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Ten Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Influence

Mark Scott
Mark helps his clients first understand what Social Media can bring to their business, be that brand awareness, customer engagement, customer service or income generation and then developing, defining and implementing a plan for their business. Mark is the owner of DOC Marketing - a social media and SEO company.
    The best thing about social media is people listen to you because they want to.

    It could either mean they are interested in your products or services or they want to hear what you have to say. You are not forcing your messages on them, unlike adverts on television, radio or a newspaper. So the question now is how do you increase your social media followers and have meaningful engagements with them.

    If you want to grow your influence, you will have to nurture your followers. One way to do it is by establishing yourself as an expert in your business. You do not have to be a social media professional to do this.

    Note that social media influence is not a one-time thing. It is almost like growing a plant. Just like how a plant needs constant care and inputs like water, fertiliser, weeding and cutting, social media also needs constant care. It is a long process because social media influence can only be built over time.

    Here are some tried and tested tips to help you build your social media influence. Some of these tips are geared towards companies but most are generic and can be used by anyone to improve his or her social media influence.

    Launch conversations

    To add new followers and to keep old ones from leaving, you have to spend time to know people. It can be as simple as asking them how their day was. Note that to become popular on social media, you have to have followers. So start building your gang. Add friends, add your peers from the industry, add people who are interested in what you have to offer.

    Keep a blog. Comment on other people’s posts. Be accessible to your followers. Have real interactions with them and don’t just post what you did or are going to do.

    Keep an eye out for trends

    Pay attention to what people are talking about. If you think you can contribute on that topic, do it. Having conversations on popular topics in your niche is a good way to reach out to people and add followers.

    Try using the Ahrefs Content Explorer tool, this will help you find the most shared content in your niche, easily and quickly.

    This tool will find the most shared and the most “linked to” content on any topic across the web.

    You can apply various filters like publish date, number of social shares, language, word count, etc. on search results to narrow down your search for the popular content.

    You ca even see the social share graphs, showing content performance in different social networks over time.

    Its handy “Who tweeted” feature will help you find influencers (in case you want to run an outreach campaign).

    Have contests, events and post news

    People have a natural tendency to reach out to others. Call it empathy if you will. They want to celebrate with you and get involved in what you do. You can reach out to them by holding contests, regular events. Encourage them to get involved. Share the latest developments at your company or in your life with them.

    Use hashtags to build contacts

    Keywords and hashtags have become a popular tool to reach out to people on social media sites. Take full advantage of these. Learn new ways of using them by observing how other people are using them. Just be discerning.

    You can and should post original content but do not forget that other people also have interesting things to share. You can curate some posts and share them on your page. But do not overload your followers with posts. Be creative but be careful about what you post.

    Find something you are good at and promote it

    Being a generalist is a good idea because it gives you the freedom to post everything and anything. But if you are running a niche business, you cannot afford to be a generalist. Find some specific topics that resonate with what you do and create posts on that. Become an expert on a subject and eventually people may come to trust you on that subject.

    Use social media measurement sites

    Don’t you want to know how your social media activities are panning out? One way to find out, is to sign up with social media measurement websites such as Klout or Kred. They are easy to use (there are instructions on their website) and once you have signed on, you will get good insights on what you are doing right and what is not working.

    Ahrefs Site Explorer can show you the pages on your (or any other) website, which have the highest performance grade on social media.

    Ask your audience for specific inputs

    Have you just launched a new product or service? Do you want inputs on a specific issue? Why not ask your followers what they think? People are usually happy to share advice. The other benefit is, it will increase your engagement with your followers and add more people to your community.

    Note high influencers in your posts

    When you give compliments on posts written by others (on your wall) or just mention a high influencers name, some of their sheen will rub off on you. The way to do this on Twitter is by adding @ before the influencer’s name. On Facebook and Google+, you can add + in front of the name. It will also increase your social influence.

    Nurture relationships with high influencers in your niche

    You are not the only one working in your niche. There will be others and some of them might be more influential than you. Try to nurture connections with these people and they may even mention you in their posts or share your content. Another way to find influencers in your niche is to use the Ahrefs Content Explorer tool to find what content is hot in your industry, who is writing it, and who’s sharing it.

    Connect offline and through other channels

    Your conversations do not have to be limited to social media networks. How about conducting a podcast? You can also host chats on Google Hangout. There are many other ways to comment with people. You can also take part in radio interviews, post videos on YouTube and these will help you build your social media influence.

    There are many more ways to increase your social media influence. Look at what other people are going right and try to adopt those techniques to improve your influence on social media.

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