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Contains additional info about the target, such as IP address, canonical URL, social meta tags and social metrics.

Each request to pages_info costs 10 rows.
Each result costs 10 rows.
Using 'where' costs 5 rows.
Using 'having' costs 5 rows.


Column Type Where Having Description
url string + + URL of the crawled page.
ip string + + IP address of the server that returned the page.
size int + + Size of the crawled page, in bytes.
links_internal int + + Number of internal links found in the crawled page.
links_external int + + Number of external links found in the crawled page.
encoding string + + Character encoding of the page, for example "utf8" or "iso-8859-1" (Latin-1).
title string + + Title of the crawled page.
redirect_url string + + URL where the page redirects to.
canonical_url string + + Canonical URL of the page.
content_encoding string + + Type of encoding used to compress the page data, for example "gzip" or "deflate".
description string + + Description of the crawled page.
meta_social string + + Contents of meta tags for social sharing sites.
twitter int + + Number of Twitter shares of the page.
pinterest int + + Number of Pinterest shares of the page.
facebook_likes int + + Number of Facebook likes of the page.
facebook_shares int + + Number of Facebook shares of the page.
facebook_comments int + + Number of Facebook comments of the page.
facebook_clicks int + + Number of Facebook clicks of the page.
facebook_comments_box int + + Number of Facebook box comments of the page.
facebook int + + Total number of Facebook shares/likes of the page.
total_shares int + + Total number of shares of the page across all social networks.
median_shares int + + Median number of shares of the page across all social networks.




      "title":"Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker",