Top Trending Topics (2024)

Top Trending Topics (2024)

Si Quan Ong
Content marketer @ Ahrefs. I've been in digital marketing for the past 6 years and have spoken at some of the industry’s largest conferences in Asia (TIECon and Digital Marketing Skill Share.) I also summarise books on my personal blog.
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    Below are the top trending keywords in the US from the past three months.

    They’re the keywords with the highest average search volume increase from our database of 16.2 billion keywords.

    Search volume is how many times a given keyword gets searched in Google per month.

    Top 100 trending topics in the U.S.

    These topics are trending or trended in the United States:

    1connections nyt
    2it’s google’s 25th birthday
    3hurricane hilary
    4nyt connections
    5hurricane lee
    6connections game
    7hurricane idalia
    8republican debate
    9hurricane lee path
    10jimmy buffett death
    11oliver anthony
    12rich men north of richmond
    13college football games today
    14connections hint
    15danelo cavalcante
    16maui fires
    17ufc 293
    18iphone 15 colors
    19talk to me showtimes
    20cast of one piece (2023 tv series)
    21taylor swift travis kelce
    22hurricane idalia path
    23connections puzzle
    24canelo vs charlo
    25cast of you are so not invited to my bat mitzvah
    26the nun 2 showtimes
    27special ops lioness
    28travis kelce taylor swift
    29nytimes connections
    30gop debate
    31skibidi toilet
    32new york times connections
    33republican debate 2023
    34the exorcist believer
    35covid 19 mask mandates
    36college football odds betus sportsbook
    37ny times connections
    38montgomery brawl
    39pinky doll
    40tiffany gomas
    41oliver anthony music
    42sports book betus
    43rich men north of richmond lyrics
    44uaw strike update
    45bray wyatt cause of death
    46hurricane lee tracker
    47maui death toll
    48blue beetle showtimes
    49ufc 294
    50sam sulek
    51britney spears new boyfriend
    52mexico vs uzbekistan
    53jimmy buffett cause of death
    54colorado vs nebraska
    55daylight savings time fall back
    56tropical cyclone news
    57idalia hurricane
    58nfl betting lines betus
    59she lost him
    60limbs amputated tilapia
    61maui wildfires
    62equalizer 3 showtimes
    63haunted mansion showtimes
    64glowberry prime
    65cast of painkiller (tv series)
    66logan paul fiance
    67ishowspeed meat
    68vfs stock
    69danilo cavalcante
    72blade ball codes
    73mojo dojo casa house
    74libya flooding
    75escaped prisoner pa
    76cast of red, white and royal blue
    77texas ken paxton impeachment
    78hurricane lee spaghetti models
    79idalia track
    80godzilla minus one
    81abraham quiros villalba
    82how did jimmy buffett die
    83watch no hard feelings
    84cast of strays
    85bottoms showtimes
    86for all the dogs
    87tierra de esperanza
    88painkiller cast
    89disney snow white rachel zegler
    90layla jenner
    91lafc vs inter miami
    92india moon landing
    93the boy and the heron
    94paint the town red lyrics
    95evil eye bracelet karma and luck
    96apple watch ultra 2
    97henry blackburn
    98mgm resorts cyber attack las vegas
    99the roman empire tiktok trend
    100wwe payback 2023

    Below are the most interesting topics that caught my eye.

    Skibidi toilet

    “Skibidi Toilet” is an animated web series of videos created by Georgian content creator Alexey Gerasimov. It is an ongoing series that depicts a conflict between singing human-headed toilets and humanoid characters with CCTV cameras and televisions in place of their heads.

    It has gained popularity amongst Generation Alpha and has become a viral internet meme across social media, with 17.8 billion views on its hashtag on TikTok.

    17.8 billion views on the #skibiditoilet hashtag on TikTok

    The show’s unsettling aesthetics and violence have led to concerns by parents over how it may affect the younger generation.


    Pinkydoll is a Canadian influencer and online streamer known for her “NPC livestreams.” In these streams, she pretends to be a non-playable character (NPC) from a video game, reacting to gifts with repetitive phrases and motions.

    Pinkydoll's livestreams on TikTok

    Pinkydoll went viral after someone posted recordings of her streams out of context on X.


    Created by TikTok user Emily Jeffri to promote her album, Zepotha is a nonexistent movie that’s part of a hoax. She posted a TikTok, persuading users to pretend that Zepotha was a 1980s horror movie that existed. This went viral on social media, with 280+ million views on its hashtag on TikTok:

    283.9 million views on the #zepotha hashtag on TikTok

    This led many users to believe the movie actually existed.

    Limbs amputated tilapia

    In news I didn’t need to know, Laura Barajas from California had all four of her limbs amputated after consuming tilapia contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus, a potentially fatal bacterium found in raw seafood and seawater. She spent over a month fighting the infection before undergoing the life-saving surgery.

    Time to stop eating tilapia…?

    Sam Sulek

    Sam Sulek is a TikToker, YouTuber, and fitness influencer known for his remarkable body transformation from a slender gymnast to a bodybuilder. Sulek’s content is friendly and informative and focuses on his fitness journey, including his workout routines and diet.

    This has gained him a huge social media following, with 2.3 million followers on TikTok.

    Number of followers on Sam Sulek's TikTok

    Despite being well-liked, Sam Sulek is also controversial due to speculation regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

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