SEO Reporting

Create SEO reports using Ahrefs to impress your clients and exceed their expectations.

Create stunning SEO reports with Ahrefs’ charts & graphs

Ahrefs’ core tools have a wealth of insightful and visually appealing charts to enhance your SEO reports. Any section of them fits beautifully into your presentation deck.

Performance chart

Performance chart

Monitor the SEO performance of any website over time, either by itself or versus other websites. Chart metrics like organic and paid traffic, referring domains, and the number of top pages.

Competidores orgânicos

Competidores orgânicos

See how a website compares against its competitors in terms of its organic traffic, organic traffic value, and number of pages.

Pontuação de Saúde

Pontuação de Saúde

Use a website's Health Score to prove how well you've optimized and minimized technical and on-page SEO issues.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

See an intuitive heatmap of all common keywords, referring domains, and referring pages between you and your top 10 competitors.

Share of Voice

Share of Voice

Gauge brand visibility over time and see the percentage of clicks from organic search that land on your website.

Page speed

Page speed

Check your website page’s CRuX and Lighthouse metrics to see which ones are slowing down your client’s website.

Indexability distribution

Indexability distribution

Scan indexability issues and fix non-indexable pages that are likely to be first visited by search engines and readers.

Hreflang link graph

Hreflang link graph

Visualize the whole hreflang cluster of a page and spot missing or misplaced links.

New & lost referring domains

New & lost referring domains

Get a trend line of the total number of referring domains won or lost over time.

Google Slides

SEO reporting template

We’ve created a cool SEO report template that you can build on to create your own bespoke SEO report.

Automated SEO reports

Report on any aspect of a website, whether it’s yours or your client’s, with Looker Studio connectors. SEO health, keyword rankings, or content performance — we got you covered.

Site Explorer ConnectorRank Tracker ConnectorSite Audit Connector
Get search traffic, keyword, and backlink data of any page or website.Verifique o modelo de relatório
Track your ranking progress on both desktop and mobile across 190 countries.Verifique o modelo de relatório
Monitor your technical SEO performance and progress against 170+ SEO issues.Verifique o modelo de relatório

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Dados SEO 

Temos estado a rastrear a web há mais de 10 anos, todos os dias a recolher e a processar petabytes de dados.

Saiba mais acerca dos dados da Ahrefs

O AhrefsBot é o rastreador web mais ativo de todas as ferramentas SEO.









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Ahrefs Site Audit


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Os nossos dados & métricas são os mais confiados na indústria SEO.

de profissionais de SEO confiam nos dados de links da Ahrefs mais do que dos seus competidores. O competidor mais próximo (GSC) apenas teve 14% dos votos.
de profissionais de SEO usa a Classificação de Domínio da Ahrefs como a sua métrica SEO de preferência.

Fonte: Aira. The State of Link Building Report 2022

Automated email reports

Set up weekly or monthly email alerts that get sent straight to any inbox – whether it's yours or your client's. Report on changes to backlinks, rankings, and mentions over a particular period of time.

Backlinks alertsNew keywords alertsMentions alerts
Keep an eye on new and lost backlinks for any URL, including your client’s competitors.
Track rankings across 20+ billion keywords in our database, not just the ones you’ve added.
Monitor the web for brand mentions and keywords relevant to your client’s business.

What makes a good SEO report?

It's one thing to perform actual SEO work and quite another to communicate it effectively to your clients or your boss. Neglect this skill long enough and you risk getting undervalued at work, even worse, fired.

The Ahrefs platform can be your trusted ally in creating outstanding SEO reports that effectively translate your SEO efforts into business results for your higher-ups.

  • Our SEO metrics are widely acknowledged as the industry standard, so you can rely on them to paint an accurate picture of your SEO work.

  • We have a great deal of graphs and reports that will convey information visually and straightforwardly, making it easy for even those unfamiliar with SEO to understand your reports.

  • And there are plenty of ways to streamline your SEO reporting with Looker Studio integrations and automated email alerts.

Build your SEO reports with Ahrefs and impress your clients with tangible results of your SEO work.

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