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Tim Soulo

Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company. Learn more about Tim

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    What can be more satisfying for an SEO professional than watching their website move up in Google search results?

    Most SEOs start their work day from reviewing the ranking progress in past 24 hours, which easily makes Rank Tracker one of the most frequently used tools in SEO.

    That is why there was no shortage of feedback from our Facebook community, when we announced an upcoming update of Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker tool:

    We knew that our customers were expecting to get an amazing new tool, and we couldn’t allow ourselves to let them down and release something that would be just “slightly better” than the old version.

    So instead of adding new features on top of the old Rank Tracker, we decided to develop an entirely new tool from scratch (which clearly took us quite a while):

    The new Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker was rolled out last week, and here’s a quick overview of what makes it so awesome:

    The best way to make sense of the data that you have on your hands is to visualize it. And this is where the new Rank Tracker truly excels — we have designed five different graphs that look at your ranking progress from five different angles:


    This graph shows what percentage of all possible traffic from the tracked keywords lands on your website.

    For example:

    If you only track a single keyword and all top10 positions in Google are occupied by pages of your website (which means you get all possible traffic from that keyword) — your visibility is 100%.

    But if you only occupy the #1 spot, while the rest are taken by your competitors, your visibility would be somewhere around 30% (depending on the CTR curve of the search results for that particular keyword).

    Thanks to clickstream data, Ahrefs algorithms model a unique CTR curve for almost every keyword that you add to Rank Tracker. So in case you have added a “branded” keyword, where the overwhelming majority of clicks go to #1 result, we will know that and calculate your visibility accordingly.

    Average position & Traffic

    These two graphs are quite self explanatory. But I wanted to draw attention to the fact that your “Average position” and “Traffic” (and all other graphs, in fact) may show big shifts every time you add keywords to your list or remove them.

    And for that reason we have added “flags” to all your graphs, which show when you edited your keyword list:

    Positions distribution

    Manually going through ranking positions for hundreds (or thousands) of tracked keywords is unproductive. This is why most SEOs like to track their ranking progress via groups:

    1. Positions #1–3: “ranking goals achieved” (ranking #1 for all keywords is rarely possible);
    2. Positions #4–10: “almost there, needs some more work”;
    3. Positions #11–50: “looks promising”;
    4. Positions #51–100: “at least Google knows my page exists.”

    This is especially handy when you visualize the progress with these groups over time:

    Please keep in mind that any keywords ranking below top10 will have high volatility and often experience big “jumps”. But once you rank in top10, the movements will become much smaller and much less frequent.

    SERP Features

    Today the search results are not what they used to be a few years ago. In fact, they’re even different from what they used to be yesterday.

    Which is why the new Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker tool keeps an eye on 12 different types of SERP features and shows all changes on this cool graph:

    As of today, we keep an eye on the following SERP features:

    1. Paid search results (top & bottom);
    2. Knowledge panel;
    3. Knowledge card;
    4. Featured snippet;
    5. Image pack;
    6. Top stories;
    7. Shopping results;
    8. Videos;
    9. Related questions;
    10. Tweets;
    11. Sitelinks;
    12. Thumbnails.

    And the new Rank Tracker shows you both:

    • how many different SERP features are present across all keywords;
    • How many of them are secured by your own website.
    The most frequently requested feature for the new Rank Tracker was (…drumroll please…) “Search volume for all tracked keywords.”

    But we decided to overdeliver a little bit and integrate all keyword metrics that we have in Ahrefs right into your Rank Tracker.

    So in the main “Tracked keywords” report you can now see:

    1. Search volume;
    2. Traffic (& its delta);
    3. Keyword difficulty;
    4. SERP features.

    And under the “Metrics” tab you get all the advanced metrics from Keywords Explorer tool:

    You can also browse the ranking history of your keywords and get the latest SERP from almost every report in Rank Tracker:

    We track your position history and SERP features history for both desktop and mobile, but the SERP overview is “desktop only” at the moment.

    As requested, we have added filtering options for the main keyword metrics that you have in your “Tracked keywords” list. Other than that, you can now assign tags to your keywords, and filter your keyword list by these tags.

