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At Ahrefs our SRE team are working on building developer tools, analysing system requirements and building automation and improvements to make for a more seamless and efficient developer environment. This role will also make operations and infrastructure definition simpler, easier to understand and maintain. Making it more reliable, more secure, and more performant.

Ahrefs is looking for a backend developer with deep understanding of site reliability, networks, distributed systems, OS fundamentals and taste for simple and efficient architectural designs. Our backend is mostly implemented in OCaml with some D and C++.

In this role, be prepared to deal with 25 petabytes of live data, OCaml and Linux on a daily basis. 

This role is ideal for a SRE with a backend engineering background or a backend engineer who has an interest in SRE. 


  • Knowledge or an interest in OCaml - This role will be mainly working in OCaml so a good knowledge in this or other functional programming languages would be advantageous
  • Knowledge functional programming is a plus if you don’t know OCaml
  • Experience with Ceph would be advantageous
  • Experience working in a C++ codebase and distributed systems are also a plus
  • Experience on large infrastructure
  • Based in either Europe or Asia regions

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • Building developer tools for monitoring and operations
  • Building configuration as code tooling and use this tooling to setup infrastructure alongside developers
  • Working with the wider engineering team to understand what improvements are required
  • System and infrastructure analysis to understand performance, security and reliability improvements through the stack and work with the wider engineering team to implement them


Ahrefs does not engage with agencies or third party recruitment solutions for the roles we hire for. If at any point we need help, we'll let you know! 

Who we are

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole web 24/7, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion. Our backend system is powered by a custom petabyte-scale distributed key-value storage to accommodate all that data coming in at high speed. With this data, Ahrefs builds analytics services for end-users in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space and a web-scale search platform. We are a lean and robust team who strongly believe that better technology leads to better solutions for real-world problems.

Our motto is first do it, then do it right, then do it better

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Backend Engineer - SRE

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