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Discover the keywords people search for on Bing. Analyze their SEO potential.

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Get accurate SEO metrics for your keywords

Auf der Suche nach zuverlässigen Suchvolumenschätzungen für Bing? Haben wir! Analysiere ein Keyword zurzeit oder 10.000 Keywords gleichzeitig.


Because Clickstream data powers the Ahrefs Bing Keyword Tool, we're also able to show some other helpful SEO metrics for all keywords:

  • Clicks: The average monthly number of clicks on the search results that people make while searching for the target keyword.

  • Kosten pro Klick: Die durchschnittlichen Kosten pro Klick auf die Anzeige, wenn du für dieses Keyword Anzeigen schaltest.

  • Clicks Per Search (CPS): Die Anzahl der Suchergebnisse, auf die Leute klicken, nachdem sie nach dem Keyword gesucht haben.

  • Return Rate (RR): A relative value that illustrates how often people search for this keyword again in a 30-day period.

  • Paid vs. Organic clicks: The distribution of all clicks between the paid and organic search results.

Keyword search volumes and metrics are refreshed regularly to ensure that the data you see is reliable and up to date, always.

Perform Bing keyword research for almost any country

Choose from the drop-down to see local search volume estimates for any of the 170 countries in our database.

Unsure which country has the most traffic potential? Take a look at the Global volume metric to see the estimated monthly global search volume, plus the six countries with the highest local search volumes.

See search volume estimates for any country in our database.
Use this to quickly identify whether your target demographic is searching for this term.

Generiere Massen von Keyword-Ideen

Pull thousands of related keyword ideas from our ever-growing database of over 90 million keywords.

Gib ein Ausgangskeyword ein, wähle einen der Keyword-Berichte und los gehts!

Alles aus allen Berichten.
Ideas containing the seed keyword or phrase.
Ideas containing all terms from the seed keyword in any order.
Als Frage formulierte Keywords, die den Seed-Term enthalten.

Apply filters to cherry-pick keywords

Find and prioritize the keywords that matter to you with ease using inbuilt filters.

You have the following filters at your disposal:

  • Search volume: The average monthly number of searches for the target keyword in the selected country.

  • Word count: The number of words in the query.

  • Include/Exclude: The presence (or not) of certain words.

  • Clicks: The average monthly number of clicks on the search results.

  • Clicks Per Search (CPS): The ratio of Clicks to Keyword search volume.

  • Kosten pro Klick: Die durchschnittlichen Kosten pro Klick auf die Anzeige, wenn du für dieses Keyword Anzeigen schaltest.

  • Return Rate (RR): A relative value that indicates how often the same person searches for a given keyword over a 30‐day period.

Create keyword lists

Forget messy spreadsheets and .txt files. Save and segment keywords into lists in a few clicks.

Use lists to analyze your saved keywords in batches.

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Start using Ahrefs' Keyword Generator to find winning keyword ideas today.

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