    All these filters are located at the top of the Rank Tracker tool and not immediately above your list of keywords. That is because any filtering will cause all five graphs to change.
    Everyone knows that a single page can rank well for thousands of relevant keywords. That is why we have added a report that groups all your tracked keywords by the ranking page:

    In all honesty, the number of page-level metrics that we show in this report could be a bit better, considering the amount of SEO data that we have at Ahrefs. So most likely we will soon add some extra data there.
    Tracking your ranking progress is always good, but tracking your ranking progress against your competitors is even better.

    The new Rank Tracker allows you to compare yourself against your rivals in three different areas:

    1. Ranking progress (Visibility, Average position, Positions distribution);
    2. Search traffic;
    3. SERP features.

    Each of these three areas has its own tab in “Tracked keywords” report:

    Right now the number of competitors that can be added to this report is capped at 5, but please let us know if you need more. We might improve that limit, in case there’s a clear need for that.
    This report is sort of an experimental one. We thought it would be interesting to see how much each keyword improved (or declined) in 7 / 30 / 90 days. And that is how the “Grossing” report was brought to life:

    Even though the new Rank Tracker tool is now live, we’re still experimenting with its format and visual style to make it more actionable. So should you have any feedback about it, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Another idea was to showcase the higest position that each of your tracked keywords reached in the last 7 / 30 / 90 days. Let us know if you like it more than the “delta” that we have right now.

    Whenever our support team gets a question about the Rank Tracker tool, it’s usually regarding locations that we track from or the accuracy of positions that we report.

    So let me try to address both of them here:


    We do have servers all around the world, so we can track your rankings from a variety of locations in the United States and all around the world.

    But, obviously, we don’t have a server in every city, district or street. In fact, there’s no rank tracker tool on the market today that would cover all cities of the US, let alone in the entire world.

    And yet our coverage is quite substantial and we’re always on a lookout for opportunities to expand it.


    These days there’s no such thing as an “absolute position” of a keyword. There are way too many variables that influence your rankings and there will always be a certain level of discrepancy.

    Mostly due to:

    1. Location — as discussed above, the location you’re searching from may have an effect on the search results that you get. And, unfortunately, it is impossible to cover all possible locations.

    2. Personalisation — the device you’re searching from, your personal Google account, your past history of searches and even the time of the day — all these things can have a certain effect on the search results that you get. Ask your neighbor to search for the same keyword and send you a screenshot of their search results. The chances are, they will be slightly different from what you get.

    But it also largely depends on the type of the search query. Some search queries have highly dynamic search results “by design”, while others will show the pages to everyone around the globe.

    3. Timing — the highest update frequency that we support is once a day. So from the time we’ve updated our records and till the time you manually verify the position quite a few hours may pass.

    But search results are not carved in stone, they may change any minute. For websites ranking in top5 the positions are quite stable and don’t change very often. But anything below top10 is highly volatile.

    So don’t be surprised if we reported your keyword at position #30, but it was #55 by the time you checked manually. However, for keywords in top5 the discrepancy shouldn’t be bigger than 2 positions. So in case we report #3 and you see #8 — please let our support team know about this.

    More updates are coming

    A few weeks ago we released a teaser video of the new Rank Tracker and then a few voluntary beta testers gave a new tool a spin, all of which led to some absolutely amazing feedback.

    We carefully noted all the suggested features, but then realized that it would make much more sense to develop them right now, while we’re still on it, rather than wait for some abstract point in future.

    So within the next few weeks you may notice quite a few more features added to your new Rank Tracker tool.

    And while we’re on it, feel free to send more feedback and ideas our way. There’s a high chance that we’ll implement the feature that you’re lacking right now.

    Tim Soulo

    Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company. Learn more about Tim

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    • Donatas Viliamas

      Guys thank you very much. It’s just awesome! It was worth to wait..

      • So instead of adding new features on top of the old Rank Tracker, we decided to develop an entirely new tool from scratch (which clearly took us quite a while):

    • Are you planning to also implement af Year On Year growth metrics, to see if a keyword gaing more search or is in decline? — This feature is already available on the ranking tool i’m using now, so it is doable.

    • It seems, sorting by checked date is taken away! My question is, how can I see last 24 hours or recent updates for tracked keywords?

