How Even SEO Noobs Can Steal (Copy) Backlinks from Top Competitors

Tommy McDonald
Originally from Ireland.. currently chasing the sun in Spain. I've been involved in the SEO industry in one form or other for the past 5 years. You can find me rambling about my SEO experiences, theories & opinions on

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    Tommy McDonald explains how to get backlinks by ‘stealing’ them from top competitors in Google search.

    It’s no secret that links are the most important piece of the SEO puzzle.

    Some people, like myself, will openly admit it. Yes, links matter. They matter a lot, actually.

    Some SEO gurus rave about creating awesome content, but why are they creating that content? It’s to get backlinks!

    Don’t let them fool you. You can write content until you are blue in the face, but if it isn’t getting read, shared and mentioned (linked to), it’s not going to produce the results that you might have expected.

    Links. You need links.

    backlinks meme

    If a website is ranking on top of the SERPS for a keyword that you are targeting, wouldn’t it make logical sense that they have a solid link profile that is saying to Google

    Hey, look at us! We are well trusted and you should probably show our website on top when your users search for [insert keyword].”

    Don’t forget: Google uses an algorithm. There aren’t people manually checking every single link in a profile. This is why spam and low quality websites will sometimes surface.

    It’s simple really. The websites that are on top of your niche have link signals that work.

    Will they work tomorrow? Will they continue to keep those particular websites hovering in the top positions? Nobody knows, and that is what makes SEO so interesting. It’s a constantly changing game, with SEOs trying to catch up and stay ahead.

    I’m a big fan of the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    How does this apply to SEO and ranking?

    Well, links are and should be a top priority for anyone trying to improve their rankings.

    The websites sitting on page number one of Google obviously have backlinks that the algorithm currently favors. So, duplicate them, improve your on-site SEO, and make your offer and conversion path better than any of the websites you are competing with.

    That’s simple, right?


    It takes some work. OK, actually, it takes a lot of work.

    But, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, I promise that you will see improved rankings for the keywords you are going after.

    So, continue reading if you aren’t scared of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work!

    Step 1: Do Smart Keyword Research

    The days of mapping out your keyword strategy based only on search volume are long over.

    Let’s assume you run a financial blog and monetize it through CPA offers from credit card companies and financial service providers.

    While the term “credit card” might show a high search volume in Google’s keyword planner tool, it’s not a keyword you are going to want to throw your SEO effort and money into.

    google keyword planner data


    Well, we know the data in their keyword planner is for PPC campaigns, but the search volume is relevant. With 90,500 estimated monthly searches for the keyword “credit card” why wouldn’t you want to go after that keyword?

    The answer is simple: it’s a ridiculously difficult keyword to rank for. Just take a look at the top 10 results

    google search result, Wikipedia, Chase, Capital One, Nerd Wallet, Wells Fargo, Credit Karma, Bank of America, Forbes and Bloomberg are not going anywhere.

    They are huge authority websites with amazing link profiles.

    It would take so much content, outreach, and links to break into page one for this keyword that I’m going to say it would be impossible as well as entirely useless to go after this keyword.

    Well, since nothing is impossible, maybe I’ll change my wording and say it would be completely stupid to attempt to rank for the keyword “credit card.”

    The Smart Way To Do It

    If you were interested in obtaining a new credit card what would you type into Google search to find some suggestions? You wouldn’t just type “credit card,” I can promise you that.

    The search query is going to depend on what type of credit card the searcher is interested in. This is where long tail intelligent keyword research will either make or break your SEO.

    Terms like “free balance transfer credit card offers”, “18 month no APR credit cards” and “business credit card with no annual fee” are keywords that are going to attract searchers willing to complete an offer.

    Never lose sight of what your goal is on your website.

    Which would you rather attract:

    a) 10,000 visitors a month that are just looking for credit card information for research papers
    b) 200 visitors a month that are going to complete a credit card application through one of your referral links (and earn you commissions)

    I think you know the answer.

