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Découvrez dans le détail le volume de recherche organique et le profil de backlink pour n’importe quel website ou URL.

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Study key aspects of any website across 3 major areas:

  • Organic traffic performance—See what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which pages bring the most search engine traffic.

  • Backlink profile—See which websites link to your competitors' sites and gauge the quality of their backlinks.

  • Paid traffic performance—Learn whether your competitors are doing paid search advertising and where they funnel their paid traffic.

  • Website structure—See how many pages a website has, how they are organized, and what their internal links look like.

Site Explorer: Overview reportSite Explorer: Overview report showing Backlink profileSite Explorer: Paid keywords reportSite Explorer: Overview report showing Crawled pages
Voyez quel volume de recherche organique un site web obtient et pour quels mots clés il apparait dans les résultats de recherche.
Vous donne un snapshot d’un profil de liens entrants et sa progression dans le temps.
Voyez les mots clés exacts que vos compétiteurs achètent, avec leur texte et les URLs de destination.
See the number of crawled pages and their distribution by HTTP status code, without having to run a crawl.

Research organic traffic & keywords

Voyez pour quels mots clés vos compétiteurs apparaissent dans les résultats de recherche et le volume de traffic chaque mot clé leur apporte.

Ahrefs monitors hundreds of millions of keywords in 189 locations, with over 171 million in the US alone. Our comprehensive data allows us to provide reliable estimations of a website's organic search traffic in Google.

Site Explorer: Organic keywords reportSite Explorer: Top pages reportSite Explorer: Calendar reportSite Explorer: Site structure reportSite Explorer: Organic competitors report
Obtenez la liste de mot clés qu’un site web/URL donné pour lesquels il apparait dans les résultats de recherche.
Montre quelles pages d’un site cible obtient le plus de traffic organique.
Shows day-to-day changes for organic keywords positions, organic pages, and referring domains for your target website.
Shows which subfolders of a target website get the most organic traffic, referring domains, and paid traffic from search.
Shows the top organic competitors for the same keywords that your target website gets the most traffic from.

Research competitor backlinks

Ahrefs has the fastest backlink crawler in the industry and boasts the world's biggest index of live backlinks (over 14 trillion), offering access to 7+ years of historical data.

  • Domain rating (DR)

  • URL rating (UR)

  • Trafic de domaine

  • Trafic de la page

  • Domaines liés

  • Liens externes

Site Explorer: Backlinks reportSite Explorer: Broken backlinks reportSite Explorer: Referring domains reportSite Explorer: Anchors reportSite Explorer: Internal backlinks reportSite Explorer: Best by links report
Obtenez une liste de tous les liens entrants qui pointent vers un site ou une URL.
Voir si la cible a des liens entrants cassés qui pointent vers elle.
Affiche tous les domaines root qui pointent vers le site Web ou l’URL cible.
Obtenez la liste complète d’ancres qui pointent vers un website/URL donné.
Obtenez une liste de pages internes qui renvoient vers d’autres pages de votre site Web.
Vous montre les pages pour lesquelles un site web donné possède le plus de liens entrants.

See what keywords your competitors are bidding on

Go back in time and see how long competitors have been bidding on a specific keyword through the Ads position history chart.

Study their ad copy to better understand what resonates with your audience and track which pages they’re sending paid traffic to, so you can compare how paid traffic has evolved over time.

Site Explorer: Paid keywords reportSite Explorer: Ads reportSite Explorer: Paid pages report
Obtenez la liste des mots clés pour lesquels un site web/URL cible utilise de la publicité payante.
Montre toutes les publicités que nous voyons dans les résultats de recherche
Découvrez sur quelles pages un site donné obtient le plus de trafic provenant de publicités payantes

Browse historical data

Most of the reports above have a Date picker, which allows you to dig into a website's performance at any point in the past.

  • What keywords did they rank for (or bid on)?

  • What pages were performing the best?

  • What backlinks have they gained (or lost) in a given timeframe?

Site Explorer: Organic keywords reportSite Explorer: Backlinks reportSite Explorer: Paid keywords report
See which keywords your competitor used to rank for in the past.
Check new and lost backlinks in a given timeframe.
See which keywords your competitor has bid on in the past.

Compare changes between any two dates

You can also compare two historical snapshots to easily uncover which keywords and pages are responsible for the traffic spikes (or dips) you're seeing on the performance graph.

Site Explorer: Top pages report (Comparison mode)
See which pages and keywords are responsible for marginal gains in organic search traffic.

Browse your competitor’s outgoing links

The “Outgoing Links” section gives you an idea of any website’s linking patterns, like the type of websites it usually links to, the most-used anchors, and the predominant link types (redirects, images, affiliate links, etc.).

Site Explorer: Linked domains reportSite Explorer: Anchors reportSite Explorer: Outgoing links report
Vous donne la liste des sites web que votre site cible possède un lien vers.
Montre le texte d’ancre des liens sortants sur votre site cible.
Shows you all the links from your target website pointing to other websites.
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