      I’ve checked date filter, does not seems like replacement of that feature.

    • Ben

      Why is it not possible anymore to track 5 keywords in the free plan?

      • actually we’re gradually limiting our free plans.. as Ahrefs gets more popular, the amount of free users gets way too expensive to maintain (and support)

        • Anton Gorlin

          in this case why not introduce some plans in between? A jump from 0 to $100 is huge. For instance, being a solo webmaster for my own site I don’t need all the stuff all the time and I don’t feel that $100/month will justify the benefit.

          • Michael Gregory

            This describes my position also.

          • Then you should find someone using a bigger plan who will do it for you for a few tenners… 😉

            • Insha Tanveer

              Are you the one on a bigger plan ??

            • In this case, I actually am yeah. But I’m sure you can somehow find someone in your area or country as well, if that’s more convenient for you 🙂

    • This is an awesome tool. Thanks.

      The only thing left annoying is the limitation in historical data. While I totally understand that you limit the amount of keywords, domains, reports etc. based on account level it’s really annoying not to see much data of the projects you are paying for when on accounts below 1000s of dollars a month. It would be great if we could get rid of this limit some day. Other than that I’m quite happy with what you do. This new Rank Tracker is awesome.

      • you’re talking about Site Explorer limits, not the new Rank Tracker, right?

        • tbh it’s difficult to alway be clear about separation into tools. One or two clicks and you’re diving into several other tools which is great of course. When clicking keywords in the Rank Tracker you end up getting into the keyword explorer which for me is somehow connected and definitely limited in history. And then it’s even more questionable that I do see historical data in the Rank Tracker (which I do, just noticed that right now so sorry for confusion) but when looking at a single keyword i’m limited to 6 months in my plan (which already isn’t the smallest).

    • emivelasco

      Excellent tool Tim! Right now I’ll check the news 😉 congrats!

      I have other useful ideas:
      — graphs, many statistics graphs (especially in “Organic search” — I have seen that for each country and little volume, some simple graphical appears)
      — competitors for “url”, not only for “domain”

      Many people use SEMRU*H for their graphs, but if Ahrefs had the same or more, no doubt many would be grateful.

      It would also be useful to have a text analysis comparing competitors’ urls with ours. I think with the amount of data you have, it is very possible and it would be extraordinary.

      Thanks again 🙂

      • are you requesting features for the new Rank Tracker or the entire Ahrefs toolset in general? looks like the latter 🙂

        • emivelasco

          Yes, the second, sorry 😉 I really wanted to mention it a long time ago 🙂

    • Great tool!

    • Essential tool

    • Awesome Tool. Thank you.

    • Breezynetworks

      I am very impressed, proud to be a part of the ahrefs family!

    • Great feature…once again ahrefs is going to be outstanding with a great tool in the SEO industry..

    • Awesome new tool. Thank Ahrefs.

    • Loving it so far!

    • Shawn Collins Jr

      I love this. You did a wonderful Job

    • Suggestions:
      — Maps rankings: anyone doing local seo requires maps rankings
      — Mobile rankings: $99/mo doesn’t include mobile results which are 50%+ of searches?

      My current ranking tool does both, plus DAILY ranking updates for less than $40/mo

    • Thank you so much for the new tool!

    • Thanks Ahrefs 🙂

    • Nice, let’s play with new feature and see the improvements.

    • Hi Tim

      Fantastic tool.Thanks!

      I recall you previously mentioning that Ahrefs was also working on developing a new audit tool. Is that still happening?

      Cheers, Mark

      • yep, will be released by the end of autumn 😉

        • Powertothepeople

          How do i look at your Rank Tracker software?

    • Doris Lane

      Hey! Thanks for the awesome new feature! Will it be possible to create projects not with domain, but with multiple urls in it (up to 15)? For cases, when you have the site with multiple products…

      • yeah, you can create projects with URLs instead of domains.. try it! 🙂

        • Doris Lane

          Is there an opportunity to create a project with multiple urls? I found only one url=one project

    • You guys plan to add feature that can collect GSC data?

      • we’ll definitely look into this!

    • Oleg

      Awesome tool! I like very much how it is laid out. Definitely need the possibility to add more competitors. 10 would be a good cap.

