Top Trending Topics (2023)

Top Trending Topics (2023)

Si Quan Ong
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    Are you wondering which topics have been trending in the U.S.? You’re in the right place.

    We’ve pulled a list of keywords that are currently trending or trended in the past three months from our database of 22.1 billion keywords.

    We discovered these trending topics by looking at the keywords in our database that had the highest average search volume increase rate in the past three months. And if you’re wondering, search volume shows how many times a given keyword gets searched in Google per month. 

    Top 100 trending topics in the U.S.

    These are the top trending topics in the U.S.

    2oscar winners 2023
    3skittles banned california
    4creed 3 showtimes
    5silicon valley bank collapse
    6chat gpt 4
    7lance reddick cause of death
    8current nominations for 95th academy awards
    9cocaine bear showtimes
    10willow project petition
    11chatgpt login
    12luther the fallen sun
    13jesus revolution showtimes
    14fdu basketball
    15ncaa bracket 2023
    16product management monday
    18scottie morris missing eaton indiana
    19cast of the night agent
    20great western buildings lawsuit
    21nathan millard missing baton rouge
    22raining worms in china
    23lady gaga oscars 2023
    24california bill ban skittles
    25wild 94.9 radio host jv
    26demon slayer to the swordsmith village
    27amazon snake cats
    29cast of true lies (tv series)
    30ja morant gun video
    31fifth plane 9 11
    32mine spiders
    33printable ncaa bracket 2023
    34hello ghostface com
    35dodge demon 170
    36arsenal vs sporting
    37you season 4 part 2
    38seaweed blob
    39cast of we have a ghost
    40lance reddick death
    41shark feeding frenzy venice louisiana
    42robert parker atv accident
    43morgan wallen one thing at a time
    44boys a liar pt 2 lyrics
    45red flag (fire weather) warning
    46nit bracket 2023
    47scream vi showtimes
    48norovirus 2023
    49bad bunny and kendall jenner
    50cardi b and offset meal
    51is temu legit
    52accessibe g2
    53student loan debt relief supreme court
    54what killed mickey mouse
    55wbc scores
    56when is spring break 2023
    57luh tyler
    58world baseball classic standings
    59march madness bracket 2023
    60the willow project
    62google bard
    63whopper whopper song
    64swarm show
    65cast of the company you keep (tv series)
    66demiguise moon locations
    67turkey earthquakes
    68fire country episodes
    69shazam 2 showtimes
    70man united vs real betis
    711923 season 2
    72cast of shrinking
    74andie rosafort
    75jake gyllenhaal ufc
    76annie wersching death
    7769 jumped
    78dave hollis cause of death
    79whopper whopper song lyrics
    80jon jones vs ciryl gane
    81full swing netflix
    82does joel die in the last of us
    83arlington renegades
    86w4 form 2023
    87how many episodes of the last of us
    88galaxy s23
    89best picture nominees 2023
    90east palestine ohio train derailment
    91real madrid vs. barcelona
    92eye drop recall
    93poker face episodes
    94alex murdaugh trial live
    95the last of us episodes
    96turkey earthquake death toll
    97mschf big red boots
    98aaron rodgers jets
    99chick fil a cauliflower sandwich
    100nba standings 2023

    These are some of the most interesting trending topics that caught my eye.

    1. Skittles banned California

    In February 2023, a new bill in the California legislature was introduced to prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of any food product in California containing the chemicals red dye No. 3 (commonly listed as red #3 in ingredients on food packaging), titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil or propylparaben. 

    This bill will affect popular snacks, candies and chocolates but it’s not an outright ban on Skittles. The bill only aims to change the ingredient makeup of these candies, which has already been done in other parts of the world, such as Europe.

    2. Raining worms in China

    A viral video in March 2023 apparently showed cars in China covered in “worms”, suggesting that it was “raining worms.” However, a Reuters fact-check showed that they were likely tree catkins, the flower spikes of poplar trees.

    3. Amazon snake cats

    In March 2023, a bizarre image of a black and yellow cat went viral. 

    Truth behind image of ‘snake-cat’ that baffled the internet

    This cat, known as a “snake cat”, was supposedly a poorly-studied, rare species that came from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Turns out: It was merely AI.

    4. Mine spiders

    A TikTok video went viral in March, purportedly showing a massive spider in a mine. I have no idea if the spider in the video is real, but spiders have been discovered in mines.

    5. Hello ghostface com

    Ghostface is the primary antagonist in the movie franchise, Scream. A website,, allows you to receive a (pre-recorded, scary) call from the character. This is likely a PR move to promote Scream VI, which was released in theaters on 10 March 2023.

    6. Seaweed blob

    Giant clumps of murky seaweed, termed the Great Atlantic sargassum belt, washed up on Florida’s beaches on May 2023.

    Sargussum is a type of buoyant, rootless algae that bunches up in islands and floats around the ocean. Within 24 hours of washing up on shore, they start to decay, which gives off the smell of rotten eggs. There’s also evidence to show that the smell can cause nausea, headaches, or cause respiratory issues.

    7. Is Temu legit

    Temu is an online shopping megastore that is owned by Pinduoduo. It became the number one free shopping app in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store recently. It looks like people are wondering if Temu is legit, because its products are so cheap. And it is, though consumers in the U.S. may experience long delivery times.

    8. What killed Mickey Mouse

    I just came back from Disneyland and saw no news of the Mouse’s demise. However, it appears that even fictional characters can suffer from death hoaxes. “What killed Mickey Mouse” developed into a trend on TikTok and people started wondering if the mascot was still alive. And if he wasn’t, how did he die? Dark.

    9. Whopper whopper song

    “Whopper whopper” is a song released by Burger King on 3 February 2023. It serves as the jingle for their signature burger, the Whopper. It became notorious because it was catchy and played many times during NFL commercial breaks. Unfortunately, it is now a meme.

    10. Jake Gyllenhaal UFC

    The actor Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise appearance at a UFC 285 event in Las Vegas on March 4. He was there to film a scene for the upcoming boxing film, Road House

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