What’s new at Ahrefs? (May 2023)

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    This month we’re introducing a brand new tool – Web Explorer – along with a new backlink profile view in Site Explorer’s overview, keyword lists on Dashboard, and more.

    Let’s get right into it.


    New Ahrefs tool: Web Explorer

    Web Explorer lets you search through Yep, our search engine’s, entire database of pages and links using search operators. Its main advantages over Content Explorer are its much bigger index of pages (500B vs. 13B), plus the ability to search for pages by attributes related to backlinks like anchor texts.

    Head to the Web Explorer landing page to see a list of use cases that give you a fantastic idea of how the report can be used.

    For example, enter “tears of the kingdom” in the search box and click on “Most quoted newly published pages about tears of the kingdom”. You’ll load the results with the appropriate search operators set in the query, and all relevant filters applied.

    The Web Explorer landing page lets you apply predefined filters for specific use cases

    Or, you could use the search operators to run a more advanced search.

    For example, you can use the outlinkurl search operator and input: outlinkurl:aweber.com outlinkurl:mailchimp.com -outlinkurl:convertkit.com to find pages linking to Aweber and Mailchimp’s homepages, but not Convertkits’.

    Using the outlinkurl search operator

    Web Explorer is available for new Advanced and Enterprise plans.

    There’s lots that you can do with this new tool, so have fun exploring and watch out for more announcements as we release new features.

    Backlink profile view in Overview 2.0

    We’ve added the Backlink profile view in Site Explorer’s Overview 2.0 report. 

    Backlink profile view in Site Explorer’s Overview report

    What’s brand new here is this new Top anchors section. Top anchors shows you the anchor texts of the backlinks pointing to your target, statistics for referring domains, and the number of links to your target according to the time period selected in the date picker.

    Top anchors section in Overview

    Calendar report improvements

    We’ve made a couple of improvements to the Calendar report: first, the Country filter. In the dropdown, we now sort countries by the total number of changes and show this count. The report also now defaults to the country with the most changes.

    Second, we’ve also added both Ahrefs and Google update notes. So if you notice a big change in positions, these A and G markers now tell you if it may be related to any external updates at a glance.

    Country filter improvements and Ahrefs and Google update notes in Calendar report

    Keyword lists on Dashboard

    Keyword lists that you’ve saved in Keywords Explorer are now available on your Dashboard. You can now also organize them into folders.

    Keyword lists on Dashboard

    If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can also share these keyword lists with other workspace members on your team. Guest users will only have access to lists that are explicitly shared with them.

    Enterprise plan users can share keyword lists

    Improving UI for limits configuration

    We’ve updated the UI for configuring limits for individual users and additional pay as you go credits.

    Before, you had to open a modal to configure pay-as-you-go settings from your Limits & usage. Now, you’ll see a dropdown menu right next to a user or limit. To disable additional pay-as-you-go credits completely, just toggle the pay-as-you-go option off.

    We’re working on more features to customize pay as you go export rows, API units, crawl credits, and more.

    Updated UI for configuring limits for individual users and additional pay as you go credits

    Confirmation link for sign-ins from a new device

    To improve account security, we’ve added a confirmation link to our new sign-in email notification.

    Now, whenever a user with a paid subscription signs in from a new device, they’ll need to click a confirmation link in the email. Different browsers and incognito sessions both count as a new device.

    Confirmation link in new sign-in email notification

    Ahrefs APIv2 will stop working on March 1, 2024

    If you haven’t heard yet, Ahrefs’ APIv2 has been discontinued and will stop working on March 1st, 2024.

    But we’ve got something even better: APIv3. APIv3 has a ton more endpoints than APIv2, plus you’ll have access to:

    • Organic and paid traffic
    • Backlinks
    • Top pages
    • Keywords
    • Keyword trends
    • SERPs

    …and we’re still adding additional endpoints.

    To access APIv3, you’ll need to have an Enterprise plan. If you’d like to upgrade to APIv3, look for the Talk to us button on our pricing page and fill out the short form. Our Enterprise team will be in touch and work with you on a custom plan that meets your specific needs.

    That’s all for this month. If you have any feature requests, you can leave them on our Canny or in our subscribers-only Ahrefs Insider community. Enjoy!

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