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12 Best SEO Podcasts in 2024

Rebecca Liew
Content marketer and writer. Addicted to words, stationery, and exploring new places on foot.
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This isn’t another run-of-the-mill roundup of the “best” SEO podcasts out there. I polled Twitter, then trawled through the recommendations to find quality ones that are still producing regular episodes.
Rebecca's tweet asking for suggestions on popular, under-the-radar podcasts

From broader discussions on SEO to more technical deep dives, these 15 podcasts are ideal for every kind of marketer. So listen closely, and vote for your favorites.

Host: Tim Soulo
Topics: SEO, marketing
Frequency: It varies 🙂
Avg. episode time: 90 mins
Website: Ahrefs Podcast
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Amazon Music, Audible

Looking to learn from the brightest minds in online business and digital marketing? Ahrefs Podcast is for you!

In each episode, Tim Soulo (Ahrefs’ CMO) interviews one smart marketer, digging into their career, philosophy, goals, and more. Season one features interviews with Rand Fishkin, Peep Laja, Dom Wells, Adam Singer, Laura Roeder, and David Fallerme

We’re obviously super biased here, but we think it’s one of the best SEO and marketing podcasts there is! 😉

Hosts: Gael Breton, Mark Webster
Topics: SEO, marketing, content marketing
Frequency: Weekly
Avg. episode time: 60 mins
Website: Authority Hacker
Listen on: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts

This well-loved podcast is equal parts casual and informative. Gael Breton and Mark Webster make a convivial pair, and discuss all things SEO in between witty banter.

Apart from covering Google updates, Gael and Mark tackle SEO questions and share their experiences running authority websites and blogs—including how they built and sold one of their websites for a six-figure sum.

Host: Google’s Search Relations Team 
Topics: SEO, tech SEO
Frequency: Weekly
Avg. episode time: 25 mins
Website: Search Off the Record
Listen on: YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Search Off the Record

Curious about the inner workings of Google Search? Go behind the scenes with Search Off the Record.

Episodes center on launches, Google Search Console feature prioritizations, and projects that Google Search teams are working on—while occasionally veering into technical territory with discussions on JavaScript and more.

To further your learning, transcripts are shared on the official website.

Host: Kate Toon
Topics: SEO, social media, content marketing
Frequency: Every few weeks
Avg. episode time: 35 mins
Website: The Recipe for SEO Success
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Here’s an SEO podcast with a difference: Kate Toon labels each episode “newbie” or “techie,” making it easy to tailor your learning.

We also like the new “toon tip” episodes, which offer a condensed overview of topics like Core Web Vitals and Google updates in under 20 minutes. 

Past guests include Rand Fishkin and Barry Schwartz—so you’re guaranteed to learn something new every time.

Hosts: Ross Dunn, Scott Van Achte 
Topics: SEO, paid search
Frequency: Every three weeks
Avg. episode time: 30 mins
Website: SEO 101
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio

SEO 101 covers the latest in Google updates and SEO news—making it suitable for marketers of all levels.

Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt previously led the podcast for over 11 years until John’s passing in 2021. While he left big shoes to fill, Scott Van Achte—a senior SEO at Stepforth Web Marketing—is an excellent co-host too.

Host: Benjamin Shapiro
Topics: SEO, tech SEO, content marketing
Frequency: Every other day
Avg. episode time: 20 mins
Website: Voices of Search 
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Looking for succinct SEO tips but short on time to trawl the web? Turn to Voices of Search.

This podcast focuses on SEO and content marketing, with near-daily episodes spanning 10–20 minutes. Given the low commitment required per sitting, it’s far easier to listen attentively as host Benjamin Shapiro tackles all the useful stuff, such as:

  • Optimizing how-to content. 
  • Identifying the best content formats for your audience. 
  • Mobile SEO changes.
  • How social media impacts SEO.

