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13 Free and Low-Cost SEO Slack Communities You Should Join Today

Despina is a Senior SEO Consultant with 8+ years of experience growing B2B, e-commerce, SaaS, and national brands. She's an optimist at heart, taking time to enjoy life's silver linings each day.
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    Whether you’re an SEO pro or a seasoned digital marketer, here are the best free and low-cost SEO Slack communities to join if you’re looking for:
    • New connections in the industry
    • Resource sharing and collaboration opportunities
    • Industry insights and ideas
    • Help with troubleshooting problems
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    Members: 49,000+

    How to join: Fill out this form on the website

    Cost: Free

    Online Geniuses landing page promoting it's Slack community.

    Online Geniuses is a vibrant, free Slack community dedicated to SEO & digital marketing. It includes over 49,000 manually vetted members worldwide, including top industry professionals like VPs, CMOs, freelancers, and agency owners.

    It features over 10 specialized channels, including #seo and #socialmediamarketing, and has facilitated over 100 job connections through its #hiring channel. The community also stands out for its engaging “Ask Me Anything” sessions with industry giants like Gary Vaynerchuk and Rand Fishkin, making it a powerhouse for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of digital marketing.

    Members: 2,000+

    How to join: Use this link to join the community directly.

    Cost: Free

    The SEO Community is a new kid on the block founded by Noah Learner. According to our very own Patrick Stox:

    “This is the hottest new Slack group. Everyone who’s anyone seems to be here.”

    There are over 30 channels including ones for:

    • SEO topics, like #content, #schema or #technical-seo
    • Specific types of SEOs, like #enterprise-seo, #seo-for-beginners or #in-house
    • Recruitment, like #career or #jobs
    • Watercooler topics, like #venting or #seo-fails
    • And life stuff like #mental-health or #reading-list-resources

    Not to mention a tight knit community supporting each other to get the most out of SEO and life in equal measure.

    Members: 600+

    How to join: Invite only. All members have permission to invite others.

    Cost: Free

    Technical SEO is a tailored Slack community exclusively focused on (you guessed it) technical SEO.

    It started in 2016 with a conversation between Patrick Stox, Paul Shapiro, and Brian Ta and eventually led to the creation of /r/TechSEO on Reddit.

    Screenshot of the Tech SEO sub-reddit moderated by experts like Patrick Stox.

    The Slack community is currently moderated by industry experts Paul Shapiro, Patrick Stox, and JR Oakes. Conversations predominantly take place in channels like #general, #random, and #must-reads, reflecting the community’s focused nature on technical SEO without the need for many unnecessary channels.

    Members: 8,500+

    How to join: Fill out this Google Form

    Cost: Free

    Originating from a subreddit, BigSEO transitioned into a Slack group to offer a more interactive and advanced platform for SEO discussions, thanks to Steven Van Vessum’s initiative in 2016.

    Although the subreddit now has over 106,000 members, the Slack community has remained relatively small and tight-knit over the years with around 8,500 members.

    BigSEO's welcome message for SEOs on Reddit.

    This Slack community has become a hub for experienced marketers to exchange insights, forge business connections, and even kickstart collaborations.

    With channels covering a wide range of SEO and marketing topics, including #business, #must-reads, #sitereview, #technical-seo, #tools, #analytics, #localseo, and a #jobs channel for career opportunities, BigSEO stands out as a vibrant space for those looking to advance their SEO knowledge and network with peers.

    Members: 13,000+

    How to join: Fill out the typeform and get invited by email

    Cost: Free

    Old vs new backlink outreach pan visualized by #backlinks.

    #backlinks is a community of SEO professionals trying to solve the two big issues every website owner faces: getting the best content and getting backlinks. There are four main channels:

    • #general
    • #random
    • #traffic-boost
    • #guestposts

    However, the most important channel to pay attention to is #guestposts. It includes a pinned link to a Google Sheets document where the channel members can view guest post opportunities or register to become guest authors for the other blogs.

    Members: 9,000+

    How to join: Fill out this Google Form

    Cost: Free

    CRO Growth Hacks' landing page where people can sign up to the Slack community.

