What’s New At Ahrefs? (June 2021)

Rebekah Bek
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    Wow, we haven’t done one of these roundup blog posts for a pretty long time.

    What we have been doing instead is rolling out a ton of new features and announcing them via dashboard banners, individual product posts, how-to videos and email digests instead.

    Hopefully, you’ve been seeing these around!

    If not, today we’re collating some of the highlights and linking you out to more resources wherever stuff catches your eye.

    Take your pick from:

    1. Site Explorer 2.0
    2. New organic traffic graph and search volume modes
    3. Restructured Keyword Explorer reports
    4. Internal link opportunities
    5. Historical SERPs
    6. Transfer keywords from tool to tool
    7. Add keywords with tags in Rank Tracker
    8. DR history chart
    9. Filter explicit content in Content Explorer
    10. Filter by website traffic & traffic value in Content Explorer
    11. Dark mode

    Let’s get started.

    These 2.0 reports are pretty much upgraded versions of their older counterparts: they’ve been completely reworked to be faster and more intuitive to use, with new technology, new databases and a bunch of feature upgrades and design improvements to boot.

    Read all the deets in these posts for:

    We’ll be creating more how-to tutorials and overviews as we revamp more reports, so watch out for those.

    Switch between seeing the monthly search trends for keywords and the last known 12-month average. So if a search query is used much less in the summer, you’ll now be able to tell.

    Read more in this post, or go check it out: Site Explorer > Organic search tab.

    Did you already notice the recent housekeeping in Keywords Explorer? We’ve simplified and streamlined our keyword idea reports into just three main ones.


    • Matching terms shows you keyword ideas that contain your seed keyword;
    • Related terms shows you keyword ideas that are taken from the top-ranking pages for your seed keyword;
    • Search suggestions shows you keywords taken from Google’s autosuggest feature. These are the search suggestions that automatically pop up as you’re typing your search query into Google.

    Learn how everything works in this article.

    This new Site Audit tool shows you exactly where to add internal links so you can rank your pages higher in Google. Here’s a video on how to use it.

    Click on the SERP button in Organic Keywords 2.0 and use the date picker to browse historical SERPs. Data is limited according to your Ahrefs plan. Read a bit more.

    Add all those sweet keywords from your Organic keywords 2.0 report directly to your Rank Tracker projects and Keyword Explorer lists.

    No more manual tag-adding! Use the new “Keywords with tags” mode in Rank Tracker to easily attach tags while adding keywords. Or, run wild and do a bulk upload via .txt file.

    Track Domain Rating changes over time with this handy graph. Go to Site Explorer > Overview report, Backlink profile tab and scroll down.

    Just use this toggle in Content Explorer. We hear it’s especially handy in live presentations 😉

    Further narrow down your results and find high-quality link prospects with these new filters. Head over to Content Explorer > Add filter or look for the “Sort by” dropdown to find them.

    Click on your profile settings in the upper right and select “Appearance” to switch between light and dark (beta) themes.


    That’s it for today.

    Got a feature request? Let us know here or just browse and vote for your favorite feature ideas from others.

    Oh, and remember to keep an eye out for our dashboard banners – that’s where we usually mention the latest updates.