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See how much traffic your competitors are getting

Explore organic and paid traffic metrics for any website using Site Explorer. Use the interactive graph to see how traffic has progressed both globally and locally in 171 countries.

Site Explorer’s Overview 2.0

Analyze your competitors’ best performing content

See which pages are driving the most traffic for competitors, and reverse-engineer what's working for them. Learn which sections of their website drive the most traffic with traffic data for subdomains or subfolders.

Top pages report in Site Explorer.
Top subfolders report in Site Explorer.
Top subdomains report in Site Explorer.

See which keywords are driving traffic

Learn which keywords your competitors rank for, and how much traffic each keyword sends their way. Use these insights to find new keywords to target with your site.

Organic keywords report in Site Explorer

Spy on your competitors’ paid traffic

Explore the keywords your competitors are running search ads for, and where they're sending that traffic. Take inspiration for your search ads from their ad copy.

Paid keywords report in Site Explorer

Bulk-check traffic for multiple websites

Check the estimated monthly search traffic for up to 200 websites at once using the Batch Analysis tool.

Quick batch analysis
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