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    We’ve just launched a new view that’s useful for both in-house and client reporting: Portfolios.
    Ahrefs' Portfolios

    Portfolios allow you to group a list of targets (domains, subfolders, or URLs) and view their aggregated metrics in Site Explorer’s reports.

    How to add a portfolio in Ahrefs

    From here:

    1. Add URLs from up to 10 different domains
    2. Select the preferred protocol and target mode
    3. Name the portfolio
    4. Share it with the appropriate team members

    Portfolio setup bubble in Ahrefs

    Once saved, the portfolio will always be shown on your dashboard, along with top-level metrics.

    Portfolio added on Ahrefs' dashboard

    Clicking on any of the metrics will take you to the corresponding report in Site Explorer.

    Portfolio for ten competitors in Ahrefs

    Now that you’re familiar with the interface, let’s jump into a few use cases.

    Depending on the target URLs added, you can use Portfolios to track the performance of:

    1. Your competitors

    Add your competitors’ websites to a portfolio to get extensive competitive intelligence insights:

    • See the top winners and losers in terms of their top pages and keywords: (Top pages report > Traffic filter: Improved)
    Top pages report for 10 URLs in Ahrefs' Site Explorer
    • Check out the pace at which they acquire new links and referring domains: (Backlinks report > Dofollow > New backlinks > Status: Newly published)
    Backlinks report for 10 URLs in Ahrefs' Site Explorer
    • Study their paid ads and paid keywords to understand which ones resonate with your target audience: (Paid pages report > Keywords and Ads nested tables)
    Paid pages report for 10 URLs in Ahrefs' Site Explorer

    2. Your content writers and their portfolios

    If you have an internal content team, create a portfolio for each content writer and track their performance over time.

    For example, our content lead, Joshua Hardwick, has written 147 articles, which rank for 46,000 keywords that generate close to 250,000 organic search visits a month.

    Joshua Hardwick's blog posts portfolio in Ahrefs

    You can also go one step further and compare your content team’s portfolios. This should help you with your overall content strategy and hiring decisions.

    3. Your published content on your client’s website

    If you’re an agency, create a portfolio of your published content on your customer’s website and track the percentage (%) of organic traffic and backlinks it has generated compared to the rest of the website.

    The ROI of your content should be more transparent this way.

    For example, if we were to group our free tools into a portfolio, we’d notice they generate close to 937,000 organic search traffic a month.

    Total organic traffic from Ahrefs' free tools

    That’s 34% of our total traffic of 2.7 million search visits.

    Total organic traffic from

    Portfolios are available for new Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

    At the moment, Portfolios only work with Site Explorer. In the future, they will support:

    • More Site Explorer reports (Best by links, Linked domains, etc.).
    • APIv3 endpoints.

    We’re excited to see what other use cases you’re going to find for Portfolios!

    If you have any feature suggestions that could enhance the tool, let us know on our Canny page or Ahrefs community.

    Article Performance
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    The number of websites linking to this post.

    This post's estimated monthly organic search traffic.