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Find what people are searching for on Amazon, and align your product listings with those terms.

For example,

Find the best keyword ideas for your Amazon listings

Not sure how people are searching for the products you sell? No worries.

Enter a broad description of your product into Ahrefs' Amazon Keyword Tool and check one of the five keyword ideas reports to see the most popular related search terms.

Given that we have nearly 100 million keywords in our US Amazon database alone, this usually results in hundreds or thousands of keyword ideas. That can be overwhelming, so use the inbuilt filters to refine by monthly search volume, clicks, and more.

Incorporate any relevant keywords into your product listings to help increase visibility.

Get accurate Amazon keyword metrics

Like many Amazon keyword tools, we show search volume estimations for all keywords.

But whereas most tools pull this data from Amazon autocomplete and Google Keyword Planner—neither of which are particularly reliable—our data comes from analyzing the browsing habits of thousands of real Amazon users (known as Clickstream data).

That makes for more accurate and reliable search volume estimations, and also allows us to show a few other unique keyword metrics:

  • Clicks: The average monthly number of clicks on the search results that people make while searching for the target keyword.

  • Clicked / Not clicked: The percentage of searches that result in at least one click on an Amazon search result.

  • Clicks Per Search (CPS): The average number of product listing clicks per search.

  • Return Rate (RR): A relative value that illustrates how often people search for this keyword again over the course of a month.

No other Amazon keyword tool gives you such deep insights.

Perform Amazon keyword research for almost any country

See local search volumes and metrics for any keyword in 170 countries. Just change the target country from the drop-down.

Not sure which country has the highest potential? Check the Global volume metric to see the estimated monthly worldwide search volume for your keyword, plus the six countries with the most searches.

See search volume estimates for any country in our database.
Use this to quickly identify whether your target demographic is searching for this term.

Find the keywords that competing listings rank for in Google

Paste any competing Amazon listing into Ahrefs Site Explorer and head to the "Organic keywords" report to see the keywords it ranks for in Google.

Not only is this another excellent source of keyword ideas to incorporate into your listing, but you can also see which keywords send your competitors the most organic traffic.

Increase your chances of getting traffic from Google by targeting these same keywords.

Save and export your best keywords

Do away with messy CSVs and .txt files. Save and segment your keywords into lists for easy management.

Need to send your research to a colleague? Export thousands of keyword ideas from saved lists or reports in a couple of clicks.

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