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Let’s start with some numbers:

  • H100 SXM: 504 (SuperPod)
  • H100 PCI: 128
  • A100 SMX: 120
  • CPU: 600K cores
  • SSD: 350pb 
  • HDD:33pb 

That is a lot of computing power, so why do we need it? 

We’re building Yep, a search engine and LLM from the ground up. To do that at the highest possible level we’ve invested in all this hardware to the extent where our superpod alone reaches 20 PFlops in linpack, placing 30th among the supercomputers of the world… Yep, we mean business! 

Let’s put that compute power to use! 

What You’ll Do

In this role as part of a small, lean team, you’ll have the opportunity to thrive on cutting-edge research and turning it into real-world impact. We're looking for a dynamic Data Scientist to join our innovative team and help shape the future of our products. 

  • Engage in Data Preparation and Model Training:
    • Dive into the world of Large Language Models and work your magic in data preparation and model training.
  • Stay on the Cutting Edge:
    • Stay ahead of the curve by keeping a keen eye and experimenting with the latest trends and advancements in NLP and CV. 
    • Evaluate emerging models and frameworks to determine their potential impact on our product.
  • Algorithm Development:
    • Proactively identify emerging opportunities in search and SEO and craft new algorithms to solve them.
  • Collaborate with Engineering Teams:
    • Work in close collaboration with our frontend and backend engineering teams to implement, deploy, and maintain production systems.
  • API Development:
    • Be ready to develop and deploy APIs when necessary to enhance our product's functionality.

In return you get to join our small, compact yet dynamic team and unlock unparalleled access to an extensive array of computing power, an opportunity you won't find anywhere else

You’ll have opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects at the intersection of AI, NLP, and CV.

You’ll get the chance to shape the future of our product and make a real impact. If you're a Data Scientist, an AI Engineer, an NLP Engineer, an ML Engineer or anything along these lines with a passion for NLP, CV, ML and the drive to turn research into reality, we'd love to hear from you! Join us and be part of a team that's pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Basic Requirements

  • Preferably at least a Master’s degree in any quantitative discipline: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, etc.
  • Preferably at least three (3) years of hands-on experience in NLP, CV, search, information retrieval
  • Experience in C/C++, Python, SQL (clickhouse dialect is a plus), Git, CI/CD
  • Knowledge of fundamentals in statistics (linear algebra), machine learning algorithms (supervised classification / regression / LTR, unsupervised KNN / clustering) and DL models (LLM/LMM family etc). 
  • Experience with ML model building, evaluation and inference with libraries such as Pytorch, TensorFlow. Experience in solving CV/NLP (or multimodal), LTR, IR (e.g. candidate generation) or recommender tasks is a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Who We Are

Ahrefs builds online SEO tools and creates free educational materials that help millions of website owners around the globe to get more traffic from search engines.

For over 10 years, Ahrefs has been crawling the web, storing and processing petabytes of data and fine-tuning a simple, intuitive user interface. It's now widely regarded as both a must-have tool for marketing professionals and a trusted friend to small business owners.

Ahrefs’ tools and features cover most essential SEO needs like competitor research, keyword research, website audits, rank tracking and much more.

The company was founded in 2010 by Dmytro Gerasimenko and is headquartered in Singapore.

What You'll Get

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Informal and thriving work atmosphere
  • First-class workplace equipment (hardware & tools)
  • Perks and fringe benefits

Ahrefs does not engage with agencies or third party recruitment solutions for the roles we hire for. If at any point we need help, we'll let you know! 

Who we are

Our data science team faces a big, exciting challenge: building machine learning models to improve the Fairsearch experience. What a user wants to see when they run a search, and what makes a piece of content better or more relevant than another – these are vital questions that inform how we rerank web pages. Sounds interesting? We'd love to hear from you.

Our motto is first do it, then do it right, then do it better

Greg is working at the laptop.

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Data Scientist [NLP]

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