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Top Google searches (as of July 2019)

Tim Soulo
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    Are you wondering what people in the United States (and around the World) are searching for the most? Then you’re in luck!

    We’ve just uploaded fresh data from the previous month into Keywords Explorer—our monstrous keywords database—and naturally, we wanted to know which Google searches were most popular this month.

    the total size of Ahrefs’ keywords database is now 8.2 BILLION keywords (3.5 billion of which are Google search queries from the United States alone). Which makes our database the biggest one in our industry.

    We have pulled two lists for the United States:

    • Top 100 most searched keywords in the US—a list of terms with the highest average monthly search volume as of today;
    • Top 100 new keywords in the US—a list of the most popular search queries that we haven’t seen up until last month.

    And then we also pulled worldwide data, which turned out quite interesting as well.

    So here you go:

    Top 100 Google searches in the US (as of July 2019)

    Unsurprisingly, this list is almost entirely dominated by branded searches. But we’ve decided to leave the list as is so you can see the full picture.

    #KeywordSearch VolumeReturn Rate
    10yahoo mail50,020,0006.64
    11google maps41,810,0003.94
    14google translate38,260,0005.56
    15google docs29,310,0005.28
    18home depot25,720,0002.75
    21fox news23,120,0008.9
    22facebook login22,930,0006.11
    24google drive22,050,0004.26
    27usps tracking20,050,0003.46
    30google classroom17,490,0004.9
    33bank of america16,660,0004.31
    35aol mail16,030,00010.87
    36wells fargo15,760,0004.33
    42you tube14,120,0004.91
    43best buy14,010,0002.03
    44speed test13,770,0002.93
    48youtube to mp312,040,0003.74
    49amazon prime11,880,0002.57
    52capital one10,870,0003.25
    56ups tracking10,310,0002.52
    63american airlines9,130,0002.37
    69pizza hut8,400,0001.98
    71google flights8,060,0004.17
    76google scholar7,690,0004.57
    79fedex tracking7,180,0002.49
    81wells fargo login7,080,0004.16
    83united airlines6,810,0002.09
    85facebook log in6,650,0005.03
    86google news6,620,0008.35
    87bed bath and beyond6,610,0001.89
    89restaurants near me6,460,0002.19
    91credit karma6,340,0002.25
    93harbor freight6,010,0002.16
    We removed all NSFW queries from this list. What you see above are the top 100 “clean” search queries. Here’s the raw, uncensored list for those that want it. (You’ve been warned!)

    Before we move on to the next list of trending keywords, it’s important to understand the keyword metrics that we display.

    Search volume

    Search volume shows how many times a given keyword gets searched for in Google per month. And, because the search demand on many keywords tends to fluctuate from month to month, the number that we give you is an annual average.

    here at Ahrefs we calculate search volumes by modeling data from Google Keyword Planner against clickstream data (learn more here). This method has proven to be quite accurate, and we keep tweaking our model to achieve even better results.

    Return Rate

    Return Rate shows how often a person will search for that keyword again. It is a relative metric, so RR 3.55 doesn’t mean that people perform the same search 3–4 times a month on average.

    But Return Rate is very useful when comparing two keywords.

    For example, the keyword “spotify” has RR 1.79, which means that people rarely search for that keyword again. (Probably because they were looking to download this app or learn what it is.)

    On the other hand, “facebook” has RR 11.64, which means that people search for it quite frequently. (Probably because many people don’t have Facebook on their bookmarks bar, and Google it each time they want to access it.)

    Learn more about search volume & Return Rate here.

    Top 100 NEW Google searches in the US (as of July 2019)

    This list is much more interesting because it shows things that people in the US have started to care about all of a sudden.

