Modern Digital Marketing: Follow 7 Simple Steps to Generate More ROI

Joydeep Bhattacharya
Joydeep Bhattacharya has been working as an inbound marketer since 2009. He helps business owners increase their business using organic search leads. He is the author of SEO Blog where he shares latest news and stuffs related to search engine optimization, social media and internet marketing.

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    Digital marketing has changed a lot lately. Modern digital marketing comprises of new activities like proper analysis of social data, segmentation and overall marketing automation. It helps to increase ROI which is a profitability assessment that calculates the performance of your business by dividing net income by net worth. In simple words, it’s as a calculation of profit made from your marketing efforts in comparison with expenses done on those ads. ROI is important as it signifies whether your marketing efforts are working or not.

    So, let’s start discussing 7 simple strategies that will surely help to pump up your current digital marketing campaign.

    1. Understand the Digital Body Language (DBL) of your consumers

    Digital Body Language is the collective digital activity of an individual that you observe. Every web visit, email that is clicked or opened, every search on Google, every referral from social media platform and every webinar attended are parts of that individual’s digital body language.

    With the advancement of marketing automation technology, online tracking of customers and leads have become possible. With the expansion of online shopping, marketers are unable to read a buyer’s physical body language. In order to know about the reaction of prospective clients to their efforts nowadays tech-savvy marketing and sales teams are using the web-based platforms like Universal Analytics.

    All start by having a responsive website that you can easily create with the help of website builders like Website-builder or Weebly. In simple words, when a prospective buyer responds to your online marketing, he leaves clues regarding his intentions — from a keyword he applies that leads him to land on your website, a click on the email you send out, to a visit to your personalized landing page. With an integrated marketing automation solution, you can develop a prosperous profile of the buyer’s behavior.

    Below are the ten indispensable things that help you to understand the Digital Body Language:

    • Lead source: From where are your leads coming?
    • Emails opened: The viewers have been occupied with which of your emails?
    • Submission forms: How often has a client finished a form on your site?
    • Website visits: How many times have they visited your site?
    • Pages viewed: At what pages have they glanced at your site?
    • Automation emails: Are they in your workflows at present?
    • List segmentation: The quality of list and communication they are receiving.
    • Recent conversion: Your recent conversions.
    • Social media clicks: The process of their interactions with your social media.
    • Lead score: Their frequency of their interactions with your social media.

    2. Accept the fact that consumers control the media, brands do not

    The newest trend that is developing worldwide is the enhancement of customer control over social media due to constantly increasing invasion of social media into everyday consumers’ lives. Social media and networking sites have driven a shift in consumer Internet practice from entertainment towards communication.

    The development and influence of social media signify that brands are becoming more dependent upon consumers for continued existence, ever more accordingly in the present economic environment; which consequently reaching out to brand evangelists cannot be undervalued.

    With the surge of substantial uptake of social media among consumers, the weaker brands that do not identify, acclimatize and connect with this behavioral modification are likely to suffer in comparison with those brands that experiment and embrace this shift are more expected to flourish.

    Currently, consumers can bluntly confront brands in an atmosphere where there is a room to make an immense clatter. Brands simply cannot ignore users or suppress their reactions. Lots of brands are still unaware of the importance of a proper communication with consumers. For those companies who are concerned about their status, it is feasibly possible to hold brands to a definite degree of reputation ransom.

    Social media is more than a cluster of hot air, and brainy advertisers have a propensity to pursue crowds and the smarter marketers appreciate the dominance of influence.

    3. Become a part of mobile revolution and serve multi-device customers

    With growing smartphone practice, developing a website that is responsive to smartphone users has become a significant part of website management. In fact, if you do not optimize your website for mobile, you will eventually lose sales.

    According to a recent research, 57% of mobile users discard the website that takes more than three seconds to load and 30% reject a purchase deal if the shopping cart is not optimized for mobile devices. Considering the importance of a website for any business, especially for small business, this is mandatory to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

    Below are the top 5 reasons businesses must comprise a mobile optimized website:

    Mobile users are unusual

    When compared to desktop users, mobile users have dissimilar objectives as they require information in rapid, easily digestible bites. As these users spend more money per shop, it is important to create a simple path for purchase or enquiry and this way you can align accurately with mobile users who necessitate information quickly to make a fast decision.

