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Documentation - pages_info

Contains additional info about the target, such as IP address, canonical URL, social meta tags and social metrics.

Each request to pages_info costs 10 rows.
Each result in the response costs 10 rows.
Using 'where' costs 5 rows.
Using 'having' costs 5 rows.


Column Type Where Having Description
url string + + URL of the crawled page.
ip string + + IP address of the server that returned the page.
time int + + The time it takes for the crawler to load the full content of the document, measured in milliseconds.
http_code int + + The HTTP status code returned by the URL.
size int + + Size of the crawled page, in bytes.
words int + + The word count of content displayed on the page
links_internal int + + Number of internal links found in the crawled page.
links_external int + + Number of external links found in the crawled page.
links_images int + + The number of incoming links to the image file.
encoding string + + Character encoding of the page, for example "utf8" or "iso-8859-1" (Latin-1).
title string + + Title of the crawled page.
redirect_url string + + URL where the page redirects to.
canonical_url string + + Canonical URL of the page.
content_encoding string + + Type of encoding used to compress the page data, for example "gzip" or "deflate".
description string + + Description of the crawled page.
meta_social string + + Contents of meta tags for social sharing sites.
h1 array + + The H1 subheaders on the page.
h2 array + + The H2 subheaders on the page.
images_alt array + + Image Alt text found on the page.
powered_by array + + Platform that this website are using.
render_result array + + Indicates that the crawler had executed JavaScript on the page to generate content.




{"pages":[{"url":"","ip":"","time":0.069732,"http_code":200,"size":28176,"words":1434,"links_internal":60,"links_external":17,"links_images":30,"encoding":"utf8","title":"Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic","redirect_url":"","canonical_url":"","content_encoding":"gzip","description":["Audit your website, explore competitors, research keywords & backlinks - all in one place. Powered by seriously big data & trusted by top SEOs."],"meta_social":["og:image:"],"h1":["Tools to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche","7 days. 7 dollars. Full access."],"h2":["The tools you get with Ahrefs","The best and most complete data in the industry powers Ahrefs' tools.","More Ahrefs perks","Recommended by leading experts in marketing and SEO","7 days. 7 dollars. Full access.","Learn SEO with Ahrefs","Sign In"],"images_alt":["huffpost","surveymonkey","expedia","tripadvisor","shopify","ebay","pinterest","uber","netflix","adobe","linkedin","facebook","Jon Cooper","Michael King","Rhea Drysdale","Aaron Wall","Gael Breton","Brian Dean","New features released regularly","Tailored learning materials","Private Facebook community","24/5 customer support","Ahrefs","Alerts","Rank Tracker","Content Explorer","Backlink data","Keywords Explorer","Competitive Analysis","Ahrefs site explorer"],"powered_by":[],"render_result":"rendered"},{"url":"","ip":"","time":0.121737,"http_code":301,"size":0,"words":0,"links_internal":1,"links_external":0,"links_images":0,"encoding":"utf8","title":"","redirect_url":"","canonical_url":"","content_encoding":"","description":[],"meta_social":[],"h1":[],"h2":[],"images_alt":[],"powered_by":[],"render_result":"not_rendered"}],"stats":{"pages":114755}}