What’s new at Ahrefs? (Jan 2023)

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    This month’s updates are quick and easy: custom dates in search-related reports, a new export mode in Keywords Explorer and more.

    Let’s get right into it.


    Custom dates in search-related reports

    You can now select exact dates when working with historical data. Just click on the date picker and select Custom date to open a calendar view.

    Custom dates in search-related reports

    We’ve also added more presets to the date picker: yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and so on.

    New date picker presets

    Group by terms” export mode

    When exporting a report in Keywords Explorer, select “Group by Terms” to get a CSV file showing you all keywords grouped by terms. This is exactly like how you see them inside Keywords Explorer itself.

    “Group by terms” export mode

    The number of export rows spent is based on the number of keywords exported, even if a keyword is shown under multiple term groups.

    Find new issues in All issues page

    We’ve updated the “All issues” page. If there’s a new issue that wasn’t present on a site in the previous crawl, it’ll now be labeled with this “New” badge. You can also use this New issues filter to quickly sort the report.

    Find new issues in All issues page

    Increased export for Websites tab

    You can now export up to a thousand websites from the Websites tab. Before, you were limited to the top one hundred websites.

    Export up to a thousand websites from the Websites tab

    That’s all for this month. If you have any feature requests, you can leave them on our Canny. Enjoy!

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