    Compile a list of keywords that are going to attract people who are looking for whatever it is that your website offers.

    Here’s a quick way to find some rankable keyword ideas by analysing your competitors with Ahrefs Positions Explorer.

    1. Enter your competitor’s domain into Positions Explorer and click on search. We’ll use ‘Nerd Wallet’ as they showed up in Tommy’s example search for ‘credit card’.

    ahrefs positions explorer

    2. From the overview page, click on ‘Organic Keywords’ under ‘Organic Research’.

    organic keywords

    3. Order the report by ‘Results’. Click it twice, to put the phrases with the least amount of results at the top of the report.


    4. Now scroll down the report and look for relevant phrases with a reasonable search volume. This one looks interesting. Not huge volume (110 US searches per month) but could easily be tied to a lead gen offer.

    keyword volume

    5. Next, verify the title competition is low with an “allintitle:keyword” search in Google.

    allintitle google search

    6. As you can see, Google only has 34 pages indexed with “credit score mortgage rates” in the page title, so with good on-page SEO and a few links we should be able to rank for that quite easily. Add this to a spreadsheet, continue to browse through the keywords and you’ll be sure to uncover some keyword gems.

    Here’s a quick video showing the whole process

    Back to Tommy…

    Step 2: Map Out Your Competitor Targets

    Now, search for the terms that you have brainstormed, and take note of which websites are ranking on page one for each term. Use an excel spreadsheet to make it easy for you.

    Make a column for each keyword and then have 10 website URLs under each.

    keyword spreadsheet

    That’s it. This part is easy.

    Time saving tip: You can use a neat little bookmarklet called SERPs Redux to quickly grab the top 10 URLs for each of your target keywords. See the full process + video tutorial in Step 2 of Doug Cunnington’s Skyscraper Method Case Study.

    Step 3: Gather Link Lists

    There are two things you need to be fully aware of:

    1. You should use several tools to dig into and analyze link profiles, because not every tool will deliver the same results. The larger the sample, the more insight you will gather.

    2. You aren’t going to find every link that is contributing to high rankings. Let’s be honest for a minute: a lot of websites are using private network links that sit on websites that aren’t accessible to the crawlers of these tools.

    Personally, I believe Ahrefs is the best tool on the market, which is one of the reasons I started to contribute to the blog here. I’m a huge fan of the tool and use it daily, so naturally I’m going to use it as the example for this post.

    Here’s the process for collecting competitor links using Ahrefs.

    1. Start by entering the URL of the webpage you want to analyze into Ahrefs Site Explorer. Be sure to select ‘URL’ from the drop down list and then click on ‘Search’.

    how to get backlinks with Ahrefs Site Explorer

    2. From the overview page, click on Inbound Links -> Links

    inbound links

    3. Ahrefs will return a full list of backlinks that it has found pointing to the URL. Click on “Export” to pull the results into a CSV file.

    export backlinks

    4. Repeat this process for each URL in your spreadsheet.

    Remember, Ahrefs and other tools are just that: tools.

    They aren’t going to do the work for you. They help, and make it easy to give you the data to get to the next level, but it’s the actual work that comes next that leads to most people throwing their hands up and quitting.

    So, depending on how many keywords you are targeting, you might have a lot of CSV files. I would suggest that you just do it 1 keyword at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

    Even a single keyword is going to have 10 files to comb through and sort.

    Step 4: Dive into Your Data & Remove Low Quality Links

    Just because a website’s link profile includes a specific link, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a link you will want to secure as well.

    There are a lot of reasons.

    It could be a spammy link that they received from a low quality SEO service or a Fiverr gig in the past. It could also be a link that was sent to the website by a competitor, in an attempt to sabotage their rankings. Yes, negative SEO exists. Just look at these nasty chineese guest book links.

    bad links

    Now, some of your CSV lists are going to include thousands of links, so there are a few tricks to really cut the list down to a manageable size of data to work with.

    The first thing I do is to sort the URLs, A – Z, ascending order.

