13 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow (For Marketers of All Levels)

13 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow (For Marketers of All Levels)

Rebecca Liew
Content marketer and writer. Addicted to words, stationery, and exploring new places on foot.
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    Several years back, we asked some of the smartest marketers in the industry what their most-read marketing blogs were. We then shared their responses here and ran a poll so readers could vote for their favorites too.

    As of 2022, we’ve collected 1,372 votes—so we thought it apt to bring you the industry’s top 10 marketing blogs, plus three bonus (personal) favorites of ours to round things off.

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    1. Ahrefs Blog 

    Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 1,176
    Domain Rating (DR): 90
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 304,791

    What better way to start the list than with a not-so-subtle plug of our own blog? We topped the poll with 793 votes, and the fact that you’re reading this means the Ahrefs team must be doing something right.

    If you’re new here, our blog is split into four categories: SEO, marketing, data and studies, and product updates. Have a look-see, then settle in for the ride—you’re bound to learn something new, no matter your level of expertise.

    Recommended reading: The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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    2. HubSpot 

    Founders: Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 195
    Domain Rating (DR): 93
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 7,726,291

    HubSpot is a powerful SaaS platform and the champion of inbound marketing. We mean it literally: Founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah coined the term “inbound” and even published a book on the topic.

    Over on the HubSpot blog, you’ll find in-depth articles, free templates, and marketing reports that are backed by surveys and expert opinions.

    We also highly recommend subscribing to The Hustle, a popular newsletter that HubSpot acquired in early 2021. Its coverage of business and tech news is at once snappy and concise—an ideal point of reference for anyone who wants to get better at writing.

    Recommended reading: This Strategy Helped the HubSpot Blog Break a Year-Long Traffic Plateau

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    3. Seth Godin 

    Founder: Seth Godin
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 4,291
    Domain Rating (DR): 84
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 67,096

    Seth Godin is one of the most forward-thinking marketers around. He’s authored 19 best-selling books, which have been translated into 35 languages. He is also most famed for his novel ideas and concepts.

    One of them is the purple cow, which means building a product or service that’s so remarkable people will literally remark on it. (Yep, very meta.)

    You’d do well following his daily blog posts too, which often feature pithy or memorable anecdotes on being a better marketer.

    Recommended reading: How to Be Remarkable

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    4. Gaps + Detailed

    Founder: Glen Allsopp
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 227,987/98,501
    Domain Rating (DR): 61/70
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,600/25,676

    Glen Allsopp runs two blogs: Gaps and also Detailed. And while they’re quite different in their areas of focus, we thought it best to combine them to avoid repetition.

    Gaps.com covers mostly business-focused content and case studies on profitable niches. It’s better suited to founders and entrepreneurs or anyone interested in learning about fresh online business opportunities and revenue models.

    General marketers may prefer Detailed.com, which includes technical SEO advice, keyword research tactics, plus interesting experiments for further learning.

    Recommended reading: Affiliate SEO in 2020: A Detailed, 1,000 Keyword Analysis

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    5. CopyHackers

    Founder: Joanna Wiebe
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 21,277
    Domain Rating (DR): 77
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 4,700

    Joanna Wiebe is the brain behind CopyHackers, and she’s optimized copy for scores of customers since 2005. These experiences are shared on her blog, where she doles out copywriting techniques and client management tips in great detail.

    She’s also worked with SaaS majors, such as Wistia to refine its onboarding emails, and spoken at large-scale conferences, including CXL Live on how to write copy that converts.

    Recommended reading: How Do You Turn Great Homepage Copy Into Killer Homepage Copy?

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    6. Grow & Convert 

    Founders: Benji Hyam, Devesh Khanal
    Blog type: Single-author (w/ rare guest posts)
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 119,954
    Domain Rating (DR): 68
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 775

    Grow & Convert was born of an experiment by founders Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal. In 2015, they set a goal of reaching 40,000 unique visitors within six months. While it didn’t come to fruition, their transparency in documenting their process won them regard in the content marketing space.

    Today, Grow & Convert is a full-fledged content marketing agency. Fun fact: Ahrefs’ own SQ once penned a popular post about Reddit marketing on the blog. It was the first guest post accepted after 1.5 years and was even voted #2 in GrowthHackers’ 2017 newsletter.

