What’s new at Ahrefs? (June 2022)

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    We have a bunch of quality of life improvements for you this month in Site Explorer and Content Explorer.

    Use the sidebar to jump to updates for a specific tool.

    Filter for main positions only in Organic keywords

    Now, you can remove ranking positions in Sitelinks, Top stories, Image packs, and Tweets from your results in the Organic keywords report.

    Toggle on to remove anything that isn’t an organic result

    Toggle this “Main positions only” filter on to remove anything that isn’t an organic result from the main table and the list of URLs in the positions history chart.

    This might improve reporting for people who want to see where they rank, but don’t consider features like image packs as “ranking”.

    What won’t change is the behavior of SERP overview table. SERPs will always show and highlight all positions whether this filter is toggled on or not.

    SERP overview table results do not change

    Streamlined filter for page publication dates

    Before, there used to be three separate filters for page publication dates.

    We’ve now combined them into one simplified filter to improve user experience.

    Just click on the Publication date filter to switch between all pages, pages that have been published only once, and pages that have been republished.

    All filters have been merged into one

    Streamlined filters for pages

    We’ve done the same thing with filters for pages and grouped three of them into one.

    Just click on the filter to apply any combination of filters for One page per domain, Exclude homepages and Exclude subdomains at one go.

    Apply any combination of filters at one go

    Set limits for reports consumption

    If you’re a workspace owner or admin, you can now go to Limits & Usage in Account Settings and click on “Select max limits” to set limits for individual workspace members, as well as a global limit for additional pay-as-you-go reports.

    Once a user hits their specified limit, they will no longer be able to pull reports.

    Set limits for individual workspace members and a global limit for additional pay-as-you-go reports

    Additional confirmation for top filters

    Previously, any filter you selected was applied instantly across all Ahrefs tools.

    Now, you can select all your filters before clicking on “Show results” to apply them all at one go. This applies to all new Site Explorer reports, Keywords Explorer, and Content Explorer.

    Select your filters before clicking on “Show results” to apply them at one go

    With this change, you should notice that you’re consuming less reports than before.

    Previously, applying 10 filters consumed 10 reports. Now, if you apply all these filters at once, it consumes just 1 report.

    That’s all for this month. See you next!

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    • Monthly traffic 15
    • Linking websites 5
    Data from Content Explorer