    You will sometimes see several hundred links from the same URL, and this can happen for a few reasons. The main reason for this is a footer or widget link that is site wide.

    You only need to keep one URL, so quickly delete all of the extras. This will help give you a more manageable list, so always do this first.

    Remember, you are doing this to identify the BEST links to go after, not EVERY link to go after. Some links in a competitor’s link profile might actually be HURTING them, so it’s important that you focus on quality.

    This isn’t a race to find thousands of links to go after. This is going to take a combination of time, SEO knowledge, and common sense.

    Identify The Links

    Once your list is free of duplicate URLs you will need to go down your list, visit each website and identify the competitor’s link.

    This is a checklist that I use:

    1. What type of link is it? (contextual, comment, guest blog profile, sponsored, etc.)
    2. How was the link likely obtained? (guest post, content outreach, paid, etc.)
    3. If Google manually reviewed the page would they have a problem with the link? (does it appear to be natural)
    4. If it passes the question above, how would I go ahead and duplicate it and secure it for my website?

    This is really all you need to do for this quick checklist.

    If a link looks suspicious, delete it from your CSV file and move onto the next one.

    Don’t worry about deleting too many. I would rather have a CSV file with 30 possible link opportunities that I know for a fact are solid, than a list of 200 that may or may not be that great.

    Step 5: Visit Your Targets & Rank Them by Acquisition & Difficulty

    You will want to add another column to your CSV file. I have mine named “Duplicate” and I have the following options:

    Guest Post: If the link is a guest post link I will look to see if I can quickly find out how to get in touch with the website owner to pitch them. I look for a “write for us” or contact page. If there is neither, I will do a search. If I can’t find anything I remove the opportunity form my list. Never waste too much time, because there are plenty of other opportunities to look for.

    Paid: This includes sponsored content, an award or a scholarship. This would be any link that requires a payment to get my hands on it.

    Resource Link Back: This is a link that the website got because they created a nice blog post of some other form of content on their website. I will find out how to contact the site to pitch them and note that as well.

    Directory: These are business listings or directory listings that I can add my website too. Make sure they are high quality and/or niche related. These can be the easiest links to get live and I’ve successfully used this strategy to add 20 – 30 solid directory links with an hours worth of work.

    Comment: I hear a lot of people talk about blog comments being useless because they are no-follow. Listen, Google loves a natural and diverse link profile and comment links are part of the mix. Also, if you are only dropping comment links on high quality and relevant websites, you might also drive referral traffic, which is a nice bonus. Lesson: don’t think blog comments are useless, because they are far from that.

    Once I assign an “acquisition type” to each, I rank them.

    I use my own rating system, from 1 – 10. For example, a guest post link on Forbes is going to get a 10, because that requires a lot of work. On the other hand, a niche related business directory listing link might get a 1 or 2 form me, depending on the approval process.

    Once I finish this, I sort my CSV file by the ranking column. This allows me to quickly secure all of my low rating link opportunities.

    NOTE: I do NOT do them all at once. The worst thing you can do is secure 100 new links one day and then nothing over the next week. It doesn’t look natural at all and could be interpreted by Google as unnatural link acquisition. If I have an abundance of “easy”link opportunities I spread them out over time — usually I’ll drop a few every day while I also work on the hardest acquisitions.

    Step 6: Follow Through

    This is the part where a large percentage of people will fall off.

    I’m not going to give you an outreach template or a pitch, because I don’t use them.

    If I am approaching a website for a guest post opportunity I will make sure I am familiar with their blog and the style of content they publish. I will then create a custom message that has meaning behind it.

    Websites get pitched multiple times a day and can smell a spammy pitch from a mile away.

    Tip: let your personality shine. Once you figure out how to combine your personality with a unique pitch style you will start to see many wins.

    Also, don’t be afraid to create content for the sole purpose of using for bait to link back. For example, if I found a great blog post with high metrics on a website that I want a link from I might create an infographic based on a specific part of their post and then reach out and mention that it would compliment their post and allow them to link to the content.

    I very rarely see people creating content AFTER they find an opportunity. They usually create it first, then seek out opportunities. Give it a try, it works!

    Now Go Ahead And Get Those Backlinks!

    Links still matter and they will continue to still matter.

    They are a vital part of the ranking equation, but the thought of moving up in the SERPs shouldn’t be overwhelming. As you can see, with a little organization and a plan, you can duplicate the links that are helping your competition outrank you.

    So that’s how to get backlinks by analyzing your competitors. Any comments or questions, please leave them below!

    Tommy McDonald
    Originally from Ireland.. currently chasing the sun in Spain. I've been involved in the SEO industry in one form or other for the past 5 years. You can find me rambling about my SEO experiences, theories & opinions on

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    51 comments on “How Even SEO Noobs Can Steal (Copy) Backlinks from Top Competitors
    1. Top notch read, Tommy!

      Competitor link mining has always, still does and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

      It’s just a matter of how well you know the difference between a spammy, unnatural link and a quality, natural one.

      • Thanks for your feedback. I assumed most readers would have this down, check out some of the articles on my blog, they may help you. I’ll work on expanding on that paragraph in the next article for you too.

        • let me make it clearer. I have a textile business. It is not like SEO business. You and Ahrefs have common interests, therefore I understand why they let you write an article on their page (guest blogging) and point a link back to your site.
          In our field, especially in my country, company blogging is something companies (small scaled) have never heard of. Therefore, it is impossible for me to make guest blogging on somebody elses page.Such a page doesn’t exist.
          When I follow the article, I find out that my competitors actually purchased (which I already know) “articles” in google news registered BS sites. But to be able to find out links linkto:url is satisfying my needs. I don’t have to buy ahrefs or read this article.
          What I am trying to say is that this article (like almost all of them do not apply to my industry. If I was in SEO business it would make sense.

          • You can do proper SEO in any industry, even in the most boring ones.

            If you don’t know how to create something link-worthy on your site, and think that guest posting is the be-all end-all, then sorry but you don’t know SEO.

            • I am not talking about doing SEO. I am talking about this article.
              In reality my competitors doesn’t even bother to write article and wait for it to get shared. They pay a price between $10-$100 per article and they put their article on a google news approved website which points anchor text links back to their sites.
              by making linkto:url I can find out which websites accept their money and let them put their content on their sites.
              In my point of view, SEO is scam. Google is also a scam. It’s ultimate goal is to force users pay for adwords.

            • You are working in textile industry which gives you ENORMOUS opportunities. If you were selling lets say screw drivers, I would say that you have a problem. However, there are numerous things which you can do with your blog. Entire Europe makes clothes from Turkish and Chinese textile. There are literally tens of thousands fashion blogger you can connect with. Connect with bloggers, play it cool, make a name for yourself, if needed sponsor local creators with material and you will go viral in no time! SEO is not based solely on building links. If you develop yourself as a name, people will link to you organically. Success attracts success. YOU ARE SITTING ON A GOLD MINE!

            • @NikSto82:disqus You just gave that dude too many awesome suggestions. He’s clearly bitter and doesn’t understand how things work, so your awesome advice may have gone in vain. But kudos to you for trying to help a lost soul.

            • If English was the primary language of Turkish people, your suggestion would be true. Believe me there is not a single blog where I can make guest posting.. all specific niche blogs are actually paid link gateways… look at this one for instance www profesyonelblogger blogspot com tr (I didn’t put dots) mofo asks me $20 for a link. analyze the site in ahrefs… tons of outgoing, couple of incoming links… believe me, there is literally none honest blogs out here…so before lynching me @NikSto82:disqus try to see whole picture…

            • If English was the primary language of Turkish people, your suggestion would be true. Believe me there is not a single blog where I can make guest posting.. all specific niche blogs are actually paid link gateways… look at this one for instance www profesyonelblogger blogspot com tr (I didn’t put dots) mofo asks me $20 for a link. analyze the site in ahrefs… tons of outgoing, couple of incoming links… believe me, there is literally none honest blogs out here…so before lynching me @gaetanodinardi:disqus try to see whole picture…