I like how clear-cut the conversations are. Notable guests include Dmitry Dragilev, founder of, and Bill King, founder and host of GTO Podcast (a show for growth marketers). 

Host: Aleyda Solis 
Topics: SEO, tech SEO, link building
Frequency: Monthly
Avg. episode time: 25 mins
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube

This YouTube-to-podcast show is hosted by Aleyda Solis, whose strong following on Twitter speaks of her experience.

Apart from being the founder of digital marketing consultancy Orainti and remote work platform Remoters, Aleyda dedicates her time to making Crawling Mondays a podcast worth your while.

While episodes are infrequent, there’s plenty for you to dig into: SEO reviews, interviews, and related news. There are also how-to tips on building a winning SEO strategy, doing local SEO, and project management for agencies.

I particularly like the quality of guests who have come on the show, including Lisa Paasche, Areej AbuAli, and Marie Haynes. Here’s one featuring our very own Patrick Stox:

Host: Jack Chambers-Ward
Topics: Tech SEO, general SEO
Frequency: Weekly
Avg. episode time: 45 mins
Website: Search with Candour
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Music, Pocket Casts

In this podcast by digital agency Candour, in-house SEO specialist Jack Chambers-Ward covers technical and general SEO topics so you can deepen your expertise in the space.

There’s a bit of everything—from a discussion on SGE and the future of SERPs to a fun crossover with The SEO Mindset podcast on handling anxiety at conferences.

Hosts: Sarah McDowell, Tazmin Suleman
Topics: Career development, mental health tips
Frequency: Weekly
Avg. episode time: 40 mins
Website: The SEO Mindset
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts

This show isn’t about SEO—not really, anyway. Hosts Sarah McDowell and Tazmin Suleman combine their mindset coaching and SEO experience to explore tips on building confidence and optimizing your SEO career, although we reckon many of their insights can be applied across other roles and industries.

Occasionally, other experts weigh in—from scaling your SEO talent with Previsible’s Jordan Koene to stepping outside your comfort zone with B-Digital’s Rejoice Ojiaku.

Here’s one of my favorite episodes:

Host: Claire Carlile Rees
Topics: Local SEO
Frequency: Monthly
Avg. episode time: 50 mins
Website: Adventures in Local Marketing
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Music

What does it take to execute local SEO effectively and outrank your competition?

Let BrightLocal’s Claire Carlile Rees show you. After a yearlong hiatus, the podcast returned in June 2023 and has kept us listening with a keen ear. Marketers like Levi Williams-Clucas and Andi Jarvis have guest-starred to discuss:

There’s also a fun segment called Room 404, in which guests share their biggest marketing pet peeves.

Host: Mordy Oberstein
Technical SEO, general SEO
Frequency: Monthly
Avg. episode time: 28 mins
Website: The SEO Rant
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud

Mordy Oberstein isn’t just a well-known name in the space. He heads SEO branding at Wix and co-hosts other popular podcasts, including Edge of the Web with Erin Sparks.

The SEO Rant is his solo project in which leading search marketers share their unfiltered insights on being an LGBTQ+ ally in SEO, programmatic SEO for content generation, and more.

Hosts: Mordy Oberstein, Crystal Carter
Topics: General SEO, technical SEO, career tips, digital marketing, keyword research
Frequency: Weekly
Avg. episode time: 45 mins
Website: The SERP’s Up by Wix
Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music

Yep, it’s Mordy again! In this podcast by Wix, the seasoned host is joined by his colleague Crystal Carter (aka Wix’s communications head).

Together, they strike a fun and well-paced balance that’s easy for both entry-level and seasoned marketers to follow along. 

I particularly like the breadth and depth of topics covered; think Google updates and international SEO to discussions on building a sound content strategy and using SEO for lead generation.

Final thoughts

If you’ve never been a great podcast listener, here are some tips: read the synopsis before committing to an episode, and save your favorites so that you can easily return to them.

Did I miss any out? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter.

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