GroupM increases non-branded traffic by 115% for IKEA Turkey

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    GroupM achieved a 115% increase in Organic traffic for IKEA Turkey. Their Google Search Console (GSC) numbers are proof of their success:


    In addition to the GSC numbers, IKEA Turkey’s successful organic growth was also reflected in Ahrefs via the Top Pages report, where the website started to gain significant traffic for non-branded Organic Keywords:

    Non-branded pages with increased organic traffic from 1st July 2022 - 30 Sep 2023
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    Aybuke Yerlikaya
    Aybuke Yerlikaya, Growth Director GroupM Turkey
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    Ilker Akin
    Ilker Akin, Senior SEO Executive GroupM Turkey
    About GroupM

    GroupM is part of WPP Companies Group. They provide a range of solutions related to digital marketing, including marketing strategy, data-driven marketing, advertising, and SEO services.

    Problem: Fixing SEO issues evolved into a complex website migration project

    GroupM needed to revamp the SEO strategy for one of their flagship customers – IKEA Turkey. Not a walk in the park under the best circumstances. But what happens when you throw in a 50,000-page migration and a previous brand-heavy SEO strategy into the mix? You risk creating an underperforming site riddled with technical errors.

    Solution: Switch to Ahrefs to tackle Enterprise-level challenges

    1. Powerful technical audits minimized errors during the migration

    Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool played a key role in ensuring that the year-long migration of the client’s website happened smoothly, with as little disruption as possible. Regular site audits were conducted to find and fix technical issues that would jeopardize the website’s visibility in search, such as:

    • Redirect chains
    • Duplicate meta titles, descriptions & heading tags
    • 404 errors
    • Non-200 pages in sitemap

    Eventually, GroupM managed to improve the website’s Site Audit Health Score from 51 to 97.

    Site Audit Health Scores improving after the site migration

    2. Find the most impactful keywords with worldwide language coverage

    The website’s existing organic traffic was coming from mostly brand-term heavy keywords. GroupM used Competitor AnalysisandKeywords explorer to sift through Ahrefs’ 12 billion keyword database for many relevant Turkish keywords in the furniture and home living niche. This allowed them to form new, non-branded content avenues and design them into the new website’s structure. These ranged from simple queries such as “kitchen cupboard” and “bookcase” to more nuanced searches like “balcony table chair” and “bedroom set”. Creating content around these new avenues also gained them a 115% increase in non-branded organic traffic in just under 9 months

    3. Create reports that communicate progress effectively

    GroupM expanded IKEA’s website architecture into 1000+ categories and created content pages accordingly. This set strong fundamentals for IKEA Turkey to grow organically beyond their brand name. Aided by Looker Studio Connectors GroupM was also able to create custom reports that served as a proxy for reporting progress on their SEO efforts on these multiple fronts.

    Solve SEO problems with Enterprise-grade capabilities:

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