    Mobile attracts traffic

    Mobile websites are very crucial as over one billion of users worldwide accomplish approximately one-quarter of global web searches on a mobile device. Smartphone users are engaging themselves with mobile websites and applications while commuting to work, watching TV and doing almost everything. It is ostensible that the future of search is mobile, and those websites that are not functional on mobile devices will experience a drop in their search rank.

    Better brand commitment

    When you provide an enjoyable mobile experience, people begin to like your brand and more possibly return to your website again and again. When your website is optimized in consistency and functionality for mobile, it promotes reliance and affinity with users. However, if your website is tricky to view from mobile device, then people will go to your contenders instead of visiting your website on a desktop.

    Increased conversions

    To convert a possible buyer into a trusted one, calls to action should be clear and easy to click. For instance, Hostt, a new and trendy cloud hosting platform, has been able to acquire more than 20,000 sign-ups before launching through a very simple and straightforward landing page geared towards piquing the interest of visitors. Also, the contact information about the website should be the first thing visitors can see. A huge percentage of mobile purchases are impulse driven and shoppers like to purchase and interact with a brand that provides an engrossing mobile experience.

    Reduction of bounce rate

    If a website is not professionally optimized for mobile users, then, the bounce rate is going to be tremendously high. By proffering mobile users with a suitable and perceptive user experience, you can apparently connect visitors and drive them to inquire or purchase.

    Tablets are not considered as mobile devices as, along with other reasons, they have large screens. When you browse the web, you see tablet or desktop optimized pages. So, unless you provide tablet-optimized content, the user will see your desktop site instead of your mobile site.

    For more help, please have a look at my article on 14 changes you need to make today to have a mobile optimized site, or check out 4 types of mobile compatibility website designs and design your website accordingly.

    4. Follow data driven approach to content writing

    Nowadays, several top brands are using advanced content marketing strategies and buyer conversations in multiple ways that set off further than the exploring experience on their e-commerce sites. These brands are utilizing customers’ information to support the service side of their actions by optimizing the content marketing they publish to their personal media properties like social media, blogs and microsites.

    No matter whether you use the data to strengthen your digital marketing or instigate your connection with customers, all you need is an impeccable framework in place to assemble, combine, and supervise the level of customer insight you attain every day.

    The following is six points that can help you to organize your strategy and develop a system that can turn big data into actionable content:

    Employ accessible tools that can help you to understand customers

    Irrespective of the kinds of products you sell, your customers approach for various reasons. The first goal is to determine buyer personas. You can use different tools to determine customers’ life-cycle with the help of solid data. You can apply some technologies to understand their needs like:

    • Content analytics
    • Social listening technology
    • Marketing automation

    Create content resulting from your data findings

    Keen observation of data helps you to discover what you should supply to multiple unique buyers. It is not sufficient to concentrate just on gender, age, and income category while developing buyer personas. To categorize subjects and areas of significance for your viewers, it is essential to spread an extensive net and assess information like in-store visits, shopping patterns, and location-based information.

    Do not permit huge data to exploit creativity

    It is feasible that big data can influence your decisions but save your creativity from hiding beneath its big size. You certainly mislay the human aspect when you become excessively data-driven while creating your content. Relate data analysis to your current content marketing policy, and let the insight instigate you before driving the entire plan forward.

    Create a community with your engaged viewers

    Having necessary data is not sufficient until and unless you can modify insight into consequential discussions with your reader base. If you want to execute this successfully, you have to define brand guidelines to every contributor. You also need to tell your external supporters to write the best for your brand with an added relationship-building approach. Holding regular Google+ Hangouts can provide an opportunity to your writer to share your readers’ thoughts for the improvement of your editorial calendar. Moreover, their feedback is equally important to acknowledge the expectations of viewers related to your brands.

    Timely content with the target is a must

    Before creating a searchable and shareable content, you have to determine where you desire to release your message. The proper channel is equally important as your content. Operating an editorial calendar that is full of content of one format is like a disservice to not only to your audience but also to yourself.

    Measure and test regularly

    Always assign your resources to verify the effective programs and formats by narrowing down your concentration to channel-specific interactions. Your program must be adequately responsive to move its focus to areas of direct impact.

