What’s new at Ahrefs? (April 2024)

Rebekah Bek
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This month we’re introducing the Backlinks Calendar report, mobile vs desktop distribution stats, Tags 2.0 in Rank Tracker, and more.

Let’s get right into it.


Backlinks Calendar report

We’ve released the Backlinks calendar report, which shows you all the day-to-day changes for new and lost backlinks.

Since new pages are created and die all the time, you can use the best links filter to focus on links that are important for your site.

Best links filter in Backlinks Calendar

This report is great for competitor link monitoring – you can check for new or lost links pointing to your competitors.

Available on: new Standard plans and above + legacy Advanced plans and above.

We have some new metrics to introduce this month:

Mobile/Desktop column

This M/D column shows you the split of searches that happen on mobile vs desktop.

Mobile/Desktop column in Keywords Explorer

First seen column 

The “first seen” column shows you the date on which we first discovered a keyword and added it to our index. You can sort by this column to see the keywords we most recently found and discover new or trending keywords.

First seen column in Keywords Explorer

Search type distribution stats

On the Overview report, we’ve also added search type distribution stats.

This helps you understand the format searchers prefer when keying in a given query and optimize content you create for different search types.

Search type distribution stats in Keywords Explorer Overview

Export to Google Sheets

You can now export data directly from all Site Explorer and Keywords Explorer reports to Google Sheets.

Just link your Google account and allow permissions.

Export to Google Sheets

Tags 2.0 report

The Tags 2.0 report is now live. New features include:

  • Compare mode to see historical data
  • Sort by change values
  • Click on the Keywords column to view keywords in Overview 2.0.
Tags 2.0 report in Rank Tracker

Filter by URL in GSC Pages

Use this URL filter in the GSC pages report to find pages quicker.

Filter by URL in Rank Tracker's GSC Pages report

APIv3: Keywords history improvements

The keywords history endpoint in APIv3 now supports:

  • Select query parameter
  • More ranking groups, which lets you find keywords with varying ranking potential

As always, you can use the API button in reports as a query builder.

Read documentation

APIv3: Keywords history improvements

APIv3: New outgoing link counts endpoint 

Next, we’ve added one of the most requested API features – outgoing link counts.

This lets you fetch data for the outgoing links from your target and optimize them at scale.

APIv3: Outgoing link counts endpoint

Read documentation

That’s all for this month. Check out the Ahrefs changelog for more updates, and leave any feature requests on our Canny. Enjoy!

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