            • @Çağatay Belgen, I am not a fan of guest blogging to be honest. And neither to paid links 🙂 Maybe you should try to look from a different perspective. How about going to Twitter and perform a quick search for some of the potential strings that are relevant to your product? You will be surprised how many opportunities can arise from this. Also, I love forums — there are literally all kinds of them, on every possible topic. If your niche is obscure, then try with shoulder niches or simply broaden your search… tons of opportunities will appear, I am sure.

              @Gaetano DiNardi, I love to help whenever I have the time and the knowledge too. We’ve all been there at some point of time 🙂

            • masa örtüsü” is my keyword..please give me just a single example (a web site I can put my link without paying money) which complies with the 14865 letter article above.
              I want to know what I am missing. Please enlighten me @nickmanderfield:disqus instead of analyzing my character.
              What I read from your comments is that how bla bla person I am… I am missing opportunities, I don’t know what seo is about, you are seo veterans, you sound like you do seo since 70’s (lol) etc, etc…
              I am begging you guys to show me actually how blind I am.
              as suggested in the article, I am analyzing backlinks of the top 3 competitor for “masa örtüsü” not by ahrefs, instead a free tool by google which is linkto:url
              I see that they all use paid backlinks from bullshit blogs, news sites, etc… I don’t see a single opportunity (as referred to stealing in the article) I can grab.
              When I search “masa örtüsü” in twitter as you’ve suggested, it returns nothing but bullshit posts by companies.
              there is no niche oriented textile blog from Turkey… where I can write…
              I sell to hotels and restaurants, there isn’t a single company which also sells to hotels and restaurants, but in a different field instead of textiles whom I can ask for link exchange/guest writing/etc… all they do is hire a “seo consultant” the guy simply puts anchor text backlinks in his 50 different bullshit blogs/news sites/etc…
              What is it you guys see, but I don’t?
              What the heck is being told in the 14865 letter article above.. a joke?

            • Here’s a quick tip, Çağatay! Just crossed my mind… Why don’t you create an article on the top 20, 30 or 50 textile companies in Turkey then after it’s published you contact each and everyone of them and just let them know about the piece.

              The effect you can expect (I might be wrong as I don’t know the psychological profile of the Turkish companies, but this works for English queries, I promise!) is for them to link to you because this is simply a “no-brainer” — they will do it solely for their own benefit — to brag to their audience (readers, clients, partners) that they have just been included in a top 20, 30, 50… whatever ranking. “We told you how great we are, but read this guy’s article too if you’re not convinced… see, we’re in TOP XX?”

              Why? Because this will make them look better, simple advertising. Obviously, you’ll want to include more companies in your article as the more they are, the more potential links you can get. But not only this, there is a nice chance that they share your piece on social media, which will bring you more traffic and traffic means customers 🙂

              What about this? Worth the try?

            • I totally get your point, but things are different in 3rd world countries such as mine (Turkey).

              I planned a similar strategy for hotel&restaurant suppliers in Turkey such as furniture manufacturers.

              I am selling textiles, they are selling furnitures to hotels and restaurants. It would be a great opportunity for both of us. Our businesses conflict in a good manner.

              I could simply post a blog post regarding hotel furnitures on my website, they could do vice versa… But the problem is furniture manufacturers doesn’t have control over their websites. They don’t even know what a blog is. Usually a high school degree guy is developing their websites on behalf of them.

              That “guy” is calling himself both “web designer” and “seo specialist”. When I try to contact him, he tries to turn my offer into a business opportunity.

              Actually I am doing pretty good in terms of seo. It is our one and only business marketing method since 2004.

              We are ranking in second place (third place is also my website) for our primary keyword.
              Almost all keywords our business is related to ranks in first three results.