    #KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
    1tyler skaggs cause of death27,00015
    2santino william legan23,00057
    3gilroy garlic festival shooting17,00031
    4garlic festival shooting16,00027
    5how many days since june 12 182915,0000
    6storm area 5115,0009
    7storm area 51 event15,00024
    8kyoto animation fire13,00055
    9nascar daytona july 201913,00013
    10santino legan12,00061
    11belle delphine bath water10,00025
    12belle delphine store10,00019
    13misty loman10,0000
    14thor love and thunder10,0004
    15tyler skaggs death9,70036
    16christopher cukor9,40021
    17area 51 facebook event8,80049
    18how did cameron boyce die8,20046
    19area 51 event7,9007
    20ice bae7,7008
    21ice cream licker7,40024
    22british open leaderboard 20197,00064
    23belle delphine bathwater6,30025
    24brandon theesfeld6,2009
    25cameron boyce death6,00024
    26throne of eldraine5,6000
    27cameron boyce cause of death5,30031
    28how did tyler skaggs die5,30027
    29alexei stranger things5,2008
    30willem van spronsen5,20058
    31bianca devin5,10032
    32jennifer araoz5,10028
    33kiara cervantes4,8008
    34kyoani fire4,80055
    35storming area 514,8009
    36faceapp old face4,70083
    37hurricane barry 2019 path4,40045
    38las vegas grasshopper4,40041
    39bianca devins death4,20038
    40gilroy shooter4,20044
    41bianca devins death photos3,80038
    42tyler skaggs wife3,80017
    44tiny jag3,70012
    45bianca devins photos3,50034
    46factory refurbished wow3,5000
    47ally kostial3,40011
    48maxim dadashev vs subriel matias3,40021
    49storming area 51 event3,4008
    50cameron boyce funeral3,30021
    51camron bryce3,30057
    52meth gators3,30039
    53tylenol murders 80s3,30028
    54cameron boyce died3,20028
    55democratic debate july 20193,20058
    56disneyland brawl3,20026
    57send her back3,20041
    59area 51 raid facebook3,10030
    60fire emblem three houses lost items3,1001
    61milepost 97 fire3,1005
    62ricky renuncia3,10046
    63say sike right now3,1000
    64another life review3,00020
    65games with gold august 20193,00022
    66kameron cline3,0006
    67nike betsy ross3,00054
    68tvpromise .com3,0008
    69garlic festival shooter2,90024
    71raid area 512,90027
    72tyler skaggs autopsy2,90020
    73museum fire flagstaff2,8002
    74tvpromise.com att2,80015
    75area 51 raid september 202,70028
    77saviors of uldum cards2,7002
    78stranger things season 3 ending2,70016
    79ufc 240 results2,70022
    80bianca devins instagram2,60040
    81brandon andrew clark2,50045
    82chynna deese2,50012
    83halle bailey little mermaid2,50024
    84i take your question2,5007
    85judge james troiano2,50022
    86rush limbaugh betsy ross shirt2,5008
    87shinji aoba2,50021
    88skaggs cause of death2,50015
    89aziz ansari right now2,40025
    90grant thompson death2,40022
    91manspreading chair2,40013
    92paige a. thompson2,40037
    93us vs netherlands2,40026
    94us womens soccer final2,40054
    95area 51 raid memes2,30036
    96bea pokemon2,3001
    97bianca devins body2,30040
    98chance the rapper the big day2,30011
    99judgemental hai kya2,3004
    100saviors of uldum2,3000

    What’s interesting is that some of these new keywords had a significant spike in search demand and then faded to nothing quite fast. While others seem to have a continuous search demand, that shows no signs of fading.

    us womens soccer final” vs “alexei stranger things” are two great examples:

    trends comparison

    I didn’t include Return Rate this time, because the vast majority of these Google searches were very close to 1.

    But I included Keyword Difficulty (KD), which is quite low for almost all keywords in the list (since they’re brand new).

    Keyword Difficulty

    Keyword Difficulty score shows how hard it would be to rank in the top 10 search results for a given keyword (learn more here). It’s based on the number of referring domains (backlinks from unique websites) to the current top-ranking pages.

    Given that KD scores for most of these keywords are so low, I wonder if this very article will rank for some of them?

    And that’s it for the US.

    Let’s look at what bothered people around the world.

    Top NEW Google searches around the World (as of July 2019)

    I know Ahrefs has a ton of customers from all around the world, and hopefully, everyone will find a fun keyword from their country on this list.