    Recommended reading: How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study

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    7. Intercom 

    Founders: Eoghan McCabe, Des Traynor, Ciaran Lee, David Barrett
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 1,106
    Domain Rating (DR): 90
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 33,986

    We love Intercom. The customer messaging platform powers some of Ahrefs’ key features, including live chat, in-app messaging, and Help Center.

    We highly recommend its blog too: You’ll find topics spanning sales and marketing, customer support, product, design, and engineering. The best bit is all of its posts are written by Intercom employees, so you’ll be able to glean some real-life lessons on everything from customer acquisition to live chat best practices.

    Recommended reading: People Leave Managers, Not Companies

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    8. ConversionXL

    Founder: Peep Laja
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 4,266
    Domain Rating (DR): 85
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 61,451

    In the words of founder Peep Laja, ConversionXL aims to democratize elite know-how. And it’s met that goal—if the blog’s content is anything to go by. There are tips and research studies on conversion rate optimization (CRO), plus categories covering digital analytics, business building, copywriting, and yet more.

    Recommended reading: How People Read Short Articles

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    9. Animalz

    Founder: Walter Chen
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 48,032
    Domain Rating (DR): 74
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 3,573

    Animalz is a content marketing agency founded in 2015 by Walter Chen, the former CEO of iDoneThis. This blog isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—each post is also loaded with thought-provoking perspectives to keep content marketers returning.

    The blog posts are reminiscent of Seth’s daily musings, albeit lengthier and with a heavier focus on actionable tips.

    Recommended reading: The Problem With Writing Is Thinking

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    10. Buffer

    Founders: Leo Widrich, Joel Gascoigne
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 1,072
    Domain Rating (DR): 90
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 46,634

    Given Buffer is a social media management platform, its blog posts center mostly around the topic, as well as advice on online brand management. We like the spectrum of topics covered for businesses of all sizes—such as this listicle on small-business marketing or this one on sustainable approaches to building a business.

    Its transparent work practices are also documented and can offer founders better insight into how to run a business.

    Recommended reading: How Ahrefs and Buffer Drive 1 Million+ Sessions per Month With Evergreen Content and Social Media

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    11. SEO Blog by Aleyda Solis 

    Founder: Aleyda Solis 
    Blog type: Single-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 49,238
    Domain Rating (DR): 73
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 4,314

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a blog like Aleyda Solis’ elsewhere.

    The SEO consultant, speaker, and author has over 17,000 subs on her popular newsletter, #SEOFOMO. Yet she somehow makes the time to maintain a blog, even if infrequently.

    Most of her posts require some understanding of SEO, as they tend to venture into technical territory. Still, Aleyda is generous in sharing firsthand tips and cheat sheets, such as this template on keywords mapping for different types of sites. 

    Recommended reading: 15 Newsletter Growth Tips: How I Grew #SEOFOMO From +1K to 17K Subscribers Within Two Years

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    12. Growth Machine 

    Founder: Nat Eliason 
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 552,419
    Domain Rating (DR): 52
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 1,003

    Growth Machine is a content marketing agency, and its gem of a blog contains many frank truths and bold opinions you may not necessarily agree with. These include doing things that don’t scale when building a community and having a CEO who worked on making herself obsolete in most of 2021.

    And that’s why Growth Machine is worth returning to again and again: to hear things you may not like, which in turn encourages more flexible ways of thinking. Aside, there are also case studies and how-to content guides for content marketers of all levels.

    Recommended reading: How a Recruiting Website Tripled Organic Traffic in Six Months

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    13. Siege Media 

    Founder: Ross Hudgens
    Blog type: Multi-author
    Ahrefs Rank (AR): 47,373
    Domain Rating (DR): 74
    Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 16,954

    Founder and thought leader Ross Hudgens channeled his SEO expertise into building Siege Media, a content marketing agency whose blog covers all manner of copywriting and SEO tips.

    While the content isn’t particularly well-categorized, the real-life case studies make for an interesting read (or listen). These include link building strategies that scale and tips on how to secure a $1 million SEO budget (podcast).

    Recommended reading: How to Increase Website Traffic by 250,000+ Monthly Visits

    Follow Siege Media

    Final thoughts

    We’re advocates for constant learning, so keep in mind this list isn’t exhaustive.

    As easy as it is to return to your favorite marketing blogs, expanding your knowledge is key. Read (or listen!) with an open mind, ask questions in online communities, and experiment with marketing tactics and strategies to find your own path.

    Did I miss out on your favorites? Let me know on Twitter.

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