      One feature that would be very useful is the possibility to connect Google Search Console to be able to discover new keywords and then add them to the tracker.

      I also agree with Costa, Maps and mobile rankings are a must.

      You are the best. Keep up with good work!

    • ur visibility % calculation is difficult, but ur DR/ UR rating has easy % numbers

    • Davide Massussi

      I like it very much overall. I think a must have feature is pdf reporting for clients, easy to set up and with some graphs. Something really idiot proof, with green and red arrow. Without reporting I have to stick with another tool as my main tracker.

      • I hear you! 🙂 we do want to have create automated reports.. but I can’t give you any ETA though.. sorry 🙁

    • Suggestion:
      Google Map Ranking

    • Tomasz Jasiński

      Hello TIm,

      Is there a any option to increase the 4k word limit ? cheaper than $ 999 / mo in agency plan?

      • hey Tomasz, we’re thinking of a “buy more keywords” option 😉

    • Mohammed Khan

      Can We Track Bulk Keywords Ranks

    • Great to see! I was one of the people who requested to see volume next to tracked keywords, so I’m stoked about that. Curious to hear how other SEOs use Ahrefs to show progress to their customers.

    • Amazing product update!

    • Solmadrid Vazquez

      Would love to see 2 things:

      1) Keywords shared by the top 10 SERP results, with a way to filter it down. For example, tell it to show only the keywords shared by the top 3 SERP results.
      2) Mobile keyword tracking

    • Bardzo dobre raporty.

    • Kingori Kariuki Patrick

      Thanks. I have 1 question. What is the efficiency rate of the new tool? Most of rank tracker in the market now are very inefficient. So, if Ahref have improved on that, I welcome it.

    • Gyorgy

      Hi @timsoulo:disqus

      It would be great to have an option to customise the competitors graph line colours. Currently we have the competitors’ colours and competitors have our colours, which freaks everyone out when I share a screenshot.

    • I see the future
      awsome works Tim!

    • When will Ahrefs report the Local Pack? Missing out big opportunity here!

    • the keyword metrics were very good. In particular, seeing all the positions of key words in all dates was a big help for the reports presented to the customers.

    • Yulian Alinski

      Hi Tim. The new tool is awesome. I do, however, want to suggest some improvements:

      1) Project sorting by name — currently the dropdown menu of all my projects shows them in a messed up order and it’s super annoying, especially when I have so many projects. Please insert a sorting option.
      2) General dashboard — a dashboard where you are shown all the important metrics for all your projects summarized in one place. The current one is kinda meh.
      3) Insert comments onto your tracking graph — this is especially useful for tracking the many Google updates that now happen so frequently.
      4) Keyword filtering — I currently see no “exclude” options. I only see “show tagged keywords” or “filter by parameter”. What if I want to see all my keywords that are not tagged? I have to do it manually… What if I want to exclude some tags but keep others? I suggest you add an “exclude tags” option, at the very least.
      5) Competitors dashboard — when I add more than 4–5 competitors, their names begin to get get cropped, so that the tool can manage them all in one place. But if I can’t see their names, what’s the point of having them tracked in the first place? Please do something about this. Either make the font size smaller, when more and more competitors are added or use text wrap to display their full names on a second line. I prefer the latter. The current font size is good as is.

      That’s it for now. I will comment more, if I see something else I don’t like. In the end, this is an awesome tool and I would love to see it become more and more user-friendly. Keep up the good work.


    • One of the best Tool
      thanks Tim for the new Rank Tracker info

    • this is really cool. I like to learn more about ahrefs and how to use this site more and more effectively. Thank you

    • WOW! 🙂

    • Rick

      I would like to see the Visibility expanded out to everywhere in Ahrefs like the Top Pages report, the site explorer, content gaps to see how much we are missing, and Organic keywords.

    • I see the future
      awsome works Tim! TKS

    • Hi guy, how setup second user on ahref dashboard I dont see button?

    • This is a súper cool improvement!! And I still think that all the plans must have the mobile ranking 🙂

    • Any idea if/when you’ll also provide tracking for Yahoo/Bing? Or will this remain a “Google Only” rank tracker?