    #KeywordSearch VolumeCountry
    1rené favaloro114,000gb
    22019 年参議院議員通常選挙95,000jp
    4fußball-weltmeisterschaft der frauen 2019 – finale62,000de
    5apollo 11 space mission57,000in
    6rené favaloro37,000au
    7نتيجة الثانوية العامة ٢٠١٩31,000eg
    8apollo 11 missão espacial28,000br
    9tyler skaggs cause of death27,000us
    11rené favaloro27,000nl
    12santino william legan23,000us
    13نتائج السادس الاعدادي 2019 الدور الاول21,000iq
    14apollo 11’in görevi20,000tr
    15rené gerónimo20,000tw
    17ตรวจหวย15กรกฎาคม 256217,000th
    18gilroy garlic festival shooting17,000us
    19garlic festival shooting16,000us
    20storm area 5115,000us
    21apollo 11 space mission15,000gb
    22storm area 51 event15,000us
    24how many days since june 12 182915,000us
    26rené favaloro14,000gr
    27ap grama sachivalayam notification14,000in
    28area 51 raid13,000gb
    29nascar daytona july 201913,000us
    30миссия аполлон ‑1113,000ru
    31kyoto animation fire13,000us
    34misi ruang angkasa apollo 1112,000id
    35mission apollo 1112,000fr
    36vô địch bóng đá nữ thế giới 201912,000vn
    38santino legan12,000us
    39misión espacial del apolo 1111,000es
    40רנה פבלורו11,000il
    42kurbanbayrami tarihi 2019 ayın kaçında10,000tr
    43thor love and thunder10,000us
    44misty loman10,000us
    45belle delphine bath water10,000us
    46belle delphine store10,000us
    47super 30 movie review9,900in
    48tyler skaggs death9,700us
    49rené favaloro9,600at
    50epfo admit card 2019 download9,600in
    51về nhà đi con tập 709,400vn
    52christopher cukor9,400us
    53rené favaloro9,100hu
    54judgemental hai kya review8,900in
    55apollo 11 space mission8,800ca
    56area 51 facebook event8,800us
    57fgts ativo vai liberar 20198,500br
    58how did cameron boyce die8,200us
    59area 51 event7,900us
    60về nhà đi con tập 717,800vn
    61ice bae7,700us
    62apollo 11 space mission7,600au
    63اليوم السابع نتيجة الثانوية العامة 20197,500eg
    64fußball-weltmeisterschaft der frauen 2019 – finale7,500at
    65ice cream licker7,400us
    66realme 3i7,400in
    67kurbanbayrami tarihi 2019 ne zaman kaç gün7,300tr
    68rené favaloro7,100sg
    69về nhà đi con tập 727,100vn
    70sứ mệnh tàu apollo 117,000vn
    71bianca devins7,000gb
    72british open leaderboard 20197,000us
    74rené favaloro6,800ie
    75về nhà đi con tập 756,600vn
    76misja kosmiczna apollo 116,500pl
    77về nhà đi con tập 666,400vn
    79diva da oakley6,400br
    80apollo 11 space mission6,300id
    81rené favaloro6,300nz
    82reemplacamiento 2019 edomex gob mx en linea gratis6,300mx
    84belle delphine bathwater6,300us
    85миссия аполлон ‑116,200ua
    86brandon theesfeld6,200us
    87về nhà đi con tập 736,100vn
    88rené gerónimo6,100hk
    89نتائج البكالوريا20196,100dz
    90cameron boyce death6,000us
    92京アニ 犯人6,000jp
    93kurbanbayrami tarihi 2019 takvimi5,900tr
    94参議院議員選挙 2019 候補者5,900jp
    95về nhà đi con tập 655,900vn
    97india bangladesh match 20195,800in
    98pybs sonuçları 2019 meb5,800tr
    99ภารกิจ อะพอลโล 115,700th
    100xxi indo xxi 2019 terbaru5,700id

    It looks like queries related to the René Favaloro—who was featured in one of July’s Google Doodle’s—dominate this list.

    Top NEW Google searches in YOUR niche (as of July 2019)

    Did you know that you can use the “newly discovered” feature in Keywords Explorer to find search queries (containing any “seed” keyword) that were recently added to our database?

    Keywords Explorer > enter a seed keyword > Newly discovered

    You can do some seriously cool stuff with this!

    For example, imagine that you run a movie reviews website.

    You could enter “Netflix” as your seed keyword and find all the newly-discovered Netflix-related terms that we discovered in the last month.

    netflix newly discovered

    It looks like Netflix’s Family Reunion is especially popular right now.

    We use clickstream data to discover new search queries so some long-tail keywords may come in a little delayed.

    Seriously, this is a potential goldmine of keyword opportunities. So please do play around with it and see what you can find. 🙂

    Top 100+ Google searches for 190 countries

    Looking to see more than the top 100 Google searches?

    Go to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, choose Google as the search engine, leave the search field blank, then hit search. You’ll see every keyword in our database for your chosen country, sorted by monthly search volume in descending order.

    ahrefs keywords blank search

    Need to see the most searched keywords in another country?

    Hit the dropdown and choose one of the 190 countries in our database.

    keywords explorer blank country

    We also show SEO metrics like Keyword Difficulty (KD), Clicks, CPC, and Parent topic for each keyword.

    To see the current top-ranking pages for any query, hit the SERP button.

    serp overview

    We update this data (and this post) monthly. 🙂

    Shows how many different websites are linking to this piece of content. As a general rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google.

    Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. The actual search traffic (as reported in Google Analytics) is usually 3-5 times bigger.

    Article stats

    • Referring domains 135
    • Organic traffic 18033
    Data from Content Explorer tool.