6 Best Marketing Podcasts (Most Voted For)

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    We asked the 13,400 members of Ahrefs Insider, our customer-only Facebook group, to vote for their favorite marketing podcasts. 

    We also got suggestions from other Facebook marketing groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    In total, we received close to 90 suggestions and hundreds of votes—with most going to just six podcasts.

    1. Authority Hacker
    2. Everyone Hates Marketers
    3. Marketing School
    4. Perpetual Traffic
    5. Niche Pursuits
    6. Akimbo

    authority hacker podcast

    Topics: SEO, link building, affiliate marketing
    Host(s): Gael Breton, Mark Webster
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 108

    With 108 votes, the Authority Hacker podcast is by far the most popular podcast on our list. It beats the second podcast by over 80 votes.

    Partly, this is almost certainly because we conducted the poll in a group filled with SEO professionals. But it’s also because the hosts—Gael and Mark—don’t hold back when it comes to sharing actionable link building, affiliate marketing, and SEO tips.

    These aren’t regurgitated tips from books and blog posts either. They’re things that they’ve tested firsthand on their sites. The podcast is essentially a behind-the-scenes look at their successes and failures.

    As our Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Soulo says:

    Far too many marketing ‘experts’ give advice while never actually trying it themselves. That’s why I love Gael & Mark from Authority Hacker. They never talk about things that they THINK will work. They only talk about things that they’ve tried, so they KNOW it works.

    Tim Soulo
    Tim Soulo, CMO

    ehm podcast

    Topics: Marketing, branding, product marketing, marketing psychology, content marketing, CRO
    Host(s): Louis Grenier
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 25

    Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “marketers ruin everything.” It’s true. We’ve ruined TV, email, social media, and content. We spam almost everything. And that’s why people hate marketers.

    But is marketing really that bad?

    It isn’t. You can do marketing in a non-spammy, non-sleazy way. You can treat people the way you want to be treated and still generate great marketing results. This is exactly what Louis believes in, and what the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast (EHM) stands for.

    Each week, Louis interviews a new guest and tries to extract the most actionable insights for his listeners. He focuses mainly on evergreen topics like customer research, marketing strategy, brand positioning, etc.

    He also recently left his job at HotJar so he could focus on the podcast full-time. I think we can expect great things to come in the near future.

    Interested in learning more? Check out this episode with our CMO, Tim:

    marketing school

    Topics: Everything
    Host(s): Neil Patel, Eric Siu
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 25

    Everyone’s heard of Neil Patel. His podcast is a collaboration with Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain. Like Neil’s blog and YouTube channel, this podcast covers every topic related to marketing imaginable. Nothing is left untouched.

    And like much of Neil’s content strategy, it’s relentless. In just five years, the duo have published over 1,500 episodes. There’s a new one almost every day.

    Most episodes only last a few minutes, so they’re easy listening, too.

    perpetual traffic

    Topics: Paid marketing, social media, content marketing, SEO
    Host(s): Ralph Burns, Amanda Powell
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 10

    Anyone involved with digital marketing has probably come across DigitalMarketer.com at one point or another. I, too, started in digital marketing by reading a lot of their content.

    Perpetual Traffic—as its name suggests—focuses on how you can drive more traffic to your business. They cover all sorts of topics related to digital marketing, including Facebook ads, social media marketing, SEO, how to sell high-ticket products, and more.

    If you want a quick intro to their podcast, check out this episode with my colleague, Michal Pecanek, where he discusses our journey on creating a Wikipedia page.

    niche pursuits podcast

    Topics: Affiliate marketing, SEO
    Host(s): Spencer Haws
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 6

    Hosted by Spencer Haws, Niche Pursuits is a podcast focused on making money with niche affiliate websites.

    It’s similar to Authority Hacker’s podcast with one distinct difference: it’s an interview podcast. In each episode, Spencer interviews a niche site owner about their successes, failures, and tactics.

    If you’re interested in learning about others’ successes and want some inspiration for the types of niche sites you can create, this podcast is for you.

    pasted image 0 2

    Topics: Creativity, culture
    Host(s): Seth Godin
    Listen on: Website
    Number of votes: 6

    This is an interesting choice because it is not a typical marketing podcast. Yes, Seth Godin is a famous author and marketer who’s written tons of popular marketing books like This is Marketing, Purple Cow, and Permission Marketing.

    But unlike the rest on this list, Seth’s podcast doesn’t share any tactics, strategies, or tips. There are no “7 link building methods” or “How to improve your Facebook Ads CTR.” It’s more about inspiring listeners.

    In each episode, Seth tells an interesting story—for example, this one about the queueing theory—that challenges your beliefs and encourages you to think differently. Seth then answers a few reader questions submitted through the Akimbo website.

    The Akimbo podcast is perfect for learning how to be different and think differently—an important marketing skill.

    Five more podcasts for marketers

    If the hundreds of episodes from the podcasts above aren’t enough to satisfy your immense desire to learn, here are five more podcasts that received at least four votes.

    1. My Wife Quit Her Job. Hosted by Steve Chou, a serial entrepreneur, this podcast focuses on uncovering the strategies used by successful business owners. Check out this episode, where Steve interviews Sam Oh, our YouTube guy on YouTube SEO.
    2. Doug Show. Doug Cunnington is a project manager turned affiliate marketer, and his podcast shares success stories, tactics, and tips on building successful niche sites.
    3. Tropical MBA. A long-running podcast (>10 years) that focuses on how to build a location-independent business. Check out this episode with our CMO, Tim Soulo.
    4. My First Million. Produced by The Hustle, the daily business and tech newsletter, this podcast features conversations between the hosts, Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, and successful entrepreneurs.
    5. Growth Marketing Today. Host Ramli John talks to successful marketers and entrepreneurs to uncover proven step-by-step marketing processes and systems. Check out this episode with Sam Oh.

    Final thoughts

    Here’s an alternative podcast strategy: find someone you respect in your industry and then download the podcasts they’re on. That way, instead of sifting through episodes to find gems, you can instead learn from someone you trust.

    The best part? If the guest is currently promoting a book, you’ll probably learn most of the points covered in their book from their podcasts. In my opinion, that’s a huge time saver.

    Did I miss out on any good marketing podcasts? Let me know on Twitter.

    • Monthly traffic 114
    • Linking websites 51
    • Tweets 102
    Data from Content Explorer