              We are ranking first when I write “restaurant tablecloths” (second ranking website is also mine), but the issue is I am obsessed ranking in the first position in “tablecloths” and the rest.

              My point is; finding anchor text link opportunities in a honest way is sometimes close to impossible in certain countries and languages. English is widely spoken (billions of people) my language is spoken by 70 million.

              When it comes to this article, the total character count is over 14000 letters. The title is “getting backlinks” but the actual getting backlink issue is told in 300 letters at the last paragraph, that’s why I thought it was a joke.

            • I think you need to drop your whole ‘it can’t be done’ attitude. Your comments here make you sound like an unmotivated negative nancy with a list of excuses a mile long.

              Though I know most of the things in this list, it’s all true, I have applied these tactics to Medium to Easy terms and absolutely slayed rankings. These tactics work, you just have to apply them. If you know exactly how your competitors get their articles published and how and where they get their links, and exactly who it is that publishes their articles for them, what’s your problem? Seems like you’ve got everything you need lined up for you, all the ducks are in a row, so get off your ass and start shooting!

            • Dude, I signed up for Disqus just to give you an upvote for this awesome “glass half full” perspective to @c@cagataybelgen:disqus ‘s “glass half empty” position. Good on you, bro.

            • Kemo, thank you. I love to help when I can. Obviously, in Turkey the situation is unusual, hopefully Çağatay will figure out a way around this. Fingers crossed!

    2. It’s necessary to be careful with link building, because you may easily be “banned” by Google. So, thanks for the article.

    3. Directory submissions do they work in 2016..? Post penguin update they are discounted right.…can you be clear with few examples ..

    4. Hi Tommy, excellent read, getting links is obviously the hardest part of SEO, that’s why do few people are able to get it right.

      In terms of outreach, and follow-through, how many times (if at all) should you resend an email. If it doesn’t work the first time, should you remind, or give it some time and try a different pitch?

    5. Hey Tommy,

      This is great. Awesome post!

      I’m out right now and on my phone. Which sucks because I would literally be on my computer now following your steps.

      Sadly, I’ll have to wait til tomorrow. 🙁

      But I will definitely be back to follow these steps.

      Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes for me. 🙂


    6. Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for the nice and informative article . But have one quick question, her in the article you are discussing on duplicating quality backlinks. Here How many times can we duplicate it? Is it good to duplicate it duplicate it for multiple times??

      As well as about paid directory submission , IS it a good practice in link building scenario ??

    7. Nice tutorial, Tommy! I’ll be keeping this bookmarked for future reference for sure. =)

    8. Comprehensive article! This is what I like in ahrefs blog. Complicated seo is laid out in very simple language for newbies. Indeed you can find valuable links through competitor link mining. If you don’t do it, you are missing out easy-to-get + valuable links.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • I beg your pardon. What will you do tomorrow? what did this blog post teach you in terms of getting backlinks (title is getting backlinks)? Can you please share the method with me?

    9. Tommy has always been a joke, all this article “teaches” you how to waste time organizing useless data and avoid tackling the actual issue of creating links, tommy is one clown who was never able to rank any site on his own except with the use of sape and even at that he fails or make money by selling sape to noobs. ill recap the entire article by one phrase find your competitors backlinks in ahrefs and copy the decent ones — WHICH EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS — rest is is bullocks — They should block this fool from posting on ahref again its waste of everyones time

    10. Thanks for the this information, even though I use competitors’ research for building links this article was is very useful for me as I can do my work efficiently after reading it. To sort out good quality links I usually use Moz Spam Score, it is great tool to eliminate low quality links. However, Ahrefs is my favorite too for link harvesting.

    11. Oh bless.. I guess you can’t grasp the concept of paid traffic — our ads are plastered all over Facebook, I’m surprised you haven’t seen them. I only target prime English speaking countries, I’m guessing from your atrocious grammar that’d rule you out.

      I must have really hurt your feelings at some point.. to go to all this trouble, poor guy.