    5. Make use of tools and systems that ease up your tasks

    A solid approach to conversion optimization does not stop at the conversion goal. Conversion optimization can become a culture with the help of the right strategy and right tools. An appropriate tool can lay the foundation for a complete conversion optimization strategy that ensures to maximize your ROI always.

    Below are some of the top tools that help you to achieve your desired ROI:

    • Google Analytics is an exceptional tool that provides solutions and insights you need in enhancement of sales, traffic and improvement of mobile applications for your business growth.
    • GetResponse is an automated tool that is beneficial for effective landing page optimization in few minutes. This tool automates your email marketing effort by generating high-converting sales pages; squeeze pages, video pages and thus helps in increasing your ROI.
    • Outbrain is a smart tool that attracts traffic to your blogs, articles, mobile optimized and video content. You can control your budget while increasing ROI.
    • Ahrefs is a great tool that helps to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. SEO is one of the big pies of digital marketing and backlink analysis is a vital part of every SEO strategy.
    • Eloqua is an elite marketing solution that incorporates content, cross-channel, and social marketing with data management to increase your ROI.
    • SEMrush is another awesome tool that helps to examine how much traffic your competitors are receiving and from which keywords.
    • Hootsuite tool is perfect for small and medium businesses, who are looking for the new ways to connect, manage and measure their social media efforts with a scalable, perceptive platform.
    • Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard tool that, through powerful APIs, feeds data from a host of popular online services you already use for increasing ROI. The power of this app is that it consolidates all key data into one intuitive screen, eliminating the need for switching to multiple interfaces, saving time and simplifying data analysis.
    • Piktochart is a dynamic graphic tool that helps you to design your infographics. You can make your information attractive and appealing to drag more viewers and increase ROI.

    6. Leverage big data analytics to unlock hidden data

    Big data means data sets whose size is further than the capacity of frequently used software tools to capture, control, and process the data within an acceptable time frame. As data is more diverse and dynamic in the present scenario, advanced software and high-tech machinery are required for its analysis. However, depending upon math and machine power to a dataset in order to attain the best model is not sufficient. In data science, analytics and intuition work as a cycle whereby each is necessary for the other. Big data is essential for value formation, competitive improvement and efficiency gains.

    Below are five ways that can help you to create value by using big data:


    It makes data available to significant contributors in a sensible manner.


    In order to facilitate experimentation to determine needs, expose variability, and advance performance, you can collect more precise and comprehensive performance data with more transactional data accumulated in digital form.


    Customized solutions are possible with more granular segmentation of populations.


    You can create novel products and services, improve the current ones and refine business models with big data.

    Decision support

    When you support your decision with automated algorithms, you can augment the quality of your decision, minimize risks, and discover valuable insights that can remain underneath otherwise.

    7. Improve your cross-channel visibility through aggregation and integration

    The most preliminary stage for a successful digital marketing campaign is to improve your cross-channel visibility. You can assess the failure or success of the campaign in the perspective of a particular channel but in order to get interesting audience feedback, you have to gather information through multiple channels. To remain successful in your business, it is vital to control data and discover methods to get effective aggregate and integrated data. Aggregating and integrating data in multiple marketing channels instantaneously will help you detect both emerging opportunities and threats to your brand. Earlier you might have been incapable of answering to such developments because of the lack of access to inclusive and trusted data how and when it is required. However, by creating a global command center you can dynamically supervise your marketing activities.

    You can select a cloud-based business intelligent platform as your analytics and data warehouse solution, and apply an integration platform to aggregate and integrate data from the diverse data sources. Now you can dynamically locate fan counts, bounce rates, engagement rates, and viral allocation to posts across every channel while data is refreshed on a regular basis.


    With the help of above-described points, you can increase your ROI. However, it is advisable to not spend all your time posting information as social media is social at its heart, and nobody can be social without creating an affable bond with his or her potential clientage. Connect with your prospective customers by concentrating on their behaviors and contexts, build relationships through personalizing different channels and consequently generate more ROI and make your business successful. This way you can successfully implement a modern digital marketing strategy.

    Joydeep Bhattacharya
    Joydeep Bhattacharya has been working as an inbound marketer since 2009. He helps business owners increase their business using organic search leads. He is the author of SEO Blog where he shares latest news and stuffs related to search engine optimization, social media and internet marketing.

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