SUSO Digital migrates to a single SEO platform to empower both sales and marketing

Constance Tan
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    From our content writers and account managers, to our sales staff and SEO specialists - every single member of our team uses Ahrefs every single day; it is, and has been our go to SEO tool for almost a decade. 
    Andrew Oleksik
    Andrew Oleksik, Managing Director SUSO Digital

    About SUSO Digital

    SUSO Digital is a team of 60+ SEO experts who partner with ambitious agencies and brands around the world, providing strategic white label SEO services.

    Why they switched to Ahrefs

    Before Ahrefs, SUSO Digital were using a number of separate platforms for tracking clients’ keywords, technical and content audits, and backlink related issues. They were looking for a single combined platform that was easy for the whole team to use together.

    What led SUSO Digital to choose Ahrefs over other options on the market was its extensive range of platform capabilities that are useful for every department at SUSO Digital, not just our SEOs:

    • Ahrefs’ core tools: Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer and Rank Tracker allowed their team to develop and execute SEO strategies daily.
    • Their link building specialists used Batch Analysis and Link Intersect to quickly and efficiently analyze hundreds of link prospects at once.
    • Their content writers found the Content gap useful for identifying new keyword opportunities that the client websites are missing out on.
    • Their account managers utilized the Ahrefs API to easily create bespoke reports that are extremely insightful for clients.
    • Their sales team used Site Explorer and its domain comparison features to create preliminary reviews of prospective clients’ SEO performance and compare them to their competitors.
    Getting started with Ahrefs was extremely easy, thanks to the comprehensive documentation available. We used the Ahrefs Academy videos and the blog to continually learn how to use Ahrefs in new and exciting ways. Finally, the Ahrefs’ platform itself has intuitive hover hints that clarify unfamiliar terms and metrics, and provides examples of how they can be used. 
    Andrew Oleksik
    Andrew Oleksik, Managing Director SUSO Digital

    How they harnessed Ahrefs to achieve results for clients

    One of their key clients specialize in simultaneous translation and interpretation. This client  originally came to SUSO Digital in 2017, when their website only registered 40 clicks a month, coming from 250 organic keywords ranking in Google. To make things worse, these keywords weren’t explicitly related to their service offerings.

    1. Realign keyword strategy for a better targeted audience

    SUSO Digital checked the website’s Organic competitors report to find competing websites in the same niche and got to work targeting more relevant keywords instead, such as “legal language translation”, “simultaneous interpreting services” and “corporate translation”.

    2. Revamped their site structure to optimize crawl budget

    In addition, the client’s site was constructed in such a way that it routinely generated low quality pages. This affected both SEO performance and crawl budget, and it was difficult to trace how they were being formed. Site Audit helped SUSO digital narrow down the root cause of this and eliminate this issue, allowing Google to crawl the website more efficiently.

    3. Recovered link equity from broken backlinks

    Along with this structural revamp, this website has now changed a lot over the years. By checking Ahrefs’ Broken backlinks report, the team noticed no one took care of backlinks linking to older versions of their important pages. They used this report to systematically track and restore these backlinks to regain link juice.


    As of 8 February 2024, SUSO Digital’s client website now has around 21,000 clicks monthly coming from 9700 organic keywords. A more than 80x increase in organic traffic coming from keywords relevant to their business’ offerings.


    Switch to an SEO stack that empower all teams: