Integration Overview - Ahrefs API

Ahrefs API v2 has been deprecated

This documentation is for the legacy version of our API (v2), which was discontinued on March 1st, 2024. Existing API v2 integration apps are not affected and continue to work as before, but new submissions are no longer accepted.

To switch to API v3, please contact our Enterprise team. Read about API v3.


Integrations is designed for developers to build applications by using Ahrefs Index data. As a matter of fact, thousands of Ahrefs users probably have a thousand different ways to use our data. Therefore, we encourage developers to come and access our API for FREE, develop useful applications to cater to the needs of our Ahrefs users.

Our goal is to build an ecosystem to maximise our data for the benefits of both developers and Ahrefs users.

What you, as a developer, need to do is to prove the usefulness of your application to our customers and ask them to authorise it using a simple one-click procedure.

Ahrefs subscribed users have the right to revoke your application access anytime.

You, as a developer, get the right to sell your app to thousands of our users. We encourage you to place your app in our catalogue to enjoy the best exposure to thousands of Ahrefs users.