can use this form to let Barry and his team know about it.

    19. SEER Interactive

    seer interactive

    Founder: Wil Reynolds
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 51,973
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 11,472
    Average posts per month: 7
    Average post length: 1,174 words

    Founded in 2002 by Wil Reynolds, SEER Interactive aims to “Do great things for our clients, our team and the community at large.”

    That last part becomes particularly relevant when talking about their blog.

    Unlike many SEO blogs, SEER doesn’t follow search trends or regurgitate information about topics that have been covered a thousand times. Their focus seems to be on publishing unique posts that provide genuine value to the SEO and marketing community.

    Wil’s post about long-tail keywords serves as a prime example of this mentality.

    Our favorite post: Screaming Frog Guide to Doing Almost Anything: 55+ Ways of Looking at a Tool

    20. Kaiser the Sage


    Founder: Jason Acidre
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 163,905
    Domain Rating (DR): 65
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 3,019
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 2,019 words

    Looking to learn about outreach-based link building? Jason Acidre is your man.

    Jason is extremely experienced when it comes to link building. He even took one website from 50K-320K visits per month using competitive link acquisition campaigns.

    I don’t want to brand Jason as “the outreach guy,” so I should probably stress the fact that link building isn’t the only topic on which he writes. He also talks about other SEO-related topics, such as content creation and inbound marketing.

    But for me, his link-building posts have always been the most hard-hitting and memorable.

    Our favorite post: Audience First Link Building

    21. From The Future

    from the future

    Founder: Nick Eubanks
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 386,915
    Domain Rating (DR): 55
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 839
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 2,253 words

    Most people know of Nick Eubanks as the keyword research guy.

    He previously blogged for SEONick.net before selling it for $100,000.

    IFTF, a technical SEO agency based in Philadelphia, is Nick’s latest venture.

    But some of you may not have realized that Ryan Stewart (formerly of WEBRIS) has joined forces with Nick and now blogs for IFTF.

    (That’s why I didn’t include the WEBRIS blog on this list.)

    For those of you who don’t know Ryan, he built WEBRIS to $1.2 million ARR in ~2 years and made a name for himself as the link building automation guy.

    Both of these guys are actively blogging at IFTF, so it’s definitely a blog you should follow.

    Our favorite post: How to Optimize Your Website’s Crawl Budget

    22. Marie Haynes

    marie haynes

    Founder: Marie Haynes
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 350,946
    Domain Rating (DR): 56
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 699
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 2,012 words

    Marie Haynes has been helping businesses recover from Google penalties since 2008.

    I don’t think anyone knows as much about Google penalties as Marie does. So if you feel you may be suffering from such a penalty, check out Marie’s blog. You can also check out our guide to Google Penalties, which we created with Marie’s help.

    Her story is quite inspirational (check it out here)—in a previous life, she was a veterinarian.

    She doesn’t publish new content too often, but she’s one to follow closely.

    Our favorite post: Google Algo Updates and More – A Complete List of Changes that Could Affect Your Site’s Traffic.

    23. Buzzstream


    Founder: Paul May
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 37,132
    Domain Rating (DR): 74
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,045
    Average posts per month: 2
    Average post length: 1,450 words

    Done link building outreach before? Then you’re likely already familiar with Buzzstream.

    But aside from being arguably the best outreach software on the market, they also publish some great content on their blog. And as you may have guessed, it’s pretty heavily focussed on link building and outreach.

    However, they don’t publish a huge amount of content. It’s usually limited to 1-2 posts per month.

    Still, Paul and his team definitely deserve a follow.

    Our favorite post: RIP Roundup Posts: Here’s a 5 Step Process to Engage Influencers With Superior Content

    24. Diggity Marketing

    diggity marketing

    Founder: Matt Diggity
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 519,987
    Domain Rating (DR): 53
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,254
    Average posts per month: 2
    Average post length: 2,709 words

    Matt Diggity hasn’t been on the scene for long, but he’s already made quite a name for himself.