      • Sorry mate…the whole competitor blaming is getting kinda old.…

        Looks like you have a lot of “competitors” after you or you have scammed a lot of people and I am leaning towards the latter as would any reasonable person confronted with the overwhelming evidence and scam reports against you.. I wonder what proof you have to show you are innocent?

        Just see this rippofreport:

        search on google with the following phrase:

        tommy mcdonald rippoffreport”

        You have a tendency to call every person you scammed a competitor it seems.…

        This scamming of yours may be allowed on blackhatworld but normal business would rather not deal with a common thug and conman

        • Lol you are the same guy.

          But I’ll humor you anyway… That ror was written by a competitor — he actually admitted and apologized 2 weeks ago. Feel free to keep on clutching at straws and trying to ruin my rep 😉

          Oh stop.. you know as well as I do scamming isn’t allowed on bhw (you’re a member there too) especially not from a staff member like myself.

          Nice attempt though.. I particularly enjoyed those spam pages you put up about me the same day you posted here first on “tommyidota” account.

          You must have A LOT of time on your hands.. pathetic.

          • Interesting, have you got any proof that it is a competitor and not someone you scammed?

            There is just too many scam reports for us to believe you.

            Nobody likes scammers tommy and definitely not someone who cant man up and cowardly hides behind so called “competitors”

            • too many” — I can only find one Graham, written almost a year and a half ago by a competitor as already clearly explained to you. And Yes I do have proof — I have skype logs from the creator of that ror apologizing 2 weeks ago.

              I have no intentions of proving myself to someone hiding behind an anon account. You are a jealous, sad little troll out to cause problems

              can’t man up” — says the man behind the anon account 🙂

    12. i dont seem to have a problem getting links but they are nearly always no follow. i do all my links manually which is often a blog comment.finding good quality do follow links without paying is alot of work

    13. @ Ahrefs You might want to look into this. I was checking the links to this blog post and it has a concerning amount of scam reporting anchors regarding tommy mcdonald just run this url of this page into ahrefs

      Also I searched further and found this rippoffreport
      just search:
      “tommy mcdonald rippoffreport”
      “serplogic review”
      “t0mmy scam”
      “tommy mcdonald scam”
      On google or paste the above query on google to see for yourself

      Reading below it seems he is blaming it all on his “competitors“but there is just too many bad news about this man online it concerns me that a man of such ill character is allowed to represent Ahrefs, I would love to know the opinion of ahrefs editor in chief about this.


      p.s. for those who do not have an ahrefs account I have attached a pic

      • Wow someone really needs to get out more.

        Another troll account (the same person most likely). The ror was written by a competitor from bhw — I can post the proof of him admitting and apologizing to me just 2 weeks ago, although I’m sure you know that already 😉

        The other spam pages stuffed with keywords — were all created the very same day you created your first account here to troll “tommyidota”

        You are the one creating those spam pages — You did it the exact same day you made the first posts here under the name “tommyidota”

        Man you must be one very very sad individual to be going to all this hassle over little old me.

        I would imagine the ahrefs editor in chief has come across sad trolls like yourself before.

        Man your life must suck bad to be going to all this trouble, sitting alone in your room on a saturday trolling.. poor sad little guy 🙁

        • You can resort to call names at anyone who brings out evidence of scams against you but that just shows how unprofessional you are.

          As anyone can see I have nothing to do with the people you scammed, I simply found this information search google.
          Of course you would not want people to see these scams so you attack me personally while I have nothing to do with this crap of yours.

          I simply do not want people like you on ahrefs, people who post here should be of impeccable character not a thug such as you and I just checked your site and the other guy is right that you could not even rank your own site, you are a joke.

          • No Graham, the only person here a joke is yourself..

            When you grow the balls to present yourself properly and not under the fake anon troll account I’ll be happy to speak with you.

        • Interesting, have you got any proof that it is a competitor and not someone you scammed?

          There is just too many scam reports for us to believe you.

          Nobody likes scammers tommy and definitely not someone who cant man up and cowardly hides behind so called “competitors” -