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100 Blog Post Ideas to Get Traffic

Si Quan Ong
Content marketer @ Ahrefs. I've been in digital marketing for the past 6 years and have spoken at some of the industry’s largest conferences in Asia (TIECon and Digital Marketing Skill Share.) I also summarise books on my personal blog.
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    It’s easy to come up with blog post ideas, but writing about random topics won’t get you traffic to your blog.

    You need to write about topics with traffic potential.

    The proverb goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

    If you know how to find blog post ideas on your own, you’ll always be able to find relevant topics with search traffic potential.

    Here are two ways to do that:

    1. Do keyword research

    Keyword research is where you find the words and phrases your target audience is typing into Google. The easiest way to start is to use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

    Just enter a relevant topic, go to the Matching terms report, switch the toggle to Questions, and you’ll get tens of thousands of potential keyword ideas:

    Matching terms report in Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer

    If the list is too large, you can narrow it down using a Keyword Difficulty (KD) filter and a Traffic Potential (TP) filter to focus on high-traffic, low-competition keywords. Just set the max KD filter to a low number like 20 and the TP filter to a minimum of something like 500:

    High-traffic, low-competition keywords in Keywords Explorer

    If you want to refine the list even further to keywords more likely to be within your wheelhouse, set the “Lowest DR” filter to your website’s Domain Rating (DR) score (find this by plugging your domain into Site Explorer). You will then see only keywords that websites of similar “authority” rank for.

    Using the Domain Rating filter in Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer

    2. Learn from your competitors

    If you have competitors, they’re likely already ranking for many keywords on Google. You can see what they’re ranking for and target the same topics, too.

    Here’s how:

    1. Go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer
    2. Enter your competitor’s domain
    3. Go to Top pages
    Top pages report in Site Explorer

    This report shows the pages generating the most search traffic for your competitor. For example, Beardbrand’s post on beard styles gets an estimated 69,000 monthly search visits. Out of the 9,542 keywords it ranks for, “beard styles” sends the most traffic.

    If you’re competing with Beardbrand, this could be a good topic to write about.

    Here are a few blog post ideas with traffic potential that we found using the methods above, broken down by category:

    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    How to create a business plan75,000
    How to do a SWOT analysis55,000
    What are key performance indicators13,000
    How to do a cost-benefit analysis8,400
    Types of marketing strategies6,800
    How to do business development5,700
    What is competitive advantage and how to find it5,000
    How to retain customers2,900
    How to acquire customers900
    How to manage a business’ cash flow700
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    XX cheapest car insurance companies530,000
    XX best high yield savings accounts497,000
    How to make money online376,000
    How much house can I afford?264,000
    XX best travel credit cards149,000
    XX passive income ideas67,000
    How to improve credit score43,000
    How to invest in stocks43,000
    How to invest in real estate30,000
    XX ways to save money25,000
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    What is content marketing and how to do it17,000
    How to do market research13,000
    How to create a marketing plan7,700
    What is lead generation and how to do it6,800
    XX top marketing trends3,800
    How to calculate and improve conversion rate3,600
    How to do customer segmentation2,200
    How to measure marketing ROI1,900
    XX types of marketing channels1,800
    What is a marketing funnel and how to build one1,800
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    XX Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas51,000
    How to dress for your body type4,000
    Fashion weeks around the world2,800
    How to find your fashion style2,800
    XX cute outfit ideas2,600
    What is haute couture2,400
    XX airport outfit ideas2,300
    What is sustainable fashion and why it matters2,200
    XX fashion influencers to follow1,300
    What is slow fashion1,200
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    How to get rid of acne scars37,000
    XX acne treatments that work28,000
    XX best moisturiser for dry skin9,600
    How to master the XX-step Korean skincare routine8,900
    How to prevent aging4,700
    XX natural beauty tips4,000
    What causes sensitive skin2,900
    XX best liquid eyeliner1,900
    XX beauty influencers to follow600
    XX best beauty supplements200
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    How to use ChatGPT291,000
    XX best VPNs118,000
    XX best gaming laptops53,000
    XX best fitness watches37,000
    XX best budget gaming PCs20,000
    How to build a PC13,000
    How to make QR codes7,100
    The quietest mechanical keyboard2,600
    GPU price trends2,100
    Why does my GPU fan not spin and how to fix it1,400
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    Intermittent fasting for beginners69,000
    XX kettlebell exercises for a full workout7,000
    XX best pull-up substitutes5,700
    Can you gain muscle in a calorie deficit4,700
    XX grip strength exercises4,000
    The best workout for skinny guys2,200
    How to do a pull up2,200
    A handstand progression plan1,100
    Are acai bowls good for weight loss700
    Jedi training300
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    How to find cheap hotels195,000
    XX best travel blogs9,000
    Best places to visit in Costa Rica6,500
    XX things to do in Medellin3,300
    Is Cancun safe2,900
    XX best travel tips2,900
    How to travel cheap2,900
    Where to stay in Boston2,200
    Is Greece expensive1,100
    5-day Paris itinerary800
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    Where to buy inexpensive furniture18,000
    XX living room color ideas12,000
    XX accent wall ideas9,300
    How much does an interior designer cost4,000
    XX types of couches3,200
    XX bedroom essentials2,000
    How to decorate coffee table1,600
    Rules for rug under bed1,600
    How to measure for a sectional1,100
    XX best loveseats600
    TopicMonthly Traffic Potential
    XX easy ramen recipes81,000
    Fish taco recipe57,000
    XX best espresso machines38,000
    XX must-try Peruvian dishes12,000
    XX pressure cooker recipes11,000
    How to boil shrimp10,000
    How to keep apples from turning brown3,500
    XX Chinese New Year foods for good luck2,300
    Sous vide ribeye recipe1,500
    How to peel garlic350

    Final thoughts

    If you’re serious about blogging, you need to learn how to do keyword research and competitive research. Once you master that, you never have to worry about running out of blog post ideas again.

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