    Although it may not seem like CRO Growth Hacks has much to offer SEO professionals, this community is a goldmine for any growth marketer. It Includes SEO-specific channels like #seo_hacks along with channels for other marketing types. Overall, it’s a great place to participate in growth discussions.

    Regular webinars, workshops by experts, and collaborative channels for case studies and real-world results make this a prime spot for data-driven marketers.

    Additionally, it stands out for its unique channels like #chatbot_hacks, offering insights into leveraging chatbots in sales and marketing, and #shameless_plug, where members can promote their businesses and share resources.

    Members: 1,800+

    How to join: Follow the prompts on this page

    Cost: $27 one-time sign-up fee

    Creative Tribes' landing page with key features of their Slack community.

    Creative Tribes is a low-cost Slack community that brings together not just SEOs but many other creative professionals too. The community has evolved to include 24 channels, such as #content_marketing, #seo_strategy, #analytics_datascience, and #blockchain, offering a broad spectrum of topics for discussion.

    Being part of Creative Tribes also gives you access to AMAs with renowned figures, like Seth Godin, community events, job postings, and specialized content for solopreneurs.

    Members: 17,000+

    How to join: Fill out this form

    Cost: Free

    A component of Growmance's landing page showcasing some of the community's most active Slack channels.

    Growmance is a free Slack community founded by Ondrej Kubala, dedicated to fostering growth across marketing, growth hacking, design, and more. With over 17,000 members, this community serves as a hub for professionals seeking to share and gain insights into marketing strategies, growth hacking tactics, and the significance of design in marketing.

    From its inception as a platform for “mastermind” discussions, Growmance has evolved into a comprehensive community where marketing and growth hacking ideas flourish. Whether you’re looking for advice, feedback, or simply to connect with like-minded professionals, Growmance offers a welcoming space for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of marketing and design.

    Members 6,700+

    How to join: Enter your email here

    Cost: Free

    A screenshot of Marketers Chat's landing page alongside the form to sign up to the community.

    Founded by Syed Irfaq, Marketers Chat is designed to fill the communication gap within the affiliate marketing and broader digital marketing ecosystem.

    With over 6,700 members, the community focuses on affiliate marketing while also catering to a wide array of marketing disciplines, including SEO, making it a valuable resource for both seasoned and budding marketers.

    Members: 23,000+

    How to join: Fill out this Google form

    Cost: Free

    Measure chat's logo

    Measure is one of the oldest SEO communities around going back almost a decade. It started as a small chat on a platform called Beluga but has now grown to a flourishing Slack community with over 23,000 active members.

    Some of the current, active channels are listed below, including a dedicated channel for SEO and SEM.

    Some of the current channels available in Measure Chat's Slack community.

    My favorite thing, however, is this Looker Studio report with the community’s usage stats, very on-brand! Since SEO involves a lot of data and analytics, you’re sure to find a ton of value in the non-SEO channels in this community too.

    How to join: Fill out this Google Form

    Cost: Free

    Women in Tech SEO

    Women in Tech SEO is exactly what it sounds like—a community for female SEO professionals. However, it is not limited only to women in technical SEO roles. Unlike other SEO Slack communities, WTS includes mentorship opportunities for members and also promotes speakers, founders, and other experts in its community.

    How to join: Enter your details here

    Cost: $5/month

    Mostly Marketing welcome message on the landing page to join the Slack community.

    MostlyMarketing offers a mix of learning, networking, and fun. For $5/month, members get access to weekly auditing sessions, daily themed events like Winning Wednesdays and Fail Fridays, and the chance to learn from high-level professionals. It’s a place for marketers at all levels to brainstorm, improve skills, and enjoy social networking events.

    Members: 500+

    How to join: Fill out this form

    Cost: Free

    News-SEO is the premier online community for SEOs, audience development marketers, and editorial teams in the publishing, news, and media sectors. With over 500 active global members, it offers a platform to exchange insights, ask questions, and engage with industry experts, making it one of the most vibrant News SEO communities available.

    The bottom line

    Slack communities are awesome workspaces for those looking for actionable advice and collaborations with like-minded professionals.

    Find answers to your questions, get help with urgent issues, find a job, and even draw some attention to your work and content. Just remember—it works both ways, so you should aim to give something back and share valuable experiences and insights you’ve learned along the way.

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