ReasonML developer


What we need

Ahrefs is looking for a frontend developer to strengthen our UI team behind You will be closely working with our designers and QA to build ergonomic user interface. This is the position for the perfectionist - we require utmost attention to details and pixel-perfect experience on a wide variety of devices.

Our frontend is implemented mostly in React.js with some ReasonML. As such, proficiency in ReasonML is very much appreciated, otherwise a strong inclination to intensively learn ReasonML in the short term will be required. Knowledge of other functional languages (OCaml, F#, Haskell, Scala, etc) or concepts will be helpful. (If you’d rather prefer working with functional language on the server-side, consider our OCaml position).


  • Translate design mockups into live html, css and javascript.
  • Test for cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device compatibility.
  • Understand business needs and user behaviour, and propose UI/UX improvement.
  • Write clean & modular code.
  • Follow modern web best practices.
  • Work independently.


  • Strong experience in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React.js
  • PHP experience is a huge plus
  • Git experience is a plus
  • ReasonML experience is a plus

Who we are

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole Web 24/7, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion and provides various analytical services for end-users.

We are a small team and strongly believe in better technology leading to better solutions for real-world problems. We value code clarity and predictability, constantly seek to automate repetitive tasks, guided by DRY and following KISS.

Our motto is "first do it, then do it right, then do it better".

What you get

We provide:

  • Competitive salary
  • Informal and thriving atmosphere
  • First-class workplace equipment (hardware, tools)
  • Medical insurance
  • No dress code


  • Remote
  • Singapore, modern office in CBD

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  • Your CV and short description of how we can benefit each other.
  • Date of availability.
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