    His unique selling point? He shares tips and advice based on actual test results. In other words, he doesn’t just blindly regurgitate stuff he’s read elsewhere. He tests ideas for himself and reports on what does and doesn’t work.

    He also publishes a monthly SEO news roundup, which is well worth subscribing to.

    Our favorite post: SEO Link Pillowing: The Definitive Guide

    25. Merj

    Founder: Ryan Siddle
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 5,556,426
    Domain Rating (DR): 26
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 31
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 2,725 words

    Merj.com has a blog unlike any other on our list.

    For starters, it’s 100% focussed on technical SEO. They also only publish one post per month, which is a technical SEO roundup. These posts follow a consistent format and distil the months technical SEO news into ~3K words.

    They also include “action points” in each post, which advise on any changes you should make based on the months news.

    Our favorite post: Technical SEO Roundup May 2018

    26. Evolving SEO

    evolving seo

    Founder: Dan Shure
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 360,271
    Domain Rating (DR): 56
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 3,106
    Average posts per month: 2
    Average post length: 616 words

    Evolving SEO, created by Dan Shure, isn’t really an SEO blog in the traditional sense.

    He doesn’t publish a lot of written content. It’s all about podcasts.

    Every couple of weeks, he interviews another SEO about a specific topic. Topic-wise, it’s usually quite specific and based on each individual’s personal experience and specialties.

    For example, when he interviewed Bill Slawski last year, the topic was Google’s most significant search patents. (What else!?)

    Our favorite post: 093: Earn Links By Building Your Own Stock Photo Library w/Jay Thibault

    27. Web Marketing School

    web marketing school

    Founder: Martin MacDonald
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 583,224
    Domain Rating (DR): 52
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 114
    Average posts per month: 2
    Average post length: 716 words

    Martin MacDonald is yet another SEO that doesn’t care much for search volumes.

    He simply reports on things that he deems to be important, such as Google’s recent experiments with zero-results SERPs. Most of his posts are commentary about the goings on in the SEO world, be it his opinion on a particular SEO study or on Google’s latest attempt to make SEO harder than ever.

    Bottomline: you’re unlikely to see Martin ranking for the “big” competitive SEO-related terms anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t publishing important stuff. You should definitely follow him.

    Our favorite post: You don’t really hate SEO.

    28. Dejan SEO

    dejan seo

    Founder: Dan Petrovic
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 67,862
    Domain Rating (DR): 72
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,221
    Average posts per month: 1
    Average post length: 216 words

    Almost everything that Dan publishes on his blog is an experiment or survey of some kind.

    Here’s his research into why nobody reads your content. Here’s an experiment about ranking without links. And here’s him playing around with Google Search Console data to calculate CTR averages.

    This kind of content isn’t going to be for everybody. But if you’re a die-hard SEO with a love for spreadsheets, I recommend checking out some of Dan’s stuff.

    FYI, Dan has spoken at a lot of events. He also did a Whiteboard Friday video a few years back.

    Our favorite post: Can quality content rank without links? [SEO Experiment]

    29. Greenlane Marketing

    greenlane marketing

    Founder: Bill Sebald
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank: 344,170
    Domain Rating (DR): 57
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 3,223
    Average posts per month: <1
    Average post length: 438 words

    Bill Sebald has been doing SEO since 1996.

    (Just to be clear, that was before Google existed.) 

    He’s worked with the likes of Toys R Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart and Calvin Klein.

    At Greenlane, he and his team blog about everything from link building to analytics to technical SEO. But I have to admit there is a slight bias towards technical topics.

    Having said that, Bill does his best to simplify such topics and explain things to those less intelligent folk… like myself.

    Our favorite post: How I Explain Ranking Algorithms in SEO

    It’s your turn!

    If you haven’t done so already, click here to vote for your three favorite SEO blogs in our poll.

    Didn’t see your favorite SEO blog on the list? Suggest it here.

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