Projects Dashboard

Get a high-level view of all your projects and track their SEO performance and progress.

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Instantly spot changes in all important SEO metrics

  • Health score

  • Alan adı derecelendirmesi

  • Referring domains & backlinks

  • Organic traffic & keywords

Dashboard - overview tab
Easily grasp how your projects are performing with the help of trend graphs.

Track an unlimited number of verified projects

Add and list all the projects you need, as long as you verify your ownership of them.

Choose from the many verification methods available, or connect your Google Search Console and import all your properties with just a few clicks.

See your Google Search Console data directly in Ahrefs

Connect your Google Search Console to switch your Dashboard mode between Ahrefs data & GSC data.

Dashboard - GSC performance tab
GSC only shows up to 16 months of data by default, but Ahrefs will store and show data for longer than that – as long as your GSC account is connected.

Configure email notifications for each project

Pick the email alerts you’d like to get for each project to have their performance sent right to your inbox.

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7$ karşılığında 7 günlük deneme sürümünü başlatın