Ahrefs API

A more powerful way to unlock the full potential to Ahrefs top-notch data

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Ahrefs API is designed to empower our users to use data from Ahrefs Index in the way that suits best to users' needs.

We take pride in breaking new ground in cutting edge technologies and we've always been striving our best to keep our index fresh. Our own crawler AhrefsBot allows us to visit about 6 billion pages daily, index ~90 billion unique pages with ~700 billion unique external and 4,600 billion unique internal links as of now. And we will continue to build our index better both in size, speed and quality for our users. With the new initiative to build our new Ahrefs API, we're excited about having you from now on to be able to access this data of ours.

Free API Functions

In order to use these functions, you need to subscribe to one of our paid subscriptions.

Paid API Subscription

We offer three API plans for you to choose.

OpenApp Developer

You may develop applications that use Ahrefs API on behalf of Ahrefs users.
Read more about it.

OpenApp User

You can authorize third party applications to use Ahrefs API on your behalf. The condition to proceed this request is that you need to be under our paid subscription plan.

API offerings


Ahrefs API is flexible and can accommodate various needs.
Below are some typical use cases. Read on!

As a general rule we don’t encourage developers to re-sell Ahrefs data in their applications. Thus for such cases please use OpenApp API.

Yet if you think your case is special and you will not be directly re-selling our data in your app - please reach out at api@ahrefs.com and tell us more about your app and how you want to use Ahrefs data there.


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