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Other tools and settings

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The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar provides a few additional tools and settings for your convenience:

Saved URLs

Easily save the URLs of the pages you browse. You can even add the URLs of all organic search results to the list with just one click.

How to use toolbar: Save urls from SERP

You will find the list in the main window.

How to use toolbar: Save url of the curent page

With just a few clicks, you can open the ten most recently added URLs in Content Gap or Link Intersect tools, saving significant time.

How to use toolbar: Settings - Open in

Content Gap and Link Intersect tools are indispensable for discovering keywords and subtopics you might have overlooked and identifying link opportunities for your content.

User-agent switcher

This tool lets you mimic various devices, operating systems, and web crawlers directly from your browser to observe how a website responds to them.

How to use toolbar: User Agent switch

Use it to verify whether your pages display correctly across various browsers and if users and web crawlers see the same content.

How to use toolbar: User Agent not supported

The Exclude list for the metrics bar

The exclude list for the Metrics bar allows you to specify websites, pages, or website sections where you don’t want the metrics bar to show up.

How to use toolbar: Settings - Blocked list

Similarly, you can use the “Block” button on the metrics bar to block specific websites.

How to use toolbar: Settings - Block button