anchors_refdomains - Ahrefs API

Ahrefs API v2 has been discontinued

This documentation is for the legacy version of our API (v2), which you can no longer subscribe to. If you already have an active API v2 subscription, it will still work as before. Read about our latest API v3.

Documentation - anchors_refdomains

Contains connection between anchors and domains. Can be used to get all referring domains with specified anchor.

Each request to anchors_refdomains costs 1 row.
Each result in the response costs 1 row.
Using 'where' costs 5 rows.
Using 'having' costs 5 rows.


Column Type Where Having Description
anchor string + Anchor text used in at least one backlink from the referring domain.
anchors int + Number of different anchor texts that are used in backlinks to the target on the referring domain.
backlinks int + + Number of external backlinks found that are using the anchor text.
refdomain string + + Referring domain that contains at least one backlink using the anchor text.




  "refdomains": [