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    How the process works

    It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

    1. Pitch your idea

    Decide what you want to write a killer article about, and let us know. We’re ultimately looking for unique insights and case studies based on your experiences. In other words, something likely to resonate with the SEO and marketing community that we couldn’t write ourselves.

    2. Write the first draft

    If we like your idea, we’ll ask you to send us a rough draft. If we think the post has potential, we’ll help you to polish it to perfection. Otherwise, we’ll tell you it’s not for us, and you’ll be free to publish it elsewhere. 

    3. Get published

    Once we’re both happy with the draft, we’ll send it to our editor for a final polish, and it’ll go live in a few weeks.

    Our pitching process is 100% anonymous. We don’t ask for your name, email, or anything else that could identify you until after we agree to publish your post. This is to create an equal environment where only your idea and expertise matter.

    Joshua Hardwick
    Joshua Hardwick, Head of Content Ahrefs

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