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What do you check for?

Every week, we crawl your website and make sure the technical bits are in place for your pages to rank. Find out things like:

  • <strong>Health Score:</strong> The overall performance of your website based on the number of errors found

  • <strong>Performance issues:</strong> How long your website takes to load, and if it’s slower than it should be

  • <strong>Technical problems:</strong> If anything’s stopping your pages from appearing in search engines

  • <strong>SEO errors:</strong> If you’re facing issues with missing tags, duplicate content and more

Check your website health score, performance issues, technical problems and more.
You’ll get an email when your audit is complete
Fix issues like broken links on your website.

What do I do after the check is complete?

Once you learn what’s working and what isn’t, have a look at our advice and suggestions on how to fix each issue. It’s all in the report.

Most of these fixes are easy to do yourself – you can start improving your website’s potential today.

Need some help? Check out our tutorials on the <a1>Ahrefs blog</a1> and <a2>YouTube channel</a2>

What else can I do with Ahrefs?

Go beyond the technical stuff. Find out things like:

  • <strong>When you appear in Google searches:</strong> the keywords that your website ranks for

  • <strong>Your most popular pages:</strong> which pages on your website get the most traffic

  • <strong>Who’s linking to you:</strong> which websites and pages you have backlinks from

  • <strong>Your top competitors:</strong> which websites are competing for the same keywords

Ahrefs reports let you see your rankings, popular pages, backlinks, and competitors.

A Ahrefs é a minha ferramenta favorita para encontrar impressionantes ideias de conteúdo com muito tráfego e potencial de negócio. É fácil de utilizar e facilita em muito a minha vida.

Lukas Markmeyer, Blogger em STRONGERR

A Ahrefs é a única ferramenta de SEO que preciso. O interface é infalível, a integridade dos dados é inigualável e o suporte da comunidade é inabalável.

Bea Wander, Fundador em Bea Wander

A Ahrefs à anos que tem sido a mais útil ferramenta da minha caixa de ferramentas. Até o seu blog e o seu grupo no Facebook tem sido essencial para o meu sucesso.

Ryan Cunningham, Blogger em BeyondTheTent

Why Ahrefs?

Ahrefs’ tools are used by top brands and industry professionals globally because we know exactly what makes a website rank – we’ve been indexing the Internet for over 10 years.

With our free accounts initiative, our aim is to help you start your SEO journey and grow your search traffic.

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Sign up for Website Checker and start improving your website today.

  • 100% free for website <nobr>owners</nobr>
  • 5,000 pages per website / month