Dlaczego Ahrefs jest lepszy niż Semrush czy Moz?

It’s a fair question and one we can’t answer entirely without bias. So rather than creating another tedious side-by-side comparison of features, we’d share some valuable features that you’ll only find in Ahrefs.

Ale najpierw zobaczmy, którą platformę preferują specjaliści SEO

Uwaga spoiler. Ahrefs wygrywa niemal w każdym większym plebiscycie branży SEO.

Most active web crawler in the SEO industry

AhrefsBot is the most active web crawler in the “Search Engine Optimization” category on Cloudflare Radar. It’s also the 3rd most active web crawler in the world.









Search Engine Crawler




Search Engine Crawler


DataDog Synthetic Bot


Monitoring & Analytics




Search Engine Optimization




Search Engine Crawler




Search Engine Crawler




Search Engine Crawler


Google AdsBot


SAdvertising & Marketing


Google Image Proxy


Page Preview


Google Images


Search Engine Crawler

Bots ranked by number of requests. Data supplied as of April, 2023

Best-in-class data quality

Ahrefs provides data you can trust. Data many steps ahead of the competition, according to third-party studies and our own research.


More keywords

Ahrefs shows more keywords than competitors.

Źródło:Search Engine Land

Better traffic estimations

Ahrefs’ traffic estimations better correlate with Google Search Console (GSC) data.


14 Unique Things Only Ahrefs Can Do

There’s a lot of overlapping functionality between Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. However, Ahrefs stands out with plenty of unique features.

Get insights into Traffic Potential and Parent Topic for any keyword

Understand your keyword’s traffic potential by looking at how much organic traffic the top-ranking page gets. You can also check if there’s a more popular topic (traffic-wise) that you could go for instead.

Zrzut ekranu Keywords explorer
Overview report in Keywords Explorer

Prioritize link opportunities based on organic search traffic

Scour your competitor's website for backlinks that are likely moving the needle. According to our study, backlinks from pages with high traffic carry more weight than those with low traffic.

Zrzut ekranu Site explorer
Backlinks report in Site Explorer



We store historical data for 35 trillion external backlinks.

Badaj content i znajduj miejsca do linkowania

Find thousands of relevant pages that talk about your topic by searching our enourmous database of over 13.6 billion web pages. Narrow down your search results to the highest quality pages by filtering dozens of SEO metrics like Organic traffic, Domain rating (DR), Backlinks, and Published date.

Zrzut ekranu Content explorer
Pages report in Content Explorer



We add 10 million new pages to Content Explorer every day.

Zobacz strony i ruch dla danej witryny w czasie

Compare how the number of organic pages on a website correlates (or not) with its organic traffic.

Site Explorer screenshot
Top Pages report in Site Explorer



We pull traffic estimations from 662 million keywords in 189 locations.

Porównaj historyczne i aktualne rankingi domeny

Pick any two dates for comparing keyword rankings and identify the keywords that caused the most significant changes in traffic over the specified time period.

Zrzut ekranu Site explorer organic
Organic Keywords report in Site Explorer

Nasze historyczne dane rankingowe sięgają aż do 2015.

View top subfolders by search traffic

See with ease which sections of a website drive the most organic traffic, referring domains, and paid traffic—without having to run a crawl.

Site explorer najlepsze subfoldery
Site Structure report in Site Explorer

Check ranking and ad history for any keyword

Study the SERP volatility for a given keyword using the position history graph. Additionally, uncover websites that have run ads for your target keyword in the past with the Ads history chart.

Position history chart in Keywords Explorer
Ads history chart in Keywords Explorer

Get internal linking suggestions

Boost underperforming pages and improve the flow of link equity throughout your website via automated internal linking suggestions.

Audyt Strony
Internal links opportunities report in Site Audit

Compare SERPs side-by-side

Study SERPs for the same keyword on different dates to spot any ranking changes. You can also compare two different keywords to see if Google perceives them as similar (or not).

Audyt Strony
SERP comparison feature in Keywords Explorer’s Overview report

Discover untapped keyword opportunities at scale

Find keywords where your target website doesn't rank within the top 10 or top 100 search results, while tapping into our massive keyword database of 22.1 billion search queries.

Keywords Explorer screenshot
Matching terms report in Keywords Explorer



We count 22.1 billion keywords across 216 locations in our database.

Inspect backlinks in the source code

See what changed on a referring page after adding or removing a link. Click on the Inspect button to open the HTML snapshots saved by AhrefsBot.

Site Explorer screenshot
Inspect column in Site Explorer’s Backlink report



Our backlink index gets updated every 15 minutes.

Segment site crawls

Isolate issues related to a specific website section, like a subdomain or a subfolder. Segment, save, then return to your crawl section in just a few clicks.

Site Explorer screenshot
Segment dropdown in Site Audit’s Overview report

Compare HTML & page text changes between crawls

Troubleshoot SEO issues with ease. Spot changes in the HTML code and page text of any crawled page, in-between crawls.

Site Audit screenshot
View source tab in Site Audit’s URL details panel

See the web like search engines do

Find all relevant pages indexed by our search engine—Yep.com—for your topic, including similar ones that might have been omitted on purpose by Google. Filter pages by the anchor text and URLs of their backlinks and outlinks.

Site Audit screenshot
Some examples of Web Explorer's use cases



Yep database counts 500 billion pages.

Get started. Pick a